BIM Modeling

Construction projects can be complex. BIM Modeling, however, demystifies the complexity and delivers high-quality and cost-effective projects. New York Engineers is the expert in BIM technology.


Our BIM Modeling yields reliable digital models representative of real construction projects.

Great for Diverse Teams

Our BIM modeling is a collaborative tool for interdisciplinary teams in construcion projects. 

Designed to Save Costs

Our BIM saves huge costs that would be incurred in conventiona methods of designing buildings. 

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BIM Modeling in the Construction Industry


While it may seem as though it is a new sensation in the construction industry, BIM technology is actually an old addition to the industry. It was known back in the 1960s but gained momentum in later years when its benefits were broadly realized by many construction gurus. Today, you will seldom find any major construction project not leveraging BIM technology for its efficiency as a collaborative tool that enables diverse professionals to work concurrently in synergy.

The construction industry itself is complex and so traditional manual processes are outdated. They are continually falling out of favor with the emergence and prevalence of BIM modeling in this industry. There are plenty of benefits that trigger the common usage of BIM modeling. As experts in the industry, New York Engineers has mastered the art of designing and configuring BIM models to help deliver unmatched construction projects.

What really is BIM?

BIM Modelling

There are a plethora of BIM definitions on the market by various professionals. Nonetheless, although some may be confusing, most of these definitions seem to converge to a single articulation. BIM is an acronym of “Building Information Modeling”. It is a technology that concerns itself with the digital representation of construction models in a virtual environment while displaying both graphical and non-graphical information attached to the building components.

BIM is actually a multiphase construction process with dimensions 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D commonly used to complete the projects. The technology is often referred to as a process of creating and managing 3D designs. In fact, 3D designs are commonly referred to as BIM. Well, building information modeling is beyond 3D models. Instead, 3D designs are only the tip of a broader structure of this technology.

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Who uses BIM Modeling?


Many people confuse BIM modeling as a specialization for architects. Any professional in the AEC industry can benefit from this technology. New York Engineers is a hub for assorted professionals in MEP fields, and they have all been using BIM in their respective fields. Predominantly, BIM is used in the construction industry and this construction could be for bridges, buildings, and roads.

New York Engineers offers BIM modeling geared towards all types of construction professionals who need a digital representation of their projects. The benefits of this technology are irresistible considering how convenient they are compared to old-age traditional methods of designing, constructing and managing facilities. With BIM the processes are much simpler. Construction owners are now saving lots of money and their projects are completed on schedule. In general, construction projects are fast-paced, and thus a single day’s delay could have huge financial repercussions on the project.

Why consider BIM Modeling?

Did you notice how inconvenient it is to work with a geographically separated and diverse team of professionals in a single project? Some may be even in different countries or continents while working on a single complex project. To let them cooperate, you may have to convene endless meetings traveling from one geographical area to the other just to coordinate them. Well, this is costly.

Moreover, completing a large project could be challenging with regard to time schedules. There are too many components to account for and to manage time will be not only burdensome but cumbersome too. Because of that, there are often cost implications for missed time schedules and constructions are completed late. As a result, clients are dissatisfied. This is yet another reason why you should consider BIM modeling.

Furthermore, estimating costs of a project could be painstakingly burdensome for cost managers. They may have to perform quantity takeoffs by manually compiling a comprehensive list of every component to cost it. Imagine how time-consuming and tedious could that be. Meanwhile, the entire project comes to a standstill while the cost manager is estimating the costs.

Again, cost managers may find it challenging to re-estimate costs after every alteration to the original design. They may also struggle to know the kind of materials to buy at specific costs. All these inconveniences necessitate the need for BIM modeling that New York Engineers offers.

Clashes or collisions are common in construction projects, particularly large scale projects. They become more prevalent in 2D sketches and rarely in BIM models. The good thing with BIM models is that professionals can collaborate to prevent or resolve the clashes that might occur. Through our BIM coordination and management, we can help with clash detection and resolution.

Operating and maintaining large building complexes is yet another challenge that is cumbersome if done manually. Imagine having to keep an eye on every single component and building system. That would be a tough and costly job for the building owner. It’s hard to keep up to date with maintenance schedules in large buildings. With BIM modeling the job might be much easier hence you should unequivocally consider this technology.

