BIM Coordination and BIM Management

For efficient design and construction, BIM coordination and management should be provided throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our dynamic team of MEP engineers offers unmatched coordination and management for BIM models.

High Value Coordination

Our MEP engineers coordinates all design components in BIM model to ensure efficiency of the project.

Unmatched BIM Management

We are heavily experienced in BIM technology. As thus, we offer the best management of BIM on the market.

Faster Turnaround

Our BIM coordination and BIM management expedite the construction process. We enable all teams to collaborate smoothly in a virtual environment.

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BIM Coordination


BIM model is a great blessing to the construction industry for its convenience it brings to the planning, designing, constructions, and operations of building infrastructure. However, this virtual model needs to be coordinated so that its components complement each other. Oftentimes, most of the participants in the virtual environment of BIM are IT skilled people but very few are actually skilled in coordinating or managing the workflow digitally.

At New York Engineers we are highly specialized in BIM coordination and BIM management and thus we provide such services to a plethora of clients in the construction industry. For a construction project to be a success, it needs a coordinator and a manager who assumes the responsibilities of the efficiency of the digital model. Such a person will be responsible to harness the benefits of BIM so that the interdisciplinary team can collaborate, engage, and share their feedback during the design and construction process. We have the capacitated MEP engineers who are well-rounded in that.  

What does a BIM coordinator do?


A BIM coordinator does the following:

  • Coordinate the digital model to prevent clashes during construction
  • Review architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire safety telecommunications and other building systems to ascertain that they complement each other
  • Know how to resolve clashes or collision in a digital environment. The experience will help the coordinator in resolving these issues.

New York Engineers has professional MEP engineers experienced in BIM coordination. We use the intelligence of BIM cloud-based digital model to enable professional architects, engineers, contractors, and other related professionals to work in synergy. Our coordination is top-notch in that it makes the construction project run smoothly with minimal crashes, RFIs, and risks. BIM is an integral part of our services in the construction industry.

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BIM Management


BIM Management goes hand-in-hand with BIM coordination. They bear the responsibility of ensuring that the BIM model works efficiently with no clashes. Without proper management of the BIM model, clashes could happen and the model may not be as efficient as envisioned to be.

With New York Engineers in the driver’s seat of BIM, you will rest assured that the digital model will be well-managed. A construction project that harnesses the benefits of BIM requires proper management and an interdisciplinary team of professionals who contribute to the model. A great manager will manage how the team cooperate and will be able to solve clashes when they appear to keep the collaboration going.

In a traditional construction project, there would be many RFIs. With a great and well-managed BIM model, RFIs will be minimized. We use BIM for an integrated and complete design and construction process. Our BIM adds value to the construction while also reducing risks ubiquitous in most projects. The outcome is a quality design.

Benefits of BIM Coordination and Management

Having your construction handled by New York Engineers brings you plenty of benefits. Among others, your interdisciplinary team will reap the following benefits:

  • Minimized document errors: because we predominantly use the digital model in a collaborative virtual environment, the need for documents is minimized. Documents are unfortunately linked with many errors in the construction history since they are handled manually. With our well-coordinated BIM model, we minimize the errors you would otherwise encounter.
  • Minimized change orders: change orders are common in the construction industry. These are often attributed to a geographically separated team of professionals who contribute sequentially in the designs. Our coordinated and managed BIM model lets everyone stay abreast with changes made in real-time. There is no need to convene coordination meetings to discuss changes effected. As a result, we minimize change orders.
  • Well-managed schedules: thanks to our 4D BM model for managing schedules efficiently. With traditional blueprint derived designs construction managers would struggle to keep up with the schedules particularly in large projects. Our BIM gives you a virtual environment that enables visualizations of the building model as though you are viewing a real building. Because of the addition of construction sequencing data onto every component, your project will be on the schedule.
  • Minimized costs: the design process often incurs huge costs in construction projects. There are too many meetings to convene, errors accounted for, raw materials wastes, costly documentation, and more costly actions. With everything contained in a virtual model, our engineers will save you lots of money.
  • High-quality facility: our model enables your interdisciplinary team to interpret the design perfectly to prevent clashes and evaluate design options. That said, the team will be able to collaborate effectively in a quest to create a high-quality facility.
  • Well-managed facility: our model enables the addition of data that can be integrated with facilities management and operations. This comprehensive set of data benefit building owners.
  • Reduced energy consumption and carbon production: BIM gives us a deeper understanding of your MEP building systems and how they consume energy. 6D BIM gives us a full integration into the systems, and so we will be able to manage energy consumption and carbon production.

