Building Management System (BMS) Design


BMS is a crucial system whose design has to be handled only by the experts. New York Engineers have mastered BMS designs and more.


We know how to make every part of your BMS all the more efficient. Our knowledge and expertise are what you need.


We also make sure that all components are designed with the best materials to ensure an output that you can enjoy for decades.

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Building Management System (BMS)


Are you in need of creating a building management system or a BMS so that you can easily control all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing functions of your building? If you are, then we at New York Engineers are here for you.

New York Engineers or NYE for short, is a company that designs centralized building management systems for both residential and commercial buildings in various states like New York or Chicago. The BMS will allow you to control all the building functions under one control system making it easier for you to monitor and maintain each aspect of the building. As it is a complex system to create, you need a ready-made design that you can simulate before you start the actual building stage. With our process, you can customize your BMS and visualize the project before the construction phase begins, helping you avoid errors and iterations which means unwanted budget overruns.  

Our clients involve architects, mechanical consultants, building contractors, and just about anyone looking to come up with the most accurate BMS design. We can professionally convert your MEP concept drawings into precise and accurate 2D and 3D CAD designs. Whatever format you have, we can get it covered.


What Our BMS Design Encompasses
  • Heating control

Through the BMS, the building admin can control the heating systems of the entire environment installing sensors to get the optimal temperature of the place.

  • Ventilation control

Ventilation is a very important aspect of buildings. With our design, you’ll be able to get the best ventilation system controlled by one computer allowing you to control the airflow inside the building.

  • Air conditioning system

The air conditioning system that we’ll design for you enables you to monitor the air conditioners throughout the whole building, allowing you to see the condition and usage of each.

  • Building pumps

These would include the water pumps, air pumps etc. in the building. We can create pump designs for optimal efficiency keeping the whole building functioning flawlessly.

  • Alarms

Lastly, we can design alarm systems for safety and precautionary measures. The alarm system allows you to control the security aspects of the building like fire alarms, break in alarms and more.


How We Process Our Designs

With our project handling process, we promise only the best quality output and the most efficient designs that you can get. One of the most common problems with typical building management systems would be faulty designs at the start. This can be costly and frustrating on your end. NYE makes sure none of that happens.

Our process eliminates the need for that kind of inconvenience. From the get-go, we’ll already be able to get all of your customization needs and specs.

With the information you provide us, we’ll give you a very accurate design with precise specs and measurements. Here’s how our process goes:

  • We set up a meeting where we can discuss and brainstorm some of the specifications you need for your BMS.
  • We create a proposal for you incorporating the specs and needs that you have provided.
  • We send over our principal to survey the area and take all the necessary measurements and other key details.
  • Our engineers will process the details and work with you to create a schedule and a set of deadlines.
  • Our engineers will create the design based on the schedule and the budget stated in the design plan.
  • We present the finished design to you for your approval. We take pride in our high approval rate, but in case you need certain changes, we also deal with them promptly and thoroughly.

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Why Choose NY Engineers? 


To put it simply, a good building management system will allow you to keep your building running seamlessly without much need for checking each component every time.

Specifically, here are a few reasons why you should create a good BMS design:

  • Accurate Specs at the Start

As mentioned, our process allows us to create a BMS that has very precise specifications to begin with. This allows us to decrease the number of changes to the design so that you can get your BMS installed faster.

  • Full and Comprehensive Documentation

With our drafting services, you can enjoy full documentation. This will allow you to see the exact figures, calculations, measurements, and details of your design. The documentation is all stored in one database for you to access easily.

  • Cost Efficient Output

We get your budget covered as we deal with the design. Based on your budget and your needs, we will try to shave off as much cost for you as we can.

  • Comprehensive Planning

Our BMS design services help you make detailed planning for the installation. You can visualize the whole scheme before bringing it to life, so you can make informed decisions and necessary changes early on.


