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BIM Outsourcing (India)

Outsourcing is Profitable

Outsourcing is a popular business tool which is employed to hire a third party owner. These third-party owners then undertake some services or production of products that would have otherwise fallen to the in-house employees of your company. 

The practice of outsourcing is typically employed in developing countries. This is because wages are lower in these countries. Therefore, it costs a company much less to outsource certain services as compared to producing them in-house.

Outsourcing was first recognized as a viable business practice back in the 90s. At first, it merely gained attention as an economic movement, but experts were quick to understand the potential that it had as a business tool.  

With outsourcing, you can free up some resources which can then be used to develop other aspects of your business. Also, it is believed that outsourcing is a great way to promote free-market economies and improve inter-market relations on a global level. As of yet, India is one of the leading contenders in the outsourcing market, therefore outsourcing BIM services to India could prove to be a viable move.

New York Engineers have offices in India where we outsource BIM projects from our headquarters in the USA. We have a professional and qualified team at all locations so that you never have to compromise on quality. You can outsource your BIM project to India and save your cost, effort, time and money.

BIM Basics

BIM Outsourcing

Building Information Modeling or BIM for short is a 3D based process which uses several technologies and tools in order to create building models. These models are in digital form and are representative of certain characteristics of buildings, i.e., physical as well as functional properties of a floor plan for a construction site.

BIM allows you to visualize your plans and improve any kinks in the structure. It is an exceptionally efficient process owing to the freedom it gives us to make out of the box design choices, manage construction, building and understand the dynamics of the entire infrastructure and more.

Although BIM seems like a relatively new-age process, the concept behind BIM has been around for several decades. The origins of the process date as far back as the 70s. The original term ‘Building Model’ was coined back in the mid-80s owing to its extensive usage at Heathrow Airport, London. The official name, Business Information Modeling, was coined in 1992.

However, the process really caught on in the 21st century. It was around 2002 that Jerry Laiserin really brought some attention towards BIM by collaborating with other software companies such as Bentley System, Auto Desk, and Graphisoft.

As the software gained more popularity in its niche, it was distributed among these various software vendors under different names. Some of the more notable ones like Sonata and Reflex were quick to make a mark. Their applications served as pioneers for several vital technological developments, that have in particular been recognized by UK ‘s Royal Academy of Engineering.

We use advanced BIM solutions to offer high-quality visualization of your plan and provide the best results possible.

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The Role of BIM in Real-Life Projects

The great thing about BIM is that it represents its model in a relative manner, i.e., as a collection of objects. This allows us to focus on all components of a building in order to gauge how they will behave physically about one another.  The section below explains some real-life workings of the BIM process.

  • Management of BIMs

Building Information Models are there to oversee the whole process of construction, from conception to completion. To have the process professionally managed, a BIM project manager can be hired through our service.

You can also call our manager as ‘Virtual Design to Completion’ project manager or VDCPM who is appointed on your behalf. Their main job is to assist the design team to gauge the workings of the BIM process along with working out estimates and analysis of building reports.

The details may vary from project to project, and it is up to the manager to oversee that these details are taken care of and customized specifically for your specific needs.  

  • Construction Management

Those who are even vaguely familiar with construction projects can understand there is always a plateful of factors to consider. These factors include managing and cutting costs, trying to make do with limited labor, and that too on tight schedules to name a few. This means that all the personnel involved in the project has to be cooperative and has to stay in touch with one another to look at all possible aspects of construction.

With the use of BIM, it is easier to locate certain shortfalls and discrepancies in the structure. This includes areas where there might be the risk of caving or collision. Since BIM works virtually to work out these kinks, it makes it much easier to manage the physical construction process. This is because it reduces ambiguities and allows for better safety standards.     

  • Facilitating Operations

Communication is key for any successful project, and BIM works in a way that it bridges the information gap between all the teams involved in the project. This includes the pre-design/design team, construction team, as well as the operator.

This is because each team can simply add their finding and improvements on the unified BIM model. The information reaches all the concerned parties so that everyone can get to know the latest updates in the project. This is particularly beneficial for building owners because they can oversee all these changes as well and can give their due input as well.

You can be well-aware of your building and can help work out some small problems like fixing or replacing leaking values or broken pipes simply by looking at the model. 

  • Environmental Benefits

‘Green BIM’ is a great new initiative to encourage and promote ‘green building’ as they call it. We have taken the initiative to promote the use of BIM for creating more sustainability in the construction process. This is because we can use BIM models to judge the environmental impact a building may have and try to work on it accordingly.

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Outsourcing your BIM to India IS The RIght Decision


New York Engineers BIM Services Outsourcing

India is a good place to outsource BIM services, because it already hosts a large chunk of software and IT related work, especially software development such as the likes of BIM. In India, Business Information Modeling is more popularly referred to as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). 

There are no doubts that there are several advantages of outsourcing to India. We are going to tell you exactly why you should consider outsourcing your BIM project to New York Engineers' office in India.

  1. Cutting Costs

The first and foremost benefit of outsourcing to India is the cost-cutting factor. This is important for any project because it allows for the allocation of saved resources on other aspects.

Software development services such as those required to developing Building Information Models are relatively cheaper in India, as compared to other European or Asian countries. This can be owed to India’s rapid development in the IT industry; their pace of research is quickly becoming an example for other contenders in the market.

Also, India has been in this industry for long enough to develop its niche in it. Lastly, there is the currency difference, which is perhaps the main reason for such reasonable costs.

  1. Getting The Required Skill Set

Since India has been delving in the IT industry for a long time; it has a lot of trained and educated personnel that hold expertise in this field. There is also a majority of young people in India, i.e., people with exceptional skill sets who are seeking employment right now.

This means that India is a gold mine for outsourcing BIM services because they all the right expertise and multitudes of people willing to enter this particular market. Therefore, they are not only on par with other professional but can also be acquired at cheaper rates. 

  1. The Time Factor

Different construction projects vary in terms of time, therefore hiring a whole new team every time does not bode well. This is because projects come at different paces, and it can be inefficient for a company to have a whole team at their hands when there are no projects to work on.

To avoid the challenges of full-time employment, it is best to outsource these projects whenever some software development services are needed so that both time and money can be saved in the process.

  1. Flexible Policies

The best thing about outsourcing is that software companies can put them to use on a need basis, i.e., from time to time when there are projects to work on. The alternative is significantly more unpleasant where you would hire a team for the time being and then let them go once the project is over with.

It is ideal for one-time development projects such as website development. In many ways, this is like freelancing. The difference is that this is only for companies, rather than individuals. 

  1. Management

When it comes to working with offshore companies, management can be a tricky factor. This is because there are so many things that can get lost in translation if there is a communication gap between the manager and the vendor.

For instance, there is a time difference. Considering the US and India, there may be a delay in responses from time to time, with some emails or messages being delayed even a whole day or more.

For this reason, we dedicate you a BIM manager who maintains constant management and supervision over the outsourced services, so that you get timely results without any delay. We promise a timely service and constant communication which keeps you in the loop all the while.

  1. Quality Control

We adopt strict quality control measure so that you don't ever get any chance to complain. Our BIM managers oversee your project and ensure everything goes according to plans. Our team in India is also experienced and have completed several BIM project for clients from all corners of the world.

You can always be sure of a high quality work that meets all applicable international standards.

New York Engineers is your ideal outsourcing partner to ensure a successful project. Contact us today to know the perks of outsourcing your BIM project to India right now!

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