Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings

Steel structures and fabrication drawings are the cornerstones of steel structure construction. Without quality and efficient drawings, fabricators will not be able to produce steel structure components of top-notch quality. New York Engineers provides unmatched steel structures and fabrication drawings.

Drawn to High Standards

Steel structures drawings we provide are drawn to high-standards for the safety of your steel structure. Our engineers calculate all load bearings.


We provide accurate steel structure and fabrication drawings that are precise representations of your design intent.

Cost Effective

Our drawing services are cost effective. We eliminate unnecessary costs while providing high-quality services.

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Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings


Production of Steel Structures

We figured out that to understand the impact of steel structures and fabrication drawings, you need to understand the process of producing steel components. Steel structures are fabricated off-site due to the lack of a quality-controlled environment and standards at the construction site. Thousands of steel structure components are therefore manufactured at a specific fabrication site.

To achieve the best quality of steel structure components, fabricators need quality drawings, which New York Engineers has been offering for a decade to a broad range of clients. We are staffed with professional draftsmen, engineers, and 3D modelers, all of whom are well-equipped with specialist skills on how to draw the best steel structures and produce unmatched shop drawings.

To add on that, our engineers can extract shop drawings of steel structures from 3D BIM models. Not everyone is skilled to extract 2D drawings from 3D models. Our engineers have special skills since they also specialize in 3D BIM modeling. This allows us to maneuver 3D building designs and save you time and money by extracting the best steel structure shop drawings for fabricators.

Impact of Steel Structures in Construction

Construction site

New York Engineers is aware of a huge impact that steel structures have in construction projects hence our endeavor to produce high-quality steel structure and fabrication drawings for fabricators, manufacturers, and contractors.

In the US, steel structure accidents are among the worse. This therefore calls for meticulous attention in manufacturing steel components. Steel structures could potentially collapse and lead to unexpected injuries, or even worse, deaths at the construction site – whether of the team members or civilians. Our engineers emphasize the quality of these structures in order to prevent such impact at the construction site.

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Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings

Site buildings under construction and cranes

Importance of Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings

Given the above impact of steel structures on constructions, the importance of having steel structures and fabrication drawings should be apparent. The drawings are the backbone of high-quality steel structures. Without them, it may seem cumbersome for manufacturers to produce correct pre-fabricated steel components according to the specifications in the original design. Our engineers strive for this perfectionism in drawings to make the job easy for fabricators.

A steel structure and fabrication drawing details the steel components that have to be manufactured to complete the steel construction. Among others, the drawing states the material lists and their dimensions. To have this drawing completed, you need a specialist skill in structural engineering. New York Engineers provides a plethora of structural shop drawings that include sheet metal, woodwork shop drawing, steel shop drawing, and millwork shop drawings.

For the past decade, we have mastered the art of producing great steel structure drawings for a wide range of construction projects. With regard to steel structure drawings, in particular, we offer steel stairs drawings, steel canopy, staircase handrail, steel carport, and steel grating detailing drawings. All these drawings are renowned for their rich details about the components. As a result, they make the job ease for the manufacturers and ultimately for the construction project.

Quality Control versus Steel Structure and Fabrication Drawings

The quality control in the manufacturing of steel structures starts with accurate drawings. How do you ensure that you have accurate drawings? It’s simple! By outsourcing the drawings from New York Engineers , an MEP engineering firm with high-profile draftsmen who can generate high-quality and accurate drawings for any of your steel structure components.  

The fabricator of steel structures has an expectation upon his or her shoulder to produce high-quality structural components from raw steel materials. The fabricator must pay more attention to finer details per piece of steel to be produced. The drawings we generate provide more information about engineering calculate load shedding and load bearing. Failure to account for these finer details often lead to accidents that prevail in steel construction sites.

Not all fabricators are well-rounded in detecting errors from the drawings. New York Engineers assumes the responsibility of ensuring that your drawings are top-notch with no fabrication errors or ambiguous details on them. Generally, the steel structures and fabrication drawings must comply with the structural design drawings. Fabricators will therefore use correct grade and strength of steel to manufacture steel components of superior quality.