From these aforementioned benefits, you can see how tremendously advantageous is our BIM coordination and management services. We play an integral role in making projects a success. Not everyone can comprehend how this technology works. And not everyone who has IT skills can coordinate or manage a virtual environment in the construction industry. What you need is an experienced team of MEP engineers.

Outcomes of BIM Coordination

A well-coordinated construction project has great outcomes. For instance, it can save you billions of dollars. Many construction projects have seen these benefits to the extent of various government prescribing BIM technology in their construction industry.

Projects stay on schedule due to BIM coordination and management. Our engineers can play that intermediary role among your diverse team of contractors, engineers, architects, and other stakeholders. They will make sure that the designs are properly made and everyone collaborates in a virtual environment to complete the project.

Moreover, we will ensure that the projects are efficiently costed. Traditional coordination processes are costly and time-consuming. Projects tend to run over with huge costs that are out of budget. There tend to be too many errors. With our unmatched 5D BIM and quantity take off, we can cost the project efficiently. Thanks to our coordination and management capabilities in achieving these endeavors.

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Why should you consider BIM coordination and management?


Although software programs are readily available for purchase to model construction projects digitally, they still require a great deal of expertise to maneuver them. Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks are some of the available software programs that professionals use for construction projects. Are you prepared to spend plenty of hours learning their configurations? Are you prepared for a trial-and-error? Then outsourcing BIM management and coordination is the best decision.

As we highlighted already, not everyone with technological know-how skills can manage or coordinate BIM projects. You need a specialized skill to accomplish that and New York Engineers is your dependable and reliable MEP partner to help achieve that.

Construction projects are demanding and one has to be immersed in them to understand deeply how to maneuver them. There are standards to meet while also operating BIM models. Our engineers are well-equipped with diverse building standards. When coordinating these models, we ensure that projects are in line with the relevant standards.

Is BIM Management similar to Facility Management?

Some of you may confuse the distinction between BIM management and facility management. BIM management is actually about managing the technology behind BIM. You have to ensure that the model is working efficiently to enhance collaboration among relevant professionals in the construction industry. Things like clash detection and resolution and minimization of risks and costs are upon your shoulders.

Facility management, on the other hand, entails managing the facility and its systems to ensure efficient operation. Our 6D BIM explains broadly about facility management. In facility management, our engineers will link data to every single component to help building owners manage their facilities. We take into account information about the installation date, manufacture date, and other properties such as thermal properties.

BIM management and facility management are all BIM-based responsibilities. New York Engineers excels in any of them.

cost estimate

The cost of BIM coordination and management

Considering the value brought by BM coordination and management, any quality-driven and convenience-driven building owner would invest enormously in these services. Otherwise, you would spend money on hiring dedicated managers to use traditional coordination and management pathways, which are time-consuming and costly.

With BIM you can save a lot by outsourcing the services to a professional engineering firm. That still, ensure that you choose a firm with the track record of excelling in these services. Not anyone with technological skills can coordinate or manage BIM. You need someone with extensive experience in the construction industry.

New York Engineers develops the software and help construction managers in operating it. From 3D design models to facility management and operations, our engineers have mastered the art of BIM coordination and management.


Why choose Us?

Our engineers are specialized in the field of MEP (particularly HVAC) and our BIM service is an integral part of our service suite, which includes electrical engineering services, plumbing engineering services, sprinkler engineering services, fire protection engineering services, value engineering services, energy modeling services, building commissioning services, Scan to BIM (CAD to Revit modeling) services, construction administration services, utility filing services and engineering report services.

Our specialty in the above-mentioned service gives us the expertise and experience in BIM coordination and management. We have taken part in plenty of construction projects in New York and abroad. Our previous clients bear testimony for your expertise in maneuvering BIM models to complete the design and construction process.

We understand what it takes to manage and coordinate the design and construction process using BIM. We reduce costs, manage time schedules, prevent and resolve clashes, reduce document errors, deliver a top-notch facility, and minimize risks associated with construction projects. Most importantly, we ensure that an interdisciplinary team collaborate in the design process.

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