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With our accurate 3D model of your project, we make sure that your exhaust fan works without a glitch and performs to the optimum level.

Energy Efficiency

We also design our model in such a way that our clients enjoy the best range of energy efficiency for their exhaust fan and other MEP projects.

Long-Term Value

The exhaust fans we design are meant to last, as we pay meticulous attention to the quality of every component we integrate into the design.

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NYE Exhaust Fan 3D Design


Here at New York Engineers, we design exhaust fan systems in both residential and commercial buildings with realistic 3D computer generated models for projects in and out of Chicago. That way, you’ll be able to see the entire flow of the exhaust fan system inside your building and understand the way it can work to your benefit.

Our computer-aided design and drafting services use sophisticated 3D modeling software like Revit and AutoCAD to produce high-quality 2D and 3D models. We can help you avoid budget overruns that are usually caused by poor collaboration between stakeholders. To avoid such costly coordination errors, NYE is your partner to achieve maximum efficiency. We tackle your exhaust fan project taking into consideration the right MEP system elements and other architectural project components. Our BIM or 2D workflow is smooth and seamless, providing you with 3D data to proceed with your project with minimal errors and maximum productivity. We approach every project in a bespoke manner to ensure that we are delivering exactly what our clients need. If you want a dedicated MEP design team for your crucial exhaust fan project, we are the real deal. We make the creation and editing of the plan consistent and efficient. If you have some additional changes or data introduced during the design stage, our MEP system will instantly take them on including all necessary parameters like diameter, shape, width and height values. With our exhaust fan design services and other MEP design solutions, collaboration with all engineers and staff and visualizing the MEP model becomes quick and easy.

For successful MEP projects, working with New York Engineers is the way to go.


Benefits of a Good Exhaust Fan System

Before anything else, you may be asking yourself how a good exhaust fan system can benefit your home. Well, here are some of the important benefits of a well-designed exhaust fan system:

  • Controls Humidity

First of all, an exhaust fan would control humidity. In that sense, it acts like a normal fan by sucking in the existing humid air and leaving the air to dry and cool off. With that, the humid air is eliminated and you won’t feel too hot in the kitchen. As compared to a regular fan, exhaust fans are way more powerful, so they can really take very humid air from stoves and such.

  •  Decreases Odors

One of the most important benefits of an exhaust system would be controlling the odor. The kitchen and the bathroom are two rooms in any house or unit that ends up with the strongest smell. If you don’t have a ventilation system, you won’t be able to replace the foul smelling air with cleaner air. The exhaust fan acts as the ventilation system that controls moisture in the air and blows new air to the area.

  •  Decreases Contaminants in the Air

Exhaust fans can take away contaminants that are airborne. Bathrooms and kitchens would usually contain molds and mildew due to the moisture found inside. This is especially true for bathrooms because moisture is trapped inside the bathroom with humid air. This is the perfect breeding ground for molds and bacteria. This is somehow also true for kitchens. So as mentioned above, the exhaust fan decreases the humid air in the room. At the same time, it also decreases moisture by sucking wet air and leaving dry air behind. These two aspects would make mold and bacteria hard to grow.

  •  Reduces Smoke and Fumes

Finally, the exhaust fan can reduce the smoke and fans in a kitchen. Since people usually use gas stoves in their kitchen, they would sometimes let off smoke when they cook. The exhaust fan eliminates the smoke allowing you to have better air to breathe in even while you’re cooking.

With all of those benefits mentioned above, you can imagine how big of a problem you’ll face if you don’t have an exhaust fan in the appropriate places of your home. You’ll suffer from foul air, possible molds and bacteria, lingering smoke and fumes from cooking, and strong humidity.

As we do recognize these issues, we want to ensure that your exhaust fan system is perfect for your house. Of course, the perfect system starts first with the perfect design. That is what we strive to provide you with our high-class services.

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NYE Design process


So how exactly can we help you with your exhaust fan system? We believe in a holistic approach to our designs which is why we will make the design based on your existing infrastructure so that we can customize it for your needs. With that, we would also make a 2D or 3D model of your building or unit and incorporate the ideal exhaust fan in it so that you’ll know how the whole flow works.

Just to give you an idea, here is our step by step process to designing your exhaust fans.

  1. We’ll first schedule a date where we can get all the necessary inputs needed from you so that we can customize your exhaust fan as per your needs.
  2. We will list down all the specs needed for the fan and make a proposal of how we plan to design the fan.
  3. After that, we will send our professionals to your site in order to inspect it and get all the necessary measurements.
  4. The professionals will also take a look at the existing exhaust fan system if you have one you need to replace.
  5. With the information given, we’ll come up with an MEP model of the exhaust fan system in the building.
  6. We will let you know the turnaround time and stick to it.
  7. Once the model is finished, we will present it to you for approval.
  8. If there are any changes that you may want to make, we will list those changes and add them to the timetable for editing.

