BIM Model Auditing

Third Party BIM Model Auditing is the best solution to ascertain the consistency and accuracy of graphical and non-graphical information contained in the model. New York Engineers, with extensive experience and expertise in BIM, excels in model auditing.

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Our BIM Model Auditing is highly reliable. Our engineers are heavily experienced in building information modeling. 

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With a decade long experience in building information building, we are certain that our BIM moel auditing is second to none.

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We offer a quick turnaround in our model audits. We understand that projects are fast-paced and any delay could incur exorbitant costs.

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BIM Model Auditing


BIM Model Auditing

Oftentimes, some construction companies opt for in-house BIM model creation with their in-house engineers. While not undermining the capabilities of other engineers, third-party BIM model auditing from an engineering firm with a vast amount of experience is of paramount importance to give an objective verification and accuracy of the model.

New York Engineers is armed with extensive experience in BIM models. We have provided model designs and auditing for a plethora of companies in various construction fields.

A third party firm will give an objective analysis of the model and all its features to ensure that it meets the design intent. Such unbiased view brings great outcomes to your model.

BIM modeling is a complex subject and not all professionals are well-versed with it. It requires steep knowledge to develop the 3D digital models that represent the components of your project.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that the model builds up efficiently from one dimension to the other while intelligently adding specific information to components depending on the project scope. For instance, you need to master the art of scheduling data, cost estimations and facility management. All these aspects are critical to the accuracy and consistency of the BIM model hence the need for model auditing by a third-party firm.

Why perform BIM Model Auditing?

As we highlighted above, BIM modeling requires steep knowledge into the technological operations of building information modeling. Any incorrect representation of your building may result in incorrect output data and incorrect reports.

In a nutshell, the following could happen as a result of the incorrect representation of your BIM model:

  • Failure to detect clashes: with a poorly designed digital model, the team may not be able to foresee the clashes and resolve them beforehand. This could be costly to the project with many reworks requests.
  • Too many change orders: while change orders common in construction projects, an intelligently designed model can eliminate them altogether. A poorly designed mode, on the other hand, may prompt too many change orders after construction.
  • Incorrect addition of critical information: BIM embodies various dimensions such as 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimations, and 6D facility management. Adding these layers of information improperly to BIM could jeopardize the credibility and consistency of the model.
  • Compromised details: an incorrect model will compromise the details of your project. Other team members may struggle to interpret the model and ultimately the entire project may be compromised. Moreover, an incorrect model may compromise the design scope.
  • Failure to meet building codes: ultimately, all buildings have to conform to local building codes and relevant standards. An incorrect model may fail in conforming to building standards and other good building practices. This includes standard naming conventions.

With an advanced BIM model auditing, the aforementioned failures could be averted. What you get will be a fully functional, accurate Levels of Development (LOD), precise, and consistent digital representation of your project.

Our MEP engineers have been in the industry for decades using BIM to maneuver construction projects. This extensive experience gives us the technical know-how skills to master the art of using this technology. We know how to design 3D models using BIM; how to add construction sequencing; how to estimate costs; and how to manage, maintain and operate facilities with the use of 6D BIM data.

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BIM Model Auditing


How is BIM Model Auditing done?

To perform a BIM model auditing, there is a series of steps that our professional engineers follow. This involves ticking a checklist that is customized to the scope of your construction project.

Typically, our audit process encapsulates the following pointers:

  • Document review: Normally, a digital model follows sketches done on documents. From preliminary documents and surveys, our engineers will review them to see if the model includes everything. The initial documents give us a hint of the scope of the work. Usually, 2D drawings are converted into 3D BIM models. We will review such sketches to ascertain if the digital model does not have missing items or inconsistencies.
  • Conformance to best practices and industry standards: the construction industry is highly regulated with building standards and best practices in place. To ensure that your model yields great results, our engineers will check the relevant standards and practices to ensure that your BIM model complies with them.
  • Compliance with building codes: local building codes are also considerations when auditing your digital building model. Our engineers are familiar with a broad range of building codes in the United States. For any location, we will study the relevant codes and apply them in your model.
  • Design validation: we will perform a series of calculations, examine sketches to validate the design in the BIM model. As we examine the model, we will check for omissions and errors.
  • Review of the level of development: our engineers will review the development of BIM model dimensions to ascertain if it is consistent with the original design and scope of work.
  • Model accuracy: we will check the 2D drawings from which the 3D BIM model was extracted. This helps us establish if the model conforms to the original design on 2D or CAD sketches.

