6D BIM Service

BIM technology plays a significant role in constructions, from the design to operations and facility management as more dimensions are added to the intelligent model. 6D BIM is credited with the best operations and facility management. New York Engineers provides unmatched BIM service to building owners.

Powerful Management Tool

Our 6D BIM serves as a powerful tool for facility managers. It enables them manage, operate and maintain bulding components.


We identify & eliminate unnecessary energy consumption, leaving you with maximal functionality for the minimum annual energy cost.

Saves Money

6D BIM saves building owners lots of money they would otherwise waste by employing conventional methods of managing and maintaining facilities.

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Overview of 6D BIM


Just a head-start, BIM refers to “building information modeling”, which is an intelligent way of linking data to building components in a common data environment wherein other stakeholders can collaborate and share their feedback. 6D BIM succeeds 3D, 4D, and 5D. We view 6D BIM as a holistic approach to facility management as it combines all the elements of the preceding dimensions: 3D, 4D, and 5D.

6D BIM comes at the completion phase of the project whereby design components are linked to project lifecycle information such installation date, scheduled maintenance, energy consumption, and manufacturer information. This information helps owners in maintaining and operating the building efficiently.

New York Engineers offers unparalleled 6D BIM service to help building owners operate and maintain them efficiently. We know how cumbersome it gets to rely on old-age traditional methods of manually operating and maintaining buildings. Old methods are plagued with numerous errors that could be costly.

Why 6D BIM Service?

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US, buildings lose about $15.8 billion a year due to insufficient interoperability among facility management software programs and CAD designs. That is a lot of money that can be reduced by the full integration of 6D BIM. Building owners can utilize BIM technology for coordinated and computable building information and facility management.

We have used our 6D BIM in managing and operating numerous buildings, and we can confirm that the outcomes were fruitful. This technology saves lots of money and time that you would otherwise encounter if you opt for old ways. We provide the best facility management through our 6D BIM to help our clients operate and maintain their buildings optimally. We understand what it takes to manage facilities using today’s intelligent model that requires a great deal of sophisticated knowledge.

Understanding 6D BIM requires a steep knowledge and so with the expertise and experience of our engineers in BIM technology you will rest assured that your facility management and operations are in the right hands. We offer all BIM dimensions throughout the construction and project lifecycle.  

In a large building complex, for example, it could be burdensome to maintain each component without a deeper knowledge of all of them. Such a burdensome job can be analogous to a room filled with files and you are tasked to find a specific file. The process will be time consuming, and so it is with maintaining a large building complex. Our 6D BIM makes it a cinch to spot specific components at first glance because lifecycle information is intelligently linked with every component. This shows how significantly important this dimension is.

Because 6D BIM succeeds 5D, which is about cost information linked to building components, you will be able to know the cost implications of maintenance and operations of your building. Moreover, our model is fully integrated to assess energy consumption of specific components in our building. This, in turn, helps us optimize your components to achieve energy saving initiatives.

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Is 6D BIM Irrelevant In Small Buildings?


Absolutely not! 6D BIM is a versatile facility management BIM dimension that benefits all project scales. Whether you have a big or small building, the technology can make your maintenance and operations an absolute breeze. It negates the need for manual management of facilities that could be erroneous. From an economic standpoint, building owners may choose not to hire a facility manager but rely predominantly on 6D BIM and New York Engineers to cost-effectively help manage the facility.

6D BIM is, however, more beneficial in large complexes where finding specific component could be daunting and time-consuming. Some components may miss the maintenance date in such big buildings. With our 6D BIM, you will forever be on time. All thanks to 4D and 6D BIM technologies that help with scheduling data.   

How does 6D BIM help with facility management?

To manage a facility, you have to be in control of all its components. Know about repairs, maintenance schedules, regular updates, and many more maintenance and operations-related data. Also, you have to take into account the energy efficiency of MEP systems so that you can optimize them. Furthermore, facility management concerns itself with the well-being of tenants, and thus the building systems should be at peak performance with minimal energy consumption.

