4D BIM Service

Stay abreast with the progression of project stages through the addition of scheduling data to the digital information model. 4D BIM is a game-changer in constructions and it negates the guesswork about the progress of the project. New York Engineers is the expert in this technology.


Our 4D BIM service is more accurate in that it helps construction managers keep up with their time schedules.


Construction projects are time-sensitive and even a single day's delay could be financially catastrophic. Our 4D BIM (construction sequencing) is dependable.

Cost Efficient

With our 4D BIM service, construction projects stay in schedule and save lots of money.

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4D BIM Service


4D BIM in Construction

Many people are at least aware of the advancement of 3D BIM models in making constructions an absolute breeze and efficient in this modern era. They serve as an intelligent digital model through which AEC (Architects, Engineering, and Construction) professionals can collaborate and coordinate construction from the design through to the handover stage.

Fortunately, BIM dimensions extend beyond the popular 3D dimensional stage. 4D BIM is equally significant in the construction project because of construction sequencing or alternatively referred to as scheduling of data for every design component. Do not worry if you find this comprehension too steep. New York Engineers can simply every dimensional layer of BIM for you.

Our engineers have been helping various construction professionals with BIM technologies. We helped project stakeholders with a clear illustration and depiction of project stages. This gives them an insight into the progression and what follows next in the project. Thanks to this additional layer, 4D BIM, in the digital information model.

3D BIM alone is insufficient to make the construction complete hence the addition of extra layers: 4D, 5D, and 7D. With New York Engineers 4D BIM service your construction can be expedited through an efficient digital workflow.

One might view 4D BIM as a perfect replacement tool for traditional project planners in the construction. However, that is not the case because planners still play an integral role in the construction. They can actually utilize the 4D BIM data to optimize the project planning stage.

Understanding 4D BIM


4D BIM (Building Information Modeling) is precisely the addition of another layer of digital data to the intelligent digital model. It has nothing to do with BIM levels 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. That’s a topic for another day. For now, just know that 4D BIM is an additional layer to 3D models. In simple terms, 4D BIM = 3D BIM + time schedules.

Construction sequencing is added to different components of the design. Thanks to the addition of 4D BIM to the Common Data Environment (CDE). This is the area our engineers excel in to ensure that all construction stakeholders stay abreast with each development and progression from one stage to the other. In other ways, 4D BIM readies professionals about the imminent steps.

4D BIM gives you a great step-by-step visualization of the progression of your construction. It negates the need for pen and paper tradition of planners about the stages to progress into at each level of the project. As we said, this technology does not negate the need for planners but supplement their roles. In fact, the planners can join a team of AEC professionals in working with BIM for the entire life of the project.

Moreover, planners can develop accurate programs for the projects using 4D BIM using reliable information. This technology gives them a graphical representation of specific activities. In turn, this enhances their work. With this being said, it should be evident that the technology improves the work of your planners instead of invalidating their roles as many people perceive it.

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Should you get 4D BIM Service?


Of course, every large scale project can benefit tremendously from our 4D BIM service. 4D BIM makes it a cinch to create 3D visuals of your project’s development. It shows how the overall structure will be at each phase, thus improving productivity among all stakeholders. Let our service expedite your construction process with the best construction sequencing. The service expedites and maximizes efficiency.

Imagine a large scale project like a hospital complex that how planners will sweat to document the development of each phase. With BIM as the collaborative tool, each component is linked with the scheduling data. As a result, those responsible will ensure that there is enough material to complete the next phase.

Project stakeholders are able to interact and collaborate with our BIM service. They can provide each other with feedback about the development of the construction. That said, there will be no need for endless meetings or phone calls to discuss the next stage in the project as everything will be documented in our 4D BIM service. Let New York Engineers make your project a success with this game-changing virtual environment.

Usually, when given the design, project stakeholders would envisage how an asset will look like after completion. 4D technology enables a clear impression beforehand. Who wouldn’t like such a great deal of technology? Of course, no one!

Benefits of 4D BIM

With the 3D BIM, you wouldn’t know much about the sequencing of the building components hence the inclusion of 4D BIM. 5D IM follows with cost estimation and 6D with facilities management and operations. All these dimensions combined play an integral role in a typical construction project.

4D BIM can be regarded as the catalyst of any typical project. Constructions are predominantly time-sensitive wherein a single day’s delay can incur huge costs overlay. 4D dimension solves the issue of scheduling specific activities. New York Engineers are experts in this field and so you should not worry about that. Our engineers will help you design, manage and develop construction projects using this cutting-edge technology.