Accurate steel structure and fabrication drawings contribute significantly to quality control of steel structure construction in the industry. They prevent accidents of structures collapsing due to incorrect load bearings. Our engineers are confident about generating great drawings for various projects.

Process of Generating Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings

Because of our vast amount of experience in steel structures and fabrication drawings, the process of generating these drawings is an absolute breeze for our MEP engineers. Typically, our engineers would assess your scope of work and understand your requirements of steel structures. This gives us a glimpse of how to draft your drawings more accurately with specifications to the fabricators and manufacturers.

We have the expertise and experience in drafting impeccable steel structures and fabrication drawings for a wide variety of projects. Our expertise in this field is recognized and revered by a handful of clients in New York and beyond.  

Often, fabricators are burdened with tight schedules to fabricate the pre-fabricated components for fast-paced projects. To help them stay on schedule, our engineers will also expedite the process of creating these drawings without compromising the quality. We have a dynamic and well-rounded team of professionals all of whom excel in steel structures.

We will also study the 3D BIM models of your construction design. With a decade of experience in using BIM modeling, we assure you the best results in extracting steel structures drawings from 3D Building Designs. This requires plenty of skills to extract 2D drawings from the BIM model. It actually saves you lots of money and time you would otherwise spend on reworking CAD designs.

Our steel structures and fabrication drawings are more detailed than standard construction documents. New York Engineers is exposed to a handful of advanced technologies which we used in our quest for the delivery of great steel structures and fabrication drawings. Software programs such as Autodesk Revit, BIM 360, and AutoCAD are our strong points. With our drawings, we can expedite architectural approvals for your projects.

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Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings


Erection of Steel Structures

Following the supply of high-quality steel structures and fabrication drawings and actual fabrication of steel structure components is the erection of these steel structures. New York Engineers is a hub of professional engineers and contractors. From the design to construction and construction administration, to MEP installations, we are at the forefront of many large scale projects.

To ensure that your steel structure erection does not count to the statistic of fatalities in the US, assign competent professionals to accomplish it for you. The benefits of working with New York Engineers are countless. For instance, if you work with one of New York Engineers’ certified contractors, we guarantee you zero change orders. We always strive for high quality and thus produce clear, easily priced designs and drawings.

We have a whole host of services to choose from. For instance, we can partner with other stakeholders of your project to offer construction administration. This administration ensures that your project is well-coordinated. Our engineers excel also in BIM coordination and BIM management, and so entrusting us with your project can add tremendous advantages to it.

Typical Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawing Services we offer

  • Cabinets Shop Drawing
  • CAD Shop Drawings
  • Construction Shop Drawings
  • Advanced bill of materials for steel shop drawings
  • Precast Shop Drawings
  • Rebar Shop Drawings
  • Sheet Metal Shop drawings
  • Single Part Drawings
  • Erection drawings & GA diagrams
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Column Connection.
  • Foundation with Base Plate details.
  • Connection Details used for Welding, Riveting
  • Steel Member Detail Drawings.
  • Handrail Shop Drawing
  • Millwork drawings
  • Miscellaneous Steel Detailing
  • Stair Shop drawing
  • Working drawings for structures
  • Connections Steel Detailing

This is a snapshot of our offerings in steel structures and fabrication drawings.

Why choose us?

With a handful of testimonials we got from our happy customers, it should be evident enough that our services are undoubtedly the best in steel structure and fabrication drawings. Shop drawings are the cornerstone of every construction project; we therefore excel in the provision of these drawings to relevant stakeholders.

Steel structures are a sensitive matter with skyrocketing fatalities reported as a result of poorly designed and erected steel structure components. This is attributed to poor quality workmanship from the manufacturers. At times, you will find out that fabricators were not wrong but the accuracy of drawings was questionable.

New York Engineers delivers high quality and efficient steel structures and fabrication drawings. We guarantee quality steel structures provided the fabricators adhere to our specifications such as load bearing. However, with our engineers as the construction administrators, we assure you a strict quality control of steel erections. We will hold the manufacturers accountable for the quality of your steel structures.

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