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We deliver detailed and accurate water side economizer design using the best tools and done by the best specialists.

Energy  Efficiency

Efficiency is key when installing new water side economizers, and our design covers that and more.

Long-term Value

Your investment can last a lifetime as we make sure that our water side economizer elements are highly durable.

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Water Side Economizer 3D Design

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Water side economizers are an integral addition to any building that uses air or water chillers as its cooling system. Unlike its traditional counterpart, water side economizers are much more efficient and cost-effective. Thus, more and more establishments are incorporating this to their buildings. Water side economizers have a lot of benefits, and whatever your reasons are for installing one, you certainly need a design to ensure smooth execution.

New York Engineers is reliable MEP engineering designs provider in the Chicago area, we have all the designs that you can think of – electrical, fire systems, mechanical, plumbing, and the like. Here, we’ll aid you in creating a detailed and clear water side economizer that would perfectly complement your commercial areas, offices spaces, and more. At New York Engineers, we can help you come up with the best and the most comprehensive wide side economizer design to get your project started.


Why Install a Water Side Economizer?

As mentioned above, water side economizers work as a cooling system. It acts just like the traditional cooling system. The only difference is that its chiller’s running time is significantly reduced. A water side economizer will be able to provide you with cool air granting that the air outside is acceptable temperature-wise. It’s also considerably cheaper and much more efficient, thus allowing you to save more.


How to Maximize Your Water Side Economizer?

Here at New York Engineers, we can help you maximize your water side economizer. We encourage you to place your water side economizers inside buildings with:

  • Space or process cooling loads nearby. All-year-round cooling is needed by a lot of commercial infrastructures, so it’s better if you’re close to one.
  • A ductwork capacity or an insufficient chase. This will help get sufficient air from the outside.
  • Decoupled ventilation and space conditioning.
  • A favorable weather environment that best fits a water side economizer’s engine.

With our thoroughly done Water Side Economizer design, we can guarantee that you can secure the right water side economizer that is best for your setting.

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Our Water Side Economizer 3D Design Services

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Designing your water side economizer is the foundation to ensure that the whole project runs in a fast, efficient, and productive way. We’re an expert team of technical designers, so you can definitely rely on our years of MEP design experience. In addition, we use the latest software when it comes to creating these detailed blueprints. Our BIM-ready product models help you reduce risks and improve the flow of your water side economizer project. All of the people involved in the project are sure to understand, visualize, and explore our design to make better project-related decisions, secure precise documentation, obtain thorough budget estimation, and enjoy productivity and smooth operations throughout the course of the project.

We make the most of powerful tools like the CAD software– it’s flexible, easy to use, and even has a lot of time-saving toolsets and mobile and web apps that make everything simpler, more convenient, and ultimately faster.

How It Works ?

We are always ready to be of service anytime you need a water side economizer 3D design. We generally follow the steps below and ensure that our clients get the best experience each time:

Step 1: Contact us so that we can have a gist of your project. You can see our contact details on our contact us page. There, you’ll be connected to our customer support team.

Step 2: After the initial discussion, we will visit your site. A general inspection is required so that we can fully gauge the area to be able to create a consistent design for your building. We will ask you for some measurements and other necessary information before starting the designing process.

Step 3: Once all the needed details are gathered, we will begin our designing process. We will make the design according to your preferences. Our engineers will craft the design with the right MEP design tools in place. Your water side economizer will be delivered to you in one database file for easier access.

Step 4: This is where we collaborate with you again to see if we’re on the same page with the design. Here, certain alternations may be done.

Step 5: After all the revisions, we will send the finalized design to you. We strive to deliver without errors or delay. We understand that we operate in an arena where everything has to be fast-paced. Any delay could mean wasted time and resources on your end, and we make sure that none of that happens. Customer satisfaction is always our goal.

With our water side economizer, you’ll surely save more and have an efficient chiller in your building. With this, you can now have a pleasant environment that promotes productivity with the same cool air but with a different cooling mechanism – one that is much more environmentally friendly.

As the traditional chiller operates by taking the heat from the liquids in its chamber with the use of a vapor compressor or a refrigeration type of absorption cycle, the gathered liquid will then be sent to a heat exchanger in order to provide cool air. This method, while effective, is not viable when you want to save energy. Thus, shifting to water side economizer is a sensible choice. It provides the same cold air, but it’s much more enhanced with the help of the cooler air outside.