One other inconvenience with construction projects is change orders. There could be a costly change order in the design. When using BIM modeling, the impact of change orders can be minimized because all architects and engineers collaborate to work on the designs. Changes are seen in real time and the model is updated promptly.

There are many reasons why you should consider BIM modeling for your future construction projects. Many projects went from design to constructions to completion smoothly without too many risks or to many requests of information. All thanks to the digitization of today’s construction projects. We have been helping many construction owners with this modern technology.

Key Benefits of BIM Modeling

Here we highlight the key benefits of building information modeling that you could love.

  • Enhances collaboration: working on a single construction as AEC professionals bring so much convenience of collaborating seamlessly and digitally. You get to view the 3D designs, see the construction sequence through 4D and get a deeper understanding of cost estimations through 5D BIM.
  • Reduce costs: no costly mistakes and costly numerous meetings. Everything is contained in a digital model that acts as a collaborative tool. Every stakeholder is able to see the cost implications of his or her changes.
  • Reduce documentation: there is no need to draft huge documents about the building components. When performing quantity take-offs, BIM does that for you instead of having to compile a long list of design components. The digital model also does complex computations on your behalf.
  • Helps with facility management: managing facilities without digital data is a tough task. With our 6D BIM service, we can help you manage your facilities because we link important project lifecycle information to every measurable component in the design. Operations and maintenance will be easier with our BIM modeling.
  • Minimize risks: because construction professionals are concurrently working on a single digital model, the risk is minimized. They will be accountable to changes being made instead of an individual being tasked to make major changes that could potentially amount to risk.
  • Time schedules: time schedule is of paramount importance in a construction project. These projects are time-sensitive whereby a day’s delay could incur huge losses to the project. Projects have to be completed on time, but keeping up with time manually could be a hefty challenge. Thanks to 4D BIM for making that possible.
  • Reduce change orders: when you have an interdisciplinary team working in synergy and concurrently, you realize fewer change orders. Everyone can see changes made and can interpret the design. With New York Engineers immersed in the virtual environment, we assure you minimal change orders. More than 80% of our projects go from design to construction in a short period of time. Moreover, we are 50% faster than our competitors.

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BIM Modeling and Energy Efficiency


Do you want to achieve energy efficiency in your building so that you can apply for relevant environmental certifications? In order to achieve energy efficiency, the building systems must be optimized for energy efficiency. The energy consumption must be curbed.

BIM modeling can help enormously with energy efficiency endeavors. 6D BIM, in particular, links building systems with crucial information such as energy consumption. New York Engineers can use this model to help optimize building systems.

In this endeavor, we can help you achieve the Environment management certification (ISO14001) which entails reducing the carbon production; LEED certification which entails green building strategies; and quality certification (ISO9001) which is about quality of the facility. We can also help you achieve US occupational safety and health administration compliance. Through BIM modeling we can improve safety by performing hazard analysis for occupation safety and health administration compliance.

Indeed there are plenty of benefits we can achieve through BIM. These services are attributed to our excellence and experience in building information modeling services. BIM forms an integral part of our service offerings in MEP fields.

BIM Modeling and Fire Protection

 As much as BIM is critical in MEP installations, it is equally important in fire protection services. Fire protection systems are also sophisticated and thus require a great skill of visualization to efficiently install them as well as to maintain and operate them. Our BIM modeling services enable this seamless integration of fire protection services in your facility.

New York Engineers is an expert in MEP and FP (Fire Protection) services. Combine this expertise with our experience in BIM modeling. That amounts to an unparalleled service offering for construction projects.

Why choose us?

We are undoubtedly the best providers of BIM modeling services in New York. The smile we put on our previous clients is evident and testimonial to our expertise in building information modeling. We have a dynamic team of MEP engineers who are well-rounded in this technology and all its dynamics.

The construction industry can be demanding. We have, however, mastered its dynamics and modern technologies harness to make the industry an absolute breeze. BIM is an indispensable technology in construction projects. It plays a huge role in reducing costs, reducing documentation, meeting deadlines, enhancing productivity, and collaborating construction professionals.

Even more, we play a significant role in helping building owners manage their facilities through our 6D BIM modeling. Also, we help them achieve various energy efficiency-related certifications. Our engineers can help you harness the benefits of BIM. Traditional construction processes cost billions of dollars and are time-consuming.

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