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The construction industry is now digitally modernized with 3D BIM at the center of its efficiency, coordination, and collaboration among all construction participants. New York Engineers utilizes sophisticated BIM technology as a collaborative tool to aid the AEC industry.


Our 3D BIM and MEP Modeling Service is dependable and unmatched.


Our 3D BIM + MEP Modeling Services save construction projects lots of money.

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With our 3D BIM and MEP Modeling service, we can let an interdisciplinary team collaborate efficiently.

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3D BIM in Construction


Constructions have become more complex these days whereby 2D drawings are no longer efficient to expedite the process of construction, enhance coordination, or help MEP engineers to model energy systems. 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) has taken the architects, engineering and construction world by storm with highly digital models that optimize the process of constructing a building. Note that BIM applies not only to buildings but to any construction such as roads, bridges, and factories.

If you are planning a large scale construction, you will be amazed by what 3D BIM can do in helping all project stakeholders collaborate, coordinate, and model the energy systems. Gone is the inconvenience of infinite costly change orders, coordination issues, collisions, and many more problems emanating from old age 2D sketches.

What really is 3D BIM?


Although BIM comes in various dimensions such as 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D, 3D is a common dimension that is synonymous with BIM technology. Most people relate BIM with 3D models. BIM is, however, beyond the 3D modeling as you can refer from some of our services. New York Engineers excels in all dimensions of BIM: be it sequencing or estimating the cost of construction components to properly cost the entire project.

Our engineers have been offering 3D BIM and MEP modeling services to a plethora of industry role players. Government departments and corporate organizations are recipients of our impeccable and unparalleled BIM technology.  

We use advanced software such as Autodesk Revit to harness the best in BIM technology. BIM acts as a collaborative tool for MEP engineers in their design endeavors. It addresses issues that 2D drawings fail to address. For instance, during construction, there could too many RFIs (Requests for Information) or unbudgeted change orders that could delay the progress of your construction. With BIM our engineers can make your project proceed smoothly. We one of the best BIM specialists in the United States.

BIM enables MEP engineers to collaborate and coordinate the design. The digital information in BIM is dynamic and it intelligently provides accurate information about the design components. It also helps engineers document the projects easily. With BIM, New York Engineers can map out plumbing fixtures, HVAC systems, and electrical systems with ease.

BIM gives MEP engineers an intelligent digital model that is representative of the entire project. As a result, all participants in the project can stay connected through this cloud-based model. Architects, engineers, and contractors can make changes that everyone can see. Owners, on the other hand, are able to envision their project prior to construction. Moreover, they can derive better ways to operate and maintain building systems.

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Benefits of 3D BIM in MEP Modeling


Installing mechanical HVAC, electrical and plumbing components is a demanding and time-consuming task. Traditionally, engineers would rely on CAD or hand sketches on paper for these systems. There would be many RFIs and clashes in the project that are costly. Also, the entire project gets delayed while contractors are waiting for clarity from other stakeholders.

BIM has redefined the way MEP modeling is done. Our engineers can now reliably and rapidly model mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems using BIM 3D models. The technology enables MEP layout and design coordination with architecture and structure. We are able to detect and resolve clashes without incurring exorbitant costs in our constructions.

Previously, we would alter a single component and then manually adjust others. This was not only inconvenient but time-consuming, too. Now BIM expedites the construction from design to completion with automated updates throughout the entire design. All components are cohesive in this intelligent model. A minor change triggers changes to other components linked to the one changed. In turn, this speeds up the projects. All thanks to our advanced BIM technology.

A complex, large-scale project is demystified through 3D BIM + MEP Modeling. This technology maximizes productivity and eases the workflow. It also streamlines the design and documentation. All other AEC professionals are able to analyze the model, see the progress, and see the design components and the changes made in real time. Sub-contractors are also given access to the model. That said, they do not have to wait for orders to be made by our architects. Instead, they can stay abreast with changes in real time and implement. New York Engineers can partner with any stakeholder in the construction to simplify the model for them.

While modeling our electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems, we strive for energy usage optimization. Through BIM, our engineers are able to optimize energy usage. The data enables us to see which system consumes more energy and what the best alternative is.

Building owners who aim for environmental management and LEED certification, among others, New York Engineers can use BIM to speed the certification process. Our BIM software is one of its own. It enables us to maneuver the MEP systems.

The benefits of 3D BIM extends even further than this. For instance, installing fire sprinkler systems and fire protection services is a complex process that can be time-consuming. Nonetheless, New York Engineers 3D BIM + MEP Modeling Service makes it an absolute breeze to install that. It is through IM 3D models that we have better digital visualizations of how to structure the piping network of sprinkler systems.