Why You Should Get a Good Building Management System

For many years, building management systems have helped building owners control all aspects of their buildings from the cloud. If you don’t have a BMS design for your building yet, here are a few benefits that may convince you to get one right away:

  • Centralized Control

Centralized control allows you to look at all aspects from a bird’s eye view. This allows you to see which building component is working well and which is close to breaking down. By knowing which ones need repair, you can nip the problem at the bud before things go worse.

  • Energy Cost Savings

With a good BMS, it is possible for you to monitor the energy usage of each component. By knowing how much energy each component uses, you can decide which one uses too much and you can work on decreasing usage. That way, you can save energy and save costs too.

  • Real-time Notifications

Building management systems would always have those real-time alerts or notifications allowing you to know right away if there is an urgent repair needed or if there are problems with subsystems that may arise. The real-time alerts serve as an alarm, warning you to fix issues before they get out of hand.

  • Quicker Maintenance

By having a bird’s eye view of the system, you will also know which of the subsystems need maintenance. By planning early maintenance, you can save up on maintenance costs and get the machines in the building running smoother.

  • Cloud Sharing

One of the best things about a BMS is that it stores its information in the cloud. With that, the information is very easy to share with other departments that would need it.

  • Tenant Satisfaction and Safety

Finally, a good BMS keeps your tenants happy because it keeps all the functions in the building running smoothly. Also, it keeps your tenants safe because the BMS can warn you about possible defects in the system that need to be fixed.

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What NY Engineers Has To Offer


With our customer-centric approach, we believe we can stand out among many other MEP design companies because we can serve you in the best way possible.

Here are some of the things that make us different from our competitors:

  • Flawless Process

We’ve already mentioned how our process works. With this process, we are able to streamline the tasks giving us ample time to work on each step so that we can provide you with a fast and quality output.

  • Standard Software

Here at NYE, we only choose to use the best software for the creation of our MEP designs. We make use of Autocad and Revit because they have the most comprehensive set of MEP tools that can create very detailed outputs. With these tools at our disposal, we can further ensure the caliber of our designs.

  • Certified Team of Experts

Our team is only made out of the best and most qualified experts on the field. When we take in an engineer to be a part of our team, we thoroughly screen him or her to ensure the right credentials and experience. We make sure that all our engineers are certified and have vast experience in the field. Our great team is what drives our company forward in giving quality service to our clientele.

  • Customer Service

In order to properly serve our customers, we train all of our employees in customer service. We have a customer service team that addresses all our client's concerns and answers all our customer’s queries. We want to be able to accommodate all your requests during the design stage and offer you the best level of support you deserve.

  • Increased Productivity

We believe that increased productivity is the key to ensuring consistent progress. Due to our streamlined process, you can expect not to have too many meetings or consultations. All you have to do is give us what you need at the onset, and we’ll start working on it right away.

  • No Delays

When we set a deadline to follow, we mean it. We treasure the time of our customer’s which is why we strive to have 0% delays with projects. Should there be any delays, we would inform our customers beforehand so that we can manage their expectations accordingly.

  • Overall High Quality

Overall, we can promise you a high-quality output. With our streamlined task process, our state of the art software, our team of certified professionals, and our culture of servitude, we aim to provide outputs with zero changes. That is how dedicated we are to serving our customers.


The Partner That You Can Trust

Here at NYE, we want to be the partner that you can rely on. No matter what city you’re from, whether you’re from New York or Chicago, we want to be there for your MEP design needs. As long as you need MEP design services for mechanical, plumbing, electrical, engineering, and construction projects, then we’re here for you. We can cover these aspects with our very holistic approach. With a team of experts at our helm, we are ready to serve you anytime you need our expertise.

Aside from building management systems MEP design, we also have other services that you may want to avail of. To know more, you may check out our Services page and check a list of design services that we do. We also do customized MEP design services should you need.

To set up an appointment or ask a question, you may call us at our hotline or send us an email. We will get a representative to address your concerns right away.

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