4 Key Outcomes of 4D BIM

Below are a few yet important benefits of 4D BIM in constructions:

1). Planning improvement: our 4D BIM improves your scheduling and planning efforts. It takes out the uncertainty in the development of your project from A to B across all components. All thanks to the advanced digital workflow that our engineer plan for you. We know that clashes, errors, and mistakes are common in construction projects. With our 4D BIM, we can help the management team prevent such occurrences. We present you with a detailed illustration of the project’s development upon which you can plan your progression.   

Planning plays an integral role in large construction projects. Without proper planning, owners may incur huge costs while at the same facing time-schedule challenges. BIM gives you a graphical representation of your construction sequencing to aid your planning. More importantly, team members get to know what follows in the project. They are then made ready and prepared for upcoming activities. As a result, the right tools and materials can be organized before time.

2). Monitoring of the Project: large scale projects are burdensome to manually keep track of what’s happening next. The same applies significantly with small scale projects too. The best way to alleviate such inconveniences of project monitoring is to consider our 4D BIM service to give you a clear visualization of all the components. We link scheduling data to every component to see how it develops throughout your project life cycle to completion. 

For a project manager to keep control of a project, he or she must make sure that all aspects are being accounted for. Thanks to New York Engineers 4D BIM technology that constructions can be fast-paced efficiently and on time. Gone are the days of a pen and paper in monitoring projects to track the progress. Construction sequence plays an integral role in project monitoring.

3). All stakeholders collaborate: Imagine a construction project where all stakeholders are on the same page. This would benefit the project tremendously. For instance, no unnecessary change orders, miscommunications, and clashes. That would be huge savings to your construction costs.

Our 4D BIM technology enables construction parties to be on the same page with regard to the progress of all components. It could installations or curing of other components, our additional sequencing data ca do the magic to collaborate all team members. It keeps everyone up to date with recent changes. As a result, you need not convene endless costly meetings to update them. In other words, you can enjoy your daily life without the need to worry about long hours detailing changes in the project. Thanks to our cutting-edge 4D BIM service.

One may view 4D BIM as an effective communication tool that construction and MEP engineers professionals utilize to improve collaboration. You get to share ideas with other team members on how to optimize the next development in the phase. Most importantly, our technology minimizes disputes that would arise had the contractors relied on ambiguous pen-sketched designs.  

4). Prevent and resolve conflicts: No matter how careful you are, conflicts could ensue in any project if there is not effective digital model that resolves and prevents such conflicts. New York Engineers’ 4D BIM technology makes the prevention and resolution of conflicts an absolute breeze.

Through the common-shared information platform, our engineers can enhance transparency and accountability. We are able to trace whoever effected changes to the entire design. Of course, as you would know by now, any change to a single component affects all other changes in a digital model.

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The Disadvantage of Not Considering 4D BIM Service


3D BIM alone is insufficient to complete a high-profile project. In fact, all BIM dimensions are indispensable in a typical project. Imagine the amalgamation of 3D visualizations with construction sequencing, cost estimation, and operations. Not only is this BIM technology important for construction team members but also to owners. They will get a clear picture on how to maintain and operate their buildings if every component is being modeled digitally. Don’t worry if you find that hard to comprehend because our MEP engineers can stand with you throughout the way.

Not considering 4D BIM could compromise the timely completion of your project. Project managers are human too and are prone to committing mistakes. A single mistake in a project could bear dire financial consequences. Moreover, there could be issues of transparency and accountability. With our engineers at the driver’s seat of 4D BIM, expect a smooth and timely completion of your project.

Why Should You Outsource 4D BIM Service?


We know that many people believe in DIY projects. However, BIM is a complex construction digital model to learn in a short period of time. As thus, you need a highly experienced team of engineers to facilitate the technology for you among all other stakeholders.

Constructions are costly. Therefore, compromising them with mediocre BIM models can incur exorbitant costs to the building owner. Avoid this steep knowledge of BIM by entrusting a renowned MEP engineering firm with all the designs, constructions, and management of the projects.

With years of experience, our engineers can help you implement an unmatched 4D BIM to expedite your project. We interact with all other professionals to make your project a success.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us is the best decision you can make as a project owner because we ensure that all projects are completed successfully on time with no financial burdens thereafter. We have seen how many projects call for change orders during the process or after completion. Others are not completed according to the local building standards.

We have been in the industry for a long time. This gives us the edge to complete projects using our advanced BIM technology. New York Engineers excels in all BIM dimensions from 3D through to 6D and beyond. We know what it takes to add the time-scheduling data to the digital model. All thanks to the cutting-edge Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks we employ in our BIM services.  

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