The aforementioned services are not all-inclusive of what we offer in model auditing. Construction projects differ with scope, and we customize our services to each client. We can extend our services to structural analysis, energy analysis and performance analysis. Our engineers can confirm if the model is effective in all BIM dimensions such as 4D, 5D and 6D.

Benefits of BIM Model Auditing to Contractors

Contractors often trust the models given to them by architects and engineers and continue with the construction work. Less often they care about verifying the designs and might be hit with change orders. With our model auditing, contractors can survive change orders, which are common in many construction projects.

Undertaking a change order after the structure has been built could be catastrophic and costly. The best to avoid them is to take the model for auditing by renowned professional engineers who will verify the model against the design intent. We do an in-depth review of original designs and compare with the model. This helps us spot omissions and errors.

Clashes are common in constructions and can only be avoided by double-checking the model with professional engineers. Unlike traditional 2D designs, 3D BIM models help us visualize the designs in real-time and detect errors beforehand. If the model is poorly done, it will fail to spot such collisions on time. This will then to costly requests for reworks of your project.

What happens after the BIM model auditing?

After undertaking model auditing, we will document the findings to the relevant stakeholders. Our review process will take into account all the dimensions and dynamics of the model. When giving feedback, we will comment on the features that are in compliance with relevant best practices, building codes, and standards. We will commend the designers for great work done on efficient features.

However, when we come across some inconsistencies and compromises to the model, we recommend changes to the owners. We will pinpoint the errors and omissions that the designers have to fix. Our experience in BIM has equipped us with this ability to spot errors in BIM models.

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bim model auditing


What can we do to correct faulty BIM models?

New York Engineers is a multi-disciplined MEP engineering firm in New York. As thus, our engineers are multi-skilled in a plethora of fields. BIM modeling has become our strong points since its emergence in the construction industry. In fact, many customers can attest to our expertise and excellence in this model. This makes us the unmatched providers of BIM models in the US.

After we have found errors, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies in your BIM model, we will suggest changes to the model to make it perfect. This means we will strategically collaborate with your design team to correct the problems our team has found in the model. From the design to the addition of crucial information to the components, we can help you achieve them.

What happens if the in-house design team cannot correct the BIM model issues?

We understand that BIM modeling is a highly specialized technology in the construction industry. That said, not everyone is well-versed with it and so it is with some in-house designers. New York Engineers can partner with your team or do the job on your behalf. Our engineers are highly specialized in BIM coordination and management. There is no BIM job that is too big for us.

We can correct from the basics of the design to advanced features of facility management. Also, New York Engineers is a renowned MEP engineering firm. For this reason, as we correct your model, we will ensure a proper installation of MEP building systems to save you substantial costs you would lose with an improper model.

Benefits of BIM Model Auditing to Facility Owners

BIM plays a huge role in facility management, especially 6D BIM. We have seen how efficient it is in helping owners keep track of the maintenance of their building components by linking critical information to them. Facility management becomes an enjoyable task with this cutting-edge technology. Our engineers have made that possible for many facility owners.

So, by conducting the BIM model auditing, we will ensure that 6D BIM is fully-operational to help with facility management. BIM dimensions are accumulative. For instance, construction sequencing comes before cost estimations and facility management.

Model auditing will help owners tremendously. With an incorrect model, facility owners may struggle to operate and maintain their properties.


Why choose us?

New York Engineers are undoubtedly the best in BIM model auditing. BIM forms an integral part of our service offering. For this reason, our engineers are well-rounded with what it takes to design the best digital model that lets all stakeholders collaborate cost-effectively and efficiently. This expertise enables us to audit all types of models.

We have developed plenty of BIM models for a plethora of construction projects from hospital complexes to residential, commercial apartments and industrial plants. Interpreting CAD designs and converting them into Revit modeling has since been our strong point even now. We interpret 2D designs and produce highly efficient 3D BIM models.

BIM can be complex, but our professional engineers and architects find it easier due to the vast amount of experience they possess. Our audit process will save you money, help you detect and resolve clashes on time, and also help you minimize risks that would occur with an incorrect digital model.  

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