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BIM Services

New York Engineers provides building information modeling (BIM) software services in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors, enabling the automation of tasks, maximizing the quality of construction, and minimizing risks. We are one of the leading BIM service providers in the USA.

Experts in Building Information Modeling

Coordinated Approach

Our experience and expertise, together with the software we use, enables us to collaborate effectively in real time with other AEC professionals and role-players from pre-construction through the project delivery process to handover.

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Virtual Simulation

Everything about BIM relies on data. Without it, critical tasks like specifying, cost estimating, calculating energy loads, and carrying out heating and cooling analyses would be impossible. This is the I in BIM, and we’ve got you covered.

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Better Data Quality

Can be enhanced with demand-controlled ventilation and heat recovery to save energy.

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BIM Services

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that enables professionals working in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry to plan, design, construct and manage infrastructure and buildings using powerful software. Our investment in the best BIM software enables us to design highly complex building systems with absolute confidence.

We offer a wide range of BIM services, including all types of drawings, risk mitigation, clash detection, and energy analysis, that improve the quality of building projects in general and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) building systems in particular.


Our team of engineers works with Autodesk modeling software that provides us with the very best BIM programs currently available, including Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks. We specialize in:

  • BIM for construction
  • BIM for commercial projects
  • BIM for residential projects
  • BIM for hotel project
We also do BIM outsourcing and offer a wide range of BIM outsourcing services.



New York Engineers BIM services include:

      • BIM MEP
        Our BIM MEP services provide a coordinated approach to MEP modeling. We cover the design of complex buildings systems including energy-efficient mechanical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We use software that enables our structural and 3D BIM drafters to create pre-construction models of buildings that incorporate structural, architectural, and MEP elements.

      • Revit Family Creation Services
        Revit software provides our MEP engineers with the tools they need to design complex buildings systems and apply the vast spectrum of engineering principles and technology to building design and construction. Everything we create in Revit is part of a family that fits cleanly into a clearly defined hierarchy that defines variables by type. The program may also be used to create, modify, and delete component families that are completely customizable. However complex the design needs to be, our Revit family creation services will have you covered.

      • BIM Modeling Services
        Our BIM modeling services help to streamline AEC projects and reduce both risks and waste. Our BIM engineers create models to facilitate project coordination and collaboration, as well as risk mitigation, asset management, cost estimates, and logistic planning. We generate BIM models that are coordinated so that our clients can identify possible interference of all building systems and gain total control of their construction projects.

      • Clash Detection
        One of the core services we offer is BIM clash detection, which identifies any interference in design and helps to eliminate human error. By facilitating effective identification, inspection, and reporting of typical interference clashes in 3D models, we can resolve problems at document stage rather than during the construction phase. And it’s not only clash detection of components that we identify, but also efficiencies in materials, equipment lead time, construction sequencing, and compliance with original designs.

      • Scan to BIM Services
        Our scan to BIM services provides you with an accurate digital representation of the building site that can be used for every possible stage of the project from planning to design, assessment and evaluation. We convert the relevant point cloud and laser scan data to make intelligent data-rich 3D models that BIM modelers can use for design purposes. Our scan to BIM modeling service is particularly useful for managing facilities in AEC projects and for checking the feasibility of expansion or extensions.

      • BIM Model Auditing
        It is vital that your BIM models are reliable and adhere to industry best practices and standards. Our BIM model auditing services check the outputs to ascertain that your drawings, bills of quantity, and BIM models are all accurate and reliable. We can also help to validate your BIM models at key times during your projects. This can mean the difference between success and failure of a project.

      • Quantity Take-Off
        Our BIM quantity take-off (QTO) services extract accurate data straight from your project’s BIM model. Once we have the measurements and quantities, we can associate objects with rate items and get detailed cost estimates for your entire project instantly. Whenever variations or price changes are introduced, the QTO is updated to ensure that cost estimates are always accurate.

      • IFC and Shop Drawing Extraction Service
        Sometimes it is necessary to outsource time-consuming tasks including IFC and shop drawing extractions. As a successful BIM outsourcing company, we provide the very best IFC and shop drawing extraction services that will meet your requirements from basic floor plans and cross-sections to complicated fabrication drawings extraction. We specialize in MEP and HVAC drawings and will extract the relevant 2D sections and 3D BIM models you need.

      • BIM Coordination
        We know that better coordination is essential for better outcomes. We also know that for any construction project to be successful, it is vital that all role players in the project are able to coordinate with others involved in the building project. We undertake to simplify BIM coordination, detect real-time clashes, and in this way help you ensure that your project is able to stay on schedule and on budget.

      • Steel Structures and Fabrication Drawings
        We have identified Autodesk Revit software as the perfect way to ensure that shops drawings and fabrications for structural components are created correctly. Materials include concrete and structural steel. Of course, the software doesn’t have the knowledge to ensure the drawings for structures are based on science, but we do. The software we use just ensures everything works perfectly.

New York Engineers looks forward to working with you on your next project that requires BIM services.

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