We strive to be as systematic as possible with our approach which is why we can meet the needs of our clients in a swift and efficient manner.


How an Exhaust Fan System Works

By now, you might be wondering just how the whole exhaust fan system works. In order to help you out, it’s important to know how the whole system works so that you may further appreciate our holistic view on exhaust fan design. We’ll explain how it works to you.

Just like other fans, the exhaust fan is also run by a motor that makes the fan’s blade rotate. The motor is run by a strong electric current through your outlet. When the blades start to rotate, the fan will then pull the existing air into its system and push it outside. From there, cooler air will be left in the inside. Once the air inside gets hotter again, the exhaust fan will just repeat the whole process until the room cools up again.

There are two ways that an exhaust fan expels air to the outside. The first way, which is usually applied to small houses or factories, would be to install the exhaust fan on the wall and let one half of it be exposed to the outside. So when the exhaust fan takes in air, it immediately expels it to the outside.

The second way, which is usually used for buildings, condominiums, and offices, would be to connect the exhaust fan to a series of exhaust pipes that lead outside the building. The exhaust pipes would collect the foul odor, smoke, fumes etc. from all the exhaust fans in the building and bring them to fewer exhaust pipes that lead to the top of the building. Once it reaches to the top, the main exhaust pipes would then push out the dirty air outside.

The great thing about exhaust fans these days is that most of them have a thermostat in them. This is extremely helpful because it allows the fan to detect when the area itself is already reaching too high of a temperature. When the room reaches a high temperature, the thermostat will create a signal prompting the fan to try to cool the place.

By understanding how the whole exhaust fan system works, you’ll understand which exhaust fan system is best for you. As mentioned above, there are two methods that you can use. Based on what our professionals see from your home or office, we’ll pick out the best exhaust system method for you and design it the best way we can.

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Realistic 3D Models of Your Exhaust Fan System 


 In order to make a realistic design for your exhaust fan, we make use of an MEP design software. The MEP design software creates MEP designs that simulate the exact same structures with the exact measurements. That is why we would send a surveyor to get all of the measurements necessary. That way, we can make our design as realistic as possible. We make use of both Revit and Autocad for our MEP designs.


What We Take into Consideration When Creating the MEP Design

When we create MEP designs, we don’t only design the exhaust fan itself. We try to replicate your building as well as possible and then add our proposed exhaust fan system design inside.

That’s what we meant by having a holistic approach. Here are the specific things we take into consideration:

  • Energy Usage

As MEP design professionals, we also take this into consideration the energy efficiency of our designs. We want to help you save money by providing you with some of the best solutions that can conserve energy. Our software can enable us to do that and more.

  • Customized Fit

The reason why we want to replicate the design of your home or your office is that we want to customize your exhaust fan to fit it right into your structures. That way, we can assure top quality designs that can fulfill all your specific needs. We can also ensure that all parts and pieces of machinery will fit exactly where you want them to.

  • Protection

Since exhaust fans consume a lot of electricity, there would also be the risk of electrical harms. We also take your safety into consideration by making sure that our exhaust fans only come at the highest standards so that electrical issues can be prevented.

  • Overall Efficiency

Lastly, we take a look at the overall efficiency of the exhaust fan. Being a top quality service provider, we want to ensure long term usage of the exhaust fan for our customers. That’s why we make sure that our designs have only the highest standards. That way, you won’t have to worry about issues that may damage the exhaust fan system in the long run.

With our holistic view of designing exhaust fans, you know that we are out there to help you. We can assure that your exhaust fan project, no matter the scale, is bound to turn out beyond satisfactory.


When It Comes to Exhaust Fan System Designs, Let Us Help You

Our MEP designs allow us to give you the most realistic proposed design for your home or office. With vast experience in handling MEP for both residential and commercial buildings, we definitely know what we are doing.

Behind the services is our professional team of engineers who have worked with various clients in building designs for not only exhaust fan systems but also other MEP related appliances and machinery that buildings may need.

If you’re interested in getting a high-grade exhaust fan system design, you can send us an email or call us in our hotline to schedule a consultation. From there, we will get our specialists to help you with your needs.

As long as you’re looking for high-quality MEP design services, you can definitely count on us. We are known for exceeding our customers’ expectations and we will definitely make sure you get the best experience every time.

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