Water Source Heat Pump


MEP design radiates precision with the right software in place. Expect utmost accuracy with our expert water source heat pump designs.


When it comes to water source heat pumps and other MEP projects, energy-efficient design is a necessity and NYE covers just that.


The structures you get are sure to last, and we make sure to deliver the most durable results. Longevity is a priority above all else.

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Water Source Heat Pump Design


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If you’re bothered by the impact of your heating system environmentally, or if you’re using electric or gas heating systems and is troubled by the high energy bills, or if you’re looking to maximize water source heat pump for your whole building, then New York Engineers could be of great help to design your water source heat pump with utter expertise.

We serve both residential and commercial spaces inside and outside Chicago. We are a reliable team of MEP engineering designers and can deliver certified electrical, mechanical, and plumbing mechanisms and systems for your buildings. Through our concepts, your desired projects will come to life. With our engineering experience and our latest MEP tools, resources, and software, we can help you with your water source heat pump.

If you’re in need of a reliable water source heat pump, then start your process with a blueprint from New York Engineers. 


NYE Water source heat pump design

Our water source heat pump design will help you streamline your design and documentation workflow and maximize productivity. With the latest technology and the most experienced team backing us up, we’ll bring your ideas into life. Before the actual construction, we make it easier for you to modify your model so that we can both avoid wasting time, money, and resources down the road. 

We can extend our help when it comes to building performance analysis, parametric components, construction documentation, and many more. Bringing the optimum results for your water source heat pump project is the goal of our certified design engineering professionals. We keep in mind our clients’ needs, structural factors, commercial aspects, sustainability needs, architectural designs, and others. We pay attention and support the clients’ concept, design development, construction stages, and their schematic requirements. We are also meticulous with the details and client requirements and use country-specific and service-specific software tools for a perfect and seamless design.

To save time, cost, and energy, say goodbye to manual recalibration and rely on our models. Enjoy all of these benefits and reduce the risks of errors with our help. For the crucial detailed design stage of your project, NYE is your partner. Together, let us come up with the best 3D modelling of your water source heat pump project. 

Ineffective or faulty exchange of information between the design software systems are usually the cause of complications involving the water source heat pump and other MEP projects, and these complications have led to a loss of billions of dollars in the US, alone. Thus, it is important to partner with the right people-- the right experts who can ensure accurate software calculations and designs. While upholding the highest level of quality, our designers who are authorized and skilled can help you complete your project on budget and on time. We can work on the accurate and prompt delivery of your water source heat pump projects, together.


Why Design Water source heat pump?

To put it simply, a water source heat pump is much like a traditional air source heat pump the only difference is that it dissipates and extracts heat by water instead of air. And that this is not usually a home comfort system, but for those who live close to a lake, a well or other natural water source, this surely is the way to go.

We can come up with a BIM-ready product model for engineering customers and other business needs. Reducing risks and improving the project delivery are enabled when you choose to work with us. We use industry-specific toolset for MEP.

Why should you install this design? With a well-done water source heat pump design, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • It is adaptable
  • Better design decision-making
  • Accurate documentation
  • Cost-efficient
  • Detailed planning and operations
  • Perfect performance

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Why choose water source heat pump?


Our water source heat pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications and provide an engineered solution for today’s energy conservation and environmental standards. A water source heat pump is a low-maintenance central heating system, efficient, and semi-renewable. Here’s a list of why you should choose water source heat pump:

Less noise- since heat is transferred using the heat exchanger right into a pipe that’s carrying the water the whole operation is made much quieter.

Smaller system footprint- since the heat is only transferred using a heat exchanger into a pipe carrying water, it’s more efficient than air at carrying away the heat 

Efficient and small in size- the forced convection heat transfer coefficient on the water side is higher than those who has air side heat transfer, this makes the equipment even more efficient and also smaller in size

Less ductwork- since the units could be hidden away from the occupied spaces in the mechanical rooms and placing them in ceilings leads to less ductwork

Minimize fan-energy consumption- a good overall system design will minimize fan-energy usage, and it could be among the biggest energy components of any air conditioning system

Efficient at heating- water source heat pumps are more efficient at heating as compared to packaged furnace air conditioners since it uses a heat source and heat compression to extract heat 

Simultaneous cooling and heating- The system is designed in such a manner that it would be possible to access both the heating and cooling capabilities at the same time.

These water source heat pumps are extremely efficient. This means that it would ultimately reduce your energy consumption without any performance deterioration and consequently be a big help to the environment. To make the most of your water source heat pump, it is crucial that your design and conceptualization are on point. And with New York Engineers, you have absolutely nothing to worry about as you can make sure that your water source heat pump is well covered.


NYE Design Process

Though heat pumps are generally easy to install and have this fairly straightforward mechanism, complications can still occur during the construction process. And as heat pumps are crucial additions to any building, it must be installed with attention to detail. Here’s a guide on how you can decrease the chances of committing errors and the things you need to know about how we make sure that doesn’t happen:

  • Initial planning- Here, the entirety of the project will be discussed, which includes the building, the materials in the construction, the budget and other matters. Collaboration is a must so that we’ll know your preferences and requirements.
  • Site Visit- After discussing all the important details, a team will be sent to do a general inspection. This is done to have an idea of the location and you’ll be asked some questions like the building’s measurements and what materials you’re planning to use for the construction.

This is to make sure that we have all the necessary information before starting the designing process. You are encouraged to prepare all the necessary details, documents, and information before we arrive to finish things faster.

  • Designing Process- The designers who are experienced in designing water source heat pump will all be gathered, then your project requirement and instructions will be explained. All the data that we have will be discussed so that the team will be able to fully grasp the concept of the project.

Once the team is ready, designing will start, the team uses only the most reliable and updated software and tools, so we’re sure to bring the best designs from the best MEP designers in Chicago and beyond.

  • Design Finalization- The final design will be sent to you. Our designs are usually approved quickly and this is mainly because we Do the work in a meticulous and careful manner.

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Why Choose NY Engineers


We, at New York Engineers, have the best and the most detailed designs and structured processes in the Chicago area. Our MEP engineering designs significantly reduce costs, boost your building’s performance, and optimize energy efficiency. With NYE, your water source heat pump design is in the right hands, with our long years of experience in the industry. We ensure you that we offer the following and more:

  • Foolproof Design Procedure- All the factors that need consideration- accurate calculations, heat loss, air quantities, heating and cooling loads, heating and air conditioning energy and many other technical complexities, are taken care of on our design procedure to make sure to have a foolproof project. 
  • Standard Software and Tools- Our tools make our job easy and accurate-- they do automatic sizing, generation of bills of quantity, easy coordination, cross-referencing and balancing; even specifications for your safety and control systems are covered.
  • Fewer Errors- Our blueprints are downright accurate because we’re making our designs only from advanced tools and software products. Our design gives you not only an effective heat pump but also a less costly and safer one.
  • Amazing Customer Support- Our customer support team is as good as our engineers and designers in terms of support. All your concerns, questions and suggestions will be entertained in a friendly and structured way.
  • Quick Procedures- We follow a strict and structured process so all the processes are done faster. Time is our best asset; that’s why we make sure to polish our standard procedures to have faster processes and make the project completion easy.
  • Reasonable Pricing- We try our best to provide our customers with the best quality project and offer maximum value every time. We offer reasonable pricing to our valued clients, optimizing our internal setup and doing cost-cutting measure in our system.
  • Fast Turnaround- Delays could mean budget overruns in the construction industry which is a fast-paced sector. That is why we aim to deliver high-quality design projects faster than anyone in the field. NYE always does its best to be flexible and agile, by making sure that we follow efficient and foolproof processes and by improving our internal systems.
  • Certified Specialists- We always focus on quality and efficiency; NYE is equipped with an expert team of experienced and trained engineers. Every NYE advocate is up to date with the latest trends in the industry because for us, knowledge and skills are power and we make sure to constantly improve our services to your satisfaction.
  • Labor warranty- This is a satisfaction guarantee and is a sign of our confidence in what we offer. Using standard process and high-quality software tools, we design water source heat pumps and many others in a professional and reliable manner. With New York Engineers, you are in good hands.


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We’re proud to let