5D BIM Plus Quantity Take-Offs Service

5D BIM and Quantity Take-Offs play an important role in managing construction projects from a financial standpoint. We use advanced BIM technology to help cost managers stay on budget.

Accurate Cost Estimation

Our 5D BIM and Quantity Take-Offs offer accurate cost estimation in construction projects.

Powerful Tool for Managers

Cost managers can outgrow conventional methods of estimating costs manually. Our 5D BIM expedites the process.

Collaborative Tool

All construction agents can collaborate through our 5D BIM ins estimating the actual costs.

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5D BIM in Constructions

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We have elaborated more on the future of BIM in constructions. It all starts from the creation of 3D designs in a shared digital space often referred to as the Common Data Environment or CDE where a team of project agents collaborates to reach a common goal. New York Engineers is renowned for its excellence in creating 3D building information modeling and converting current 2D designs into detailed and dynamic 3D designs.

3D and 4D precede 5D. 3D basically adds digital information about the design components of a building while 4D adds time scheduling data to the digital model. 5D is then added as the fifth dimension to help with cost estimations of the projects.

We view 5D as a game-changer of how cost estimations are done in the modern era of constructions. It reveals the physical and functional aspects of a project. Large scale projects can benefit tremendously from this BIM dimension in that it becomes increasingly difficult to manually jot down cost estimates of every component. Imagine having to draw a list of every tool or material that you need in a project. That would be painstakingly time-consuming. New York Engineers now makes the process much enjoyable.

5D BIM falls under level 2 of BIM, regarded as maturity level pertaining to full collaboration. Basically, 5D adds cost data to time management and 3D design components to make it easy for estimators to compile cost estimations. For many years our MEP engineers have been mastering the art of 5D BIM.

5D BIM plus Quantity Take-Offs

While they seem to be two distinct technologies, New York Engineers utilize 5D BIM and Quantity Take-Offs methodologies to help project managers with material costing and project budgets. Thanks to interoperability of these two concepts.

We have already highlighted above that the 5D BIM helps with cost estimations, and so it is the same with quantity take offs. Our engineers use both methodologies to help cost managers accurately measure the quantities of their construction materials.

Conventionally, quantity take-offs were conducted manually, which we found time-consuming hence our harness of digitization of the method. Through 5D BIM we are able to take accurate measures and carry out complex engineering calculations that would otherwise be increasingly cumbersome if done manually. A blueprint is scanned into the program to help us analyze the design components as well as compiling a comprehensive list of all materials needed for the project.

Combining 5D BIM and quantity takeoffs is a strong point of New York Engineers technicians. 5D BIM alone can help managers with insight into how the project costs. Compiling a full list of materials using quantity take-offs helps you cost each component accurately. These two methodologies bear huge benefits for constructs.

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Benefits of 5D BIM


Each additional dimension to BIM digital model comes with a broad range of benefits. 5D, among others, bears the following benefits:

  • Great return on investment: constructions are costly and owners invest substantially in these projects. However, failure to stay within budgets could jeopardize the entire investment and even lead to exorbitant losses. New York Engineers can help you stay within your budget with our cutting-edge 5D BIM (cost estimation).
  • Save paperwork: traditionally, cost managers would painstakingly use lots of paperwork to compile a list of all materials required with their associated costs. Subsequently, they would carry out complex calculations to figure out how much they need to spend. Likewise, for every alteration in the design, they would re-do the calculations. Thanks to the introduction of 5D BIM as it negates such as a trivial and tedious path of estimating costs.
  • Great understanding of the scope: with 5D BIM, project agents are able to have a better understanding of the scope. Thanks to the clear visualization and data modeling capabilities of our technology. The team of stakeholders will understand the proposed design and associated cost drivers.
  • Easy adjustment of costs: 5D BIM allows the cost manager to adjust the costs accordingly in an event of other parties making changes to the design components. There is no need to call meetings and update others about the associated costs of their suggested materials. The cloud-based technology we use keeps everyone in the loop. The good part is that for every alteration or amendment, the costs are adjusted. In turn, the cost managers stay within a budget.

The meaning of the term “quantity take-offs” should be self-explanatory. It refers to the taking off quantities of materials in a project. The crux of every construction project lies in the quantities of materials required. As thus, cost managers have to compile a long list of every material that contractors need. A missed material could impede the progress of contractors. Also, it would impact financially on the overall budget.

With New York Engineers carrying out quantity take offs digitally through 5D BIM model, quantity take-offs have never been this easier before. We eliminate the painful ordeal of compiling a long list manually.