Everything with BIM is done during the design phase. This, therefore, makes it joyful to complete the construction with everything in place. The digital model remains effective throughout the project’s life cycle until handover to the client. However, we are not done to that stage. BIM also enables facility management. Owners can refer to the model to manage their facilities.

How is 3D BIM + MEP Modeling Service done?

When you approach New York Engineers with new construction, we will study your design and all its components as it will guide us in developing the best BIM model. When you entrust our engineers with the design the process becomes even much better. We also do CAD to Revit Modeling.

To make it easy for contractors, we convert 2D drawings into 3D designs that are much easier to read. Most importantly, we develop the best BIM model as a collaborative tool among all other parties in your projects. We capture all the information into the model component for component and all the features. In turn, this makes it easier to visualize the design components at the same time anywhere thus negating the need for telephones or RFIs.

Corporate Buildings

Key Outcomes of 3D BIM and MEP Modeling

Using advanced software such as Autodesk Navisworks and Autodesk Revit, our engineers are able to provide a wide range of BIM services per your project needs. Among others, our technicians can provide the following outcomes:

  • Accurate cost estimations
  • Impeccable digital visualization of building design components
  • Great coordination among project stakeholders
  • Digital representation of assets
  • The timely design management process
  • Reduced risk
  • Clash detection and resolution
  • Comprehensive delivery of graphical and non-graphical data and information
  • Reduction of waste and change orders
  • Great logistic planning
  • Improvement of collaboration
  • Better quality

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Typical MEP Modeling Services through BIM


You may be wondering what are typical MEP services New York Engineers facilitate through BIM. We are experts in mechanical, electrical and plumbing services, and these are key services that are indispensable in modern buildings.

For a building to be complete, it has to have advanced mechanical HVAC systems, electrical fixture, ducts, plumbing pipes, and many more. The installation of such services becomes much easier when incorporated through BIM.

Electrical Services Implemented Through BIM

  • Detailed light fixtures
  • Circuit and panel boards scheduling
  • The layout of electrical components
  • Wiring of switches


  • Water supply
  • Stormwater modeling
  • Drainage and plumbing solutions
  • Equipment schedules


  • HVAC installations
  • Duct fittings and layout
  • Equipment modeling
  • Equipment detailing: isometric and sections
  • Modeling of mechanical components with connections
  • Fire protection systems
  • 3D piping coordination

This is just a snapshot of what our engineers can do. We surely provide more services beyond this. No MEP modeling is unattainable for us.

How do owners benefit from 3D BIM + MEP Modeling?

One might think that 3D BIM is only targeting architects, engineers, and contractors. It goes beyond that. As building owners, you get an expedited project and all thanks to an intelligent 3D BIM model that help all project stakeholders explore design options to better understand your design. The model gives them a perfect visualization of how the building will look like when it’s complete. As a result, this speeds up the construction process.

Our 3D BIM reduces unnecessary costs that you would incur had you opted for traditional 2D sketches. For example, there could be change orders. Construction projects are fast-paced and even a single day’s delay could incur exorbitant costs. With 3D BIM intelligent model, such unnecessary costs are avoided. We save you costs by optimizing all the processes.

BIM model makes it easy for AEC professionals to model your energy usage and incorporate other building designs. You will be able to visualize how the systems will appear in your complete construction. New York Engineers is an advocate of optimal energy systems in a quest to achieve green building certifications. That said, 3D BIM can inform you about the best systems to choose. It helps us pursue cost estimation. Likewise, as the owner, you will be able to know the future costs of maintaining the building systems.

Construction carries risks and clashes. These would be more prevalent in traditional designs. With BIM you have minimal risks and clashes resolved.  

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

3D BIM forms an integral part of our MEP services. Our engineers have therefore mastered the art of developing the best BIM technologies for a wide variety of clients. We collaborate with a broad range of AEC professionals to provide the best construction. Our digital data and information help both professionals and building owners.

New York Engineers has been in the industry for decades. This has equipped us with unmatched skills in MEP modeling using BIM. We seamlessly model your building systems using this advanced Autodesk Revit technology.

Through BIM and MEP modeling, we can save you substantial costs you would incur had you been using old-age systems. This technology enables us to model energy usage before the building begins. If you aim to obtain LEED certificates or achieve net-zero energy, our MEP modeling through BIM can expedite the process.

Even when maintaining your facilities, we can help you retrofit the building through BIM. Give us a call today and start to enjoy the perks of building information modeling technology.