We can say more about the responsibilities of a facility manager. Such duties may be overwhelming on a large scale project. Thanks to the 6D BIM services that we offer for simplifying facility management. The technology can also inform the design process at an early stage.

6D BIM is interchangeably referred to as the integrated BIM, shortened to iBIM. It integrates all the elements in a building model to make facility management and operations a cinch. In other words, it helps with assets management. The 6th dimension adds information that is needed to enable operations and maintenance of the building for the best outcomes to the owner and tenants.

Benefits of 6D BIM service

6D BIM brings plenty of benefits to facility managers and facility tenants. The key benefits of this technology include an analysis of energy consumption and the integration of data-driven operations and maintenance. A broad range of benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • Energy consumption monitoring: technology can help analyze the energy consumption of your building systems. At New York Engineers we help building owners achieve the highest standards of energy efficiency. It could be your endeavor to apply for LEED or net zero certification, our engineers can help you achieve that through our BIM technology. 6D BIM gives us a deeper understanding of your building components, and so we can optimize them for energy efficiency.
  • Proper asset management: 6D Building Information Modeling notably help building owners manage their assets properly. The model lets you know more about lifecycle management of your building components. By so doing, it intelligently links valuable information such as manufacturer name and date, maintenance schedule on the 3D CAD component.
  • Digital visualization of your building model: 6D BIM model is handed to the owner completion of the project. It gives him or her a lifetime digital visualization of the building model. If need be, you can make changes with ease to the entire building.
  • Saves time and costs: Without this technology, you would otherwise compile documentation of your building components manually to track their maintenance and operations. Doing this in a large building will be time-consuming. Also, our 6D BIM negates the need for a dedicated facility manager because we can help you manage and maintain it. This means you will be saving lots of money.

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6D BIM versus Facility Managers


6D BIM can be viewed as a powerful tool that facility managers can leverage rather than a threat to existing facility managers. Facility managers can terminate their loyalty on old-age methods of managing facilities manually because BIM technology makes the tasks much simpler with accuracy.

The level of accuracy of linking data intelligently with relevant lifecycle information makes operations and maintenance more accurate too. Our engineers can help you achieve that with ease. This accuracy depends on the veracity of the digital model, which we guarantee to you that indeed our digital BIM models are unmatched.

Without a digital project lifecycle information, it would be challenging and cumbersome to manage the building components. Besides, you need a highly skilled person to manually keep track and perform complex energy calculations. Our model does everything for you, meaning you need not possess specialized technical skills apart from understanding how to read the software.

New York Engineers have the technical know-how skills to facilitate 6D BIM services. With our model, we will sort out life cycle management, energy efficiency calculations, space management, routine maintenance, and remodels and renovations.

Why outsource 6D BIM services?

We know that software can be for sale on the market with many sellers promising a “holy grail” of facility management. However, operating the software requires advanced knowledge about its dynamics and complex calculations. Are you prepared to spend plenty of time learning the software from the basics?

When you hire MEP engineers, they are already well-rounded with the software, and thus the work becomes much easier. New York Engineers have been in the industry for a long time offering a broad range of services. We know what it takes to facilitate a building from managing its operations, installing fire sprinkler systems, and installing MEP systems to optimizing energy systems. As a result, our 6D BIM service is unparalleled to any software.

When you have professional engineers helping with facility management, you can hold them accountable should anything go wrong. All our services are in line with relevant standards and ethics.

Why choose Us?

For many years, we have been at the forefront of advanced technologies in the AEC (Architects, Engineering, and Construction) industry. BIM is our everyday food as we excel in all its dimensions. Our engineers have mastered the art of utilizing 6D BIM in facility management and operations of buildings of all scales.

Moreover, we excel in energy efficiency, and so having us will help you monitor your energy consumption. 6D BIM enables us to get a deeper understanding of the building components. It is even much better when you entrust us with all dimensions of BIM from 3D to 6D. 

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