Quantity take-offs help you have a better understanding of typical materials you need in the project. Consequently, this improves productivity because all materials are available at the right time. Project managers get to compile a list of, among others, lumber, steel, concrete, bricks, light fixtures, prefabricated pillars, and asphalt. In a nutshell, this list predominantly comprises raw materials. We are expert MEP engineers and can, therefore, help you compile a comprehensive and accurate list of all design components to complete your MEP project.

The work does not end on the listing of the materials. For each material, for instance, you have to assign specific characteristics and costs. Factors such as thermal properties and energy consumption are important in choosing some materials. If you wish to optimize your energy systems, our engineers can help you the best energy-efficient materials so that your future application of environmental certificates become stress-free with minimal retrofits.

Our 5D BIM and quantity take offs can help speed up your project with the accurate cost estimations and materials. In a case of lumber, for example, we will state what type of lumber is needed, its length, width, and the total weight of a shipment. All these design specifications have an impact on your budget hence it is important to consider them in our digital model.

Quantity take-offs help project managers with purchase decisions. The level of details achieved when compiling the list of these materials enables managers to know which specific materials to purchase. 5D BIM will give a cost estimate of how much to spend when ordering such materials in question. Because of this convenience, you will be faced with fewer risks in your project. All project agents can see in real-time what typical materials are required and at what costs.

When estimating prices, our engineers perform complex calculations. Materials such as concrete and asphalt can require per volume calculations while materials such as tiles may require per square footage calculations. Our MEP engineers take all these considerations in their purchase decisions.

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How are 5D BIM and Quantity Take-Offs Improving Construction?

BIM provides a common data environment in which all parties can collaborate to reach a common goal. That’s what our engineers do in making sure that all stakeholders are on the same page. Not only are they on the same page but can also share feedback on the changes made.

5D BIM adds data about costs to every single component. As changes are made to the overall design, the costs are adjusted and thus everyone is in the loop of how much they are aiming for. This technology has a powerful impact on the progress of the project.

5D BIM and quantity takeoff improve constructions in a sense that they help design and construction professionals have a better understanding of the basics of construction: cost estimation of materials and their specifications. It is of no use anymore to cost materials once-off at the start of the project because we have the digital model to simplify that and add materials on-the-go. From this analysis, you can relate the cohesion of BIM dimensions from 3D to 6D.

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Benefits of 5D BIM and Quantity Take-Offs to Cost Managers


Others may be skeptical about these services as they fear they would probably lay off the jobs of cost managers out there. That is not the point! Our technology supplements the work of cost managers. It makes it super easy by eliminating errors that would happen had the process been done manually.

We know how tiring it can get to compile material list manually and at the same time cost them hence we advance 5D BIM and quantity take offs. Cost managers can now estimate costs with accuracy. They will be able to purchase the relevant materials based on costs estimated digitally.

The traditional ways of using paperwork require an elevated engineer to perform complex calculations. The entire team of professionals, therefore, depend on the accuracy of the calculations done. There could be various steps to take until the calculations and estimations are verified and approved by other relevant stakeholders. What happens to the construction time frame in the meantime while calculations are still being verified? Of course, it gets delayed!

5D BIM, in other words, digitize quantity take offs. The technology assigns cost estimation on every single component and also reports about their specific characteristics. What you get is a smooth construction with everyone knowing about specific materials needed and at what costs.

How Will Building Owners Benefit From This Service?

Not only contractors and other design professionals will benefit with regard to budget efficiency and purchase decisions but also owners. 5D BIM can also help with cost predictions of the project since it assigns cost estimates on components. The owner will have an overview of how much the project will cost him or her.

By being involved in the digital visualization of the project through New York Engineers BIM, owners can be able to track the progress and have a better understanding of what the AEC professionals are doing.

5D BIM is arguably the most important dimensions of BIM that owners are concerned about. Most owners are more interested in the final product plus the overall costs involved. Our BIM can inform owners about the extra properties that materials possess. For instance, if the owner wishes to be green-compliant, she or he will be concerned about the typical energy-efficient materials chosen.

Why Choose Us?

We have been in the industry for a long time. For this reason, we assure you the best 5D BIM and quantity take-offs service. Let our engineers help you estimate costs accurately and compile a comprehensive list of materials needed for your project. We are renowned experts in BIM technology and all dimensions from 2D conversion into 3D to 7D.

For the entire duration of the project, we will assign you a competent engineer to help you with cost estimations. Choosing us is the best decision to take for the efficient running of your project. Our previous clients can attest to our excellence in BIM technology. We address all major challenges such as cost of materials using digital models. That is where the future of construction lies.  

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