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Radiant heat projects need maximum accuracy to make the whole installation and construction process downright easy. NYE can do the job.


New York Engineers believe in the power of efficiency, and we always promote this practical element in every project we do.


If it’s not durable, it’s not worth it. The goal here is to make your investment go far. We guarantee a durable unit with our expert design.

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NYE Radiant Heat 3D Design


Most homes in Chicago and in other cities in the US with cold temperatures are designed with radiant heating systems as they are widely considered a necessity. However, some residential and commercial spaces do not come with such heating systems. New York Engineers is here to design your radiant heat system.

New York Engineers is a team of highly skilled architects and home system designers who are dedicated to providing functional and sustainable systems for both residential and commercial buildings. We offer services within the city of Chicago and outside, and throughout the course of the years, we have gathered a wide client base. Having been around in the industry for years, we are considered an expert in the field of mechanical, electrical and plumbing, which is why our clients have put their full trust in us and in every project that we deliver.

NY Engineers understands how MEP systems are important in residential and commercial areas. That’s why we design systems with precision, speed, and accountability in mind. We cover different areas of MEP, so whether it’s a radiant heat system, boiler, chiller, air economizer, steam radiator, emergency generator, chilled beam, or any other systems MEP related, we can deliver a functional, sustainable, and cost-effective system design that is always up to the mark.


NYE Radiant Heating System Design

Radiant heating is a system that helps heat indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a technology that uses radiant energy to transfer radiant heat from a heat source to a particular object. It is the replacement for the conventional convection heating systems.

With NYE, we can extend our experience in BIM modeling whatever industry you are in. We help clients from various industries including the commercial, hospitality, retail, residential, government, and industrial sector with their radiant heat design needs. We are experts in using 2D and 3D software tools like Revit and AutoCad. With our expertise, you can better predict the costs of the project, promote team collaboration, access information easily, make changes instantly, and allocate resources in the most efficient way.

We produce accurate and detailed MEP models with annotations and isometric views. We send clients comprehensive analysis and reports to refine your design process further. We help you ensure that your radiant heating system project is delivered on time and on budget plus all the safety measures considered. We also approach our projects with utmost confidentiality. We guarantee reliability and quality assurance to help you enjoy quick turnaround time with little to no errors. Our final deliverables are always bound to meet clients’ expectations.


Different Types of Radiant Heating Systems

There are three main types of a radiant heating system, and each type offers its own heating features. Choosing which one to use may seem like a taxing job, but it simply depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. Nevertheless, regardless of the type of radiant heating system you choose, NY Engineers can always craft the right design for you.

Here are the three types of radiant heating systems we can cover:

  • Electric Radiant Heating System

This type of radiant heating system, as its name suggests, mainly uses electricity. It consists of heat-producing electric coils. These coils are made of metal and have high resistance to electricity. They radiate heat when there is electricity. They heat the wall, ceiling or floor, depending on where you install them. We can help you bring that system to life with the right MEP tools to design the model.

  • Hydronic Radiant Heating System

This system makes use of heated water to warm up an area. It comprises boiler pumps that heat the water using pipes. Just like the electric radiant system, this system can also be installed underneath the wall, ceiling, or floor. Moreover, this type of radiant heating system is cheaper than its electric counterpart because you get to choose from a wide range of fuels such as oil, gas, propane, wood, electricity, or solar power.  

  • Air Radiant Heating System

An air radiant heating system carries heated air for heat transfer. Although it is not the most efficient among the three, as air has very little capacity to carry as well as retain heat, it can still heat an area.


If you don’t have much experience with radiant heating and you find it hard to choose one among the three radiant heating systems, you can turn to NYE and you can get expert advice as to which system to choose. We can also survey your area and give honest recommendations that can truly add value to your project.

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Why Choose a Radiant Heating System?


While there are many different ways to keep indoor and outdoor spaces warm, the radiant heating system is among the most preferred types of heating systems as it works in a much convenient way. Moreover, New York Engineers designs the most effective radiant heating systems, so you are guaranteed to get the best features of radiant heating.

Here are some of the benefits of a Radiant Heating System:

  • Energy Efficient

Compared to traditional radiators, modern radiant heating systems, especially those designed by NYE, provide more efficient and consistent warmth. In order to heat up, traditional radiators need to heat up to 65-75 degrees Celsius to warm up the room. In comparison, modern radiant heating systems can run at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius or even less. Therefore, the latter consumes less energy and helps you keep your energy bills lower.

Moreover, modern radiant heaters are not prone to “cold spots”. Radiant heating promotes even warmth in all areas of the building.