While water side economizers are beneficial, helping clients remains to be our core goal. Thus, we give honest advice on whether this system is really viable for your setup or not. This is because there are only certain conditions wherein this cooling system works much more effectively. For example, it’s ideal to have this setup in buildings that are situated in an area where the wet bulb temperature is under 55 degrees Fahrenheit and should at least be like this for 3,000 hours per year. In short, almost all areas in the US are qualified except for areas that are located southwest and in some southeastern parts. Also, the area or the building should have enough physical space because water side economizers come with a lot of valves, controls, pipes, and other important parts.

As we prepare and do an initial inspection of your area, we’ll assess your conditions accordingly and use our knowledge and expertise in giving you the most practical advice and cost-effective solution. As much as possible, we will do our best to customize and design your water side economizer according to its surroundings. We at New York Engineers will ensure you that, and because we’re adept in designing, we’re sure that we’ll be able to provide you with a blueprint that would help you to smoothly and efficiently construct your water side economizer and keep unwanted errors and delays at bay.


Reasons to Design Your Water Side Economizer

Setting up your water side economizer without the right design is one of the biggest mistakes builders make. It will just end up costlier if there are unwanted errors or delays due to inaccurate planning.

With our detailed and organized designs, expect the following perks:

  • A team of experts got your covered, so you can expect only the best design for your water side economizer.
  • Ensure an organized process and a successful outcome with our precise and detailed design.
  • Your construction process will be seamless, and collaboration among workers will be made easier.
  • Your outcome will be accurate, so you’re not going to waste time and construction materials due to errors.
  • You can stick to your budget better.
  • Your planning and preparation are faster and straight to the point.


We know that construction is a costly and time-consuming project. That’s why we’d love to make this simpler for you. With our designing team to back you up, you’re less likely to make errors, thus speeding up the construction process and giving you peace of mind.

Plus, this a secure design will give you clarity when preparing the necessary and brainstorming for success. So, we’d be more than happy to guide you with this process and exert our best efforts to make it all worth it.

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When it comes to providing a structured and detailed design in terms of engineering mechanism, particularly with your water side economizer, we at New York Engineers are confident in our services, and we are confident to say that we can get you covered.

  • Certified Designers

You are in the right hands as our team is composed of seasoned experts in the field. We are a team of seasoned engineers that are not only adept in creating visuals but are also knowledgeable when it comes to the engineering field. That’s why making these designs are already second nature to us. Despite this, we also don’t stop learning and updating our ways so that we can keep up with the trends and use the latest technology, software, and tools when it comes to MEP design.

  • Trusted Resources and Facilities for 3D Modeling

Because we only want what’s best for our clients, we make sure that we’re only providing them with the most trusted resources and facilities at present. We’re constantly on the lookout for any upgrades that would make us even more competitive in the field.

  • Seamless and Fast Procedures

We’ve been in the business for quite some time now, so we know how to do things in a quick and efficient way. We understand that in order to make clients’ experiences better, we need to take care of our internal procedures and ensure that they’re as smooth and streamlined as possible.

  • Reasonable Timeframe

As our facilities are complete with all the necessary tools and resources for MEP engineering designs, projects are delivered quickly within a realistic timeframe. We understand that time is important in construction, so we do our best to quickly get things done. We’re a flexible team, so we can easily adapt to the demands of our valued clientele.

  • Reasonable Rates

Our rates are reasonable, so if you’re tight in budget, we’re the right team for you. We’re into optimization and our system is following cost-cutting measures. This makes us one of the most sought-after teams in the Chicago area.

  • Customized Design on Budget

If you have a specified budget in mind, we can always offer customized designs for you. We are a flexible team, so we’re open to creating particular designs that would fit your budget while still upholding the integrity of the design we deliver.

  • Fewer Errors

Designs are made to keep errors at bay. Thus, at New York Engineers, we make it sure that our designs are according to your requirements. We pay great attention to detail, so rest assured that we leave no stone unturned. In this way, the construction process will be smooth without errors.

  • More Productivity 

Preparation is key when you want a productive construction process. New York Engineers are keen on promoting productivity. This is why we carefully plan out the blueprint first before sending the design your way. Because everything is laid out for you, you don’t have to think about planning and close monitoring anymore, thus promoting better productivity.

  • Great Customer Service

Here at New York Engineers, we don’t only have a great team of designers but also a knowledgeable and friendly team of customer services representatives. If you have questions, concerns, and suggestions, you can always rely on our customer care advocates. You can see our contact details in the contact us page.


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Whatever engineering projects you have at the moment, we at New York Enginners will extend our help the best way we can. You can rely on us to create credible designs anytime. Here, we have a wide variety of services under the construction category, so if you have an upcoming MEP project in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always open and ready to offer you our construction and engineering services without complications and delay.

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