Issued for Construction (IFC) Drawings

IFC (Issued for Construction) and Shop Drawings play an important role in detailing out information about all components in a construction project. Extracting these drawings can help all involved stakeholders to speed up the project.

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We have a highly experienced team of engineers and architects who are armed with specialist skills in IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction.

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Issued for Construction (IFC) Drawings

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Issued for Construction (IFC) Drawings in Construction Projects

Shop drawing is a drawing that is produced by the contractor, subcontractor, manufacturer, fabricator or the supplier whereas IFC (Issued for Construction) is a type of drawing issued to the contractor by the client or his/her representative. These drawings play a significant role in construction projects as they detail out finer details about the design components than construction documents do.

Drawings are the cornerstone of every construction. They generate information about specific parts of the project and thus help relevant stakeholders to get a deeper understanding. Although BIM technology is a game-changer in the construction industry, not everyone understands the 3D models that it encapsulates. For this reason, shop drawings and IFC drawings are important to convey detailed information about the components. We might have to draw 2D drawings from 3D models instead of having to rework the CAD designs.

Shop drawings are detailed diagrams that convey the design of prefabricated components. These include, among others, elevators, structural steel, steel beams, cabinets, air handling units, millwork, and trusses. A construction document is generic and may therefore not contain finer details about these prefabricated components, hence the need for shop drawing extraction.

While shop drawings are not generated by architects or engineers, we can extract detailed information about them. They are normally generated by contractors and manufacturers of the components. Note that shop drawings can come in different sizes for every part. You may have plumbing shop drawing, elevator shop drawing, duct shop drawing, or CAD shop drawing.

New York Engineers is well-equipped with all these assortments of shop drawings, and will therefore excel in extracting information about them.

Extraction of IFC and Shop Drawings

Roof drain drawing

New York Engineers offers the best service of extracting IFC and shop drawings to a plethora of construction projects in the AEC industry. For a construction to be complete, all partakers need to understand the finer details about the project and all its components. These drawings play an integral role in that endeavor to understand the finer details.

General contractors, for instance, may find it steep to decipher sophisticated BIM building designs of certain components. Or, the drawings in a BIM model may not be explicit enough to get a gist of a certain component.

Our engineers have worked with various BIM models with their advanced software. We are exposed to advanced software programs such as BIM 360 and Autodesk Revit, which enable us to excel in maneuvering BIM modeling, BIM coordination, and BIM management.

We can offer IFC and shop drawing extraction at all stages of construction from inception to completion. We understand how important drawings are to better understand the specific components of the project. With our service, construction professionals can find it easy to carry out the project without the need for too many RFIs or design issues.

When extraction information through these drawings, our engineers will assess and understand the scope of the work. Extracting these drawings also brings benefit in such a way that our engineers may be able to spot errors within the drawings and recommend changes.

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Typical Drawing Extraction Services


We have already highlighted that there are assortments of components represented by these drawings. Nonetheless, we are armed with specialist skills to extract any component.

  • MEP drawing extraction: if there is a certain component of MEP the client wants to understand, our engineers can extract such drawing for a deeper understanding. HVAC, plumbing and electrical drawings are available for extraction in your building projects. Extracting these drawings may help highlight certain features, systems, and components. It can also clarify certain layouts that seem unusual to the contractors and other affiliated stakeholders.
  • Structural elevation drawing extraction: we also specialize with structural elevation views to help fabricators with finer details of what the components are all about.
  • Floor plans drawing extraction: floor layouts may be confusing too. With the best drawing extractions from New York Engineers you can have a glimpse of what the floor layouts are all about. We give the details about the views of the floor plans and the placement of columns.
  • Cross-sectional drawing extraction: our engineers can also zoom in to extract cross-sectional drawings for a deeper understanding of what they are made of. Our manipulation of 3D BIM building designs helps us with this extraction of finer details.


We offer more services beyond the aforementioned categories. Our engineers can offer customized drawing extractions to suit your specifications.

Advantages of Issued for Construction (IFC) Drawing

Extracting IFC and shop drawings bears plenty of advantages in construction projects.

  • Streamlines the construction process: with great quality IFC and shop drawings, the construction team can plan required materials well. This streamlines the process because the team understands what is needed and when it is needed. Our engineering professional can help you throughout this process.
  • Saves time by coordinating drawings: because an interdisciplinary team is involved in a construction project, IFC and shop drawing extraction helps each team to get their drawings. This makes the construction progress to go faster. There is no confusion or wrong interpretation of 3D designs. They get a deeper understanding from relevant drawings per their specialization.
  • No need to rework drawings in CAD: our engineers are experts in 3D BIM modeling. This allows us to extract 2D drawings with ease from BIM. That said, you need not worry about reworking drawings from CAD, which can be a time-consuming effort. We also save you the money you would otherwise spend by redrafting 2D drawings.
  • Avoid change orders: if there are change orders, our engineers can apply them on the BIM model prior to extracting the specific IFC and shop drawings.
  • Rectifies errors: extracting IFC and shop drawings helps us detect clashes and omissions in the design. This will then call for rectification of such errors before the drawings are extracted and the construction started. New York Engineers excels in clash detection services. With our engineers at the forefront of your IFC and shop drawing extraction, you can rest assured that all errors will be detected and resolved.
  • Alignment of drawings with international standards: as we extract drawings, we will ensure that they are aligned with the global standards. We will check naming conventions, dimensions, and other important factors.

Why outsource Issued for Construction (IFC) drawing services?

Understanding and interpreting advanced technologies in the building industry is not an easy task. Errors that lead to numerous change orders arise this way because other team members misinterpreted the design components. With the IFC and shop drawings, team members can therefore get a deeper understanding and finer details about certain components. New York Engineers makes that possible for you.

The extraction of drawings has to be done with professional engineers who are well-versed with the modern 3D building designs. Our engineers have worked in many construction projects, and this has equipped them with technical know-how skills of manipulating the BIM models. This enables us to extract detailed drawings for your project.

Outsourcing IFC and shop drawing extraction service eliminate errors that would happen due to misinterpretation of 3D models. This service requires specialist skills in building information modeling.

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IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction


Is IFC and shop drawing extraction suitable in all projects?

Almost all construction projects involve drawings. With the emergence and prevalence of BIM models, where various models are integrated into one, it becomes a necessity for one to have IFC and shop drawings to better understand various components. BIM is commonly used in all the projects, and so drawing extraction of components is applicable in all the projects.

Benefits of IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction to Facility Owners

Owners get a deeper understanding of their projects through drawing extractions. The entire BIM model, for example, may seem complex to understand especially if you are not well-rounded with that technology. With our drawing extraction, we can simplify the drawings for you. We extract drawings of any component you are interested in.

A deeper understanding of these components can help the owner with facility management. When extracting the drawings, we also extract crucial information linked to the drawings.

Why choose us?

New York Engineers is the best provider of IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction for a broad range of projects. We have been in this industry helping many professionals with these drawing extraction services. Our unmatched excellence in BIM technology helps us extract 2D drawings from the 3D model. These drawings are of different design components and thus give detailed information about various elements such as MEP installations, floor plans, window plans, plumbing layouts, HVAC designs, and many more.

Our engineers are well-versed with the IFC and shop drawing extraction service. We will therefore provide you the best extractions. We assess your scope of work and then extract the relevant drawing. During this process, we can detect errors and omissions and then recommend the best solutions or rectify them.

When choosing New York Engineers, you are choosing a well-established MEP engineering firm with a footprint in many engineering projects. Our previous clients can attest to our expertise and excellence in their projects.

BIM has been the center of our excellence in construction projects, and so this equips us with the specialist skills of drawing 2D drawings from the building information modeling.

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