While a radiant heating system is great, you can make its installation thorough and dynamic by getting it designed by New York Engineers, a specialist in terms of warming air and providing comfort in residential as well as commercial spaces.

  • Low Maintenance

Although radiant heating systems are major systems, they don’t require much maintenance. What’s more, they are effortless to run. They can be controlled manually or automatically with a smart or programmable thermostat. With this convenience, you can schedule heating times and switch off the system at night or when not in use. We can help you design this efficient and low-maintenance system to make the actual execution smooth and trouble-free.

  • More Space

With a radiant heating system, you can save space that you otherwise could have used to make way for radiators on the wall. With radiant heating, you can enjoy design freedom as you improve your interior at home or in your office. You can decorate your walls as much as you want and achieve just about any theme you have in mind.

  • Flexible

With radiant heating, you can use just about any type of floor coverings. Whether it’s wood, tile, carpet, stone, or laminate that you want, NYE’s radiant heating system will not hinder your home improvement goals.

  • Safe

Unlike traditional radiators, radiant heating systems will not get too hot, so you’re safe around your space. Also, radiant heating systems are securely tucked, so you can say goodbye to sharp, dangerous wall, ceiling or floor edges. Especially when you hire New York Engineers for designs, you can ensure a safe, secure, and family-friendly radiant heating system.

  • Comfortable

Since radiant heat balances the quality of the air around an indoor space, you and your companions will feel comfortable with fresh, oxygen-rich air. Some radiators emit high temperatures that result in reduced oxygen levels and increased discomfort. NY Engineers can help you design your radiant heating in such a way that it doesn’t produce exaggerated levels of temperature, promoting better air quality.


These are only a few benefits that radiant heating systems provide. They are an important feature in residential and commercial spaces as they secure one’s warmth and comfort all throughout the day. While you can easily find radiant heating systems from hardware stores and online shops, it’s much better to customize your design in order to suit your needs, personal preferences, and budget. For radiant heating system designs, choose no other than New York Engineers. We design all types of radiant heating, so regardless of the type of heating system you prefer, we can do the job for you. Plus, we can guarantee you top-notch designs at a low cost!


Why Customize a Radiant Heating System?

As said, you can get quick heating systems, but experts recommend getting a customized radiant heating system. Customize your radiant heating system with New York Engineers. We specialize in designing residential and commercial space heating systems, and we provide intensive radiant heating system designs to our clients. Simply discuss with us your ideal plan, and we will do the conceptualization of the project with the use of our MEP design expertise. Together, we can turn your ideal situation into reality.

With our advanced tools and experienced designers and engineers, anything is possible.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?

Engineering meeting

There are quite a number of MEP design companies out there, but above all, NY Engineers triumphs. The reason why our clients love us is that we never settle for average results. We strive to do the best and be the best in everything that we do. As a result, we are able to produce superior MEP solutions that satisfy clients always.

  • 3D Visualizations

We use premium design toolsets that help us create realistic 3D modeling architectural layouts. This is the reason behind our high percentage of approval rate – clients get satisfied the moment they lay their eyes on our designs.

  • Systematic Design Procedure

One of the biggest secrets behind our fast and timely work is our systematic design procedure. As soon as we get to work, we plot the timeframe of the project and keep deadlines in mind at all times.

  • Low Cost

While you may think that a customized design costs a lot, it actually doesn’t cost much at NYE. With NY Engineers, you can get low-cost designs and get ultimately high-quality output.

  • Fast Project Completion

Got an urgent project at hand? Don’t worry; we have the solution. At NYE, we take on a Rapid Design Process that makes us both flexible and agile. We strive to deliver way faster than our competitors. You can ensure the fast completion of your design project while upholding its superior quality.

  • Order Guarantee

Throughout the years, we have completed a total of more than 800 projects. This is proof that we are a reliable MEP engineering design company that you can confidently put your trust in.

  • Trusted Professionals

Our architects, engineers, and building managers all work with zeal and practice professionalism every time. We function with respect and dignity as we do what we do the best way we can.

  • Wide Range of Experience

We can design heating systems seamlessly, but that’s not all that we can do; we can do much more. We can design boilers, chillers, air economizers, steam radiators, emergency generators, chilled beams, or any other systems under the field of MEP.

  • Custom Services

Don’t settle on something that’s not for you. Have your radiant heating system customized according to your needs, preferences, and budget. With NYE’s custom services, you have nothing to worry about as regards your radiant heating system project.

  • Labor Warranty

At New York Engineers, we are so confident in our designs that we are ready to give a labor warranty. As said, we never settle on something that’s on the average level; we only settle for the best.

For MEP engineering designs, always choose the right choice: New York Engineers. Work together with us and expect brilliant results. Contact us now and let’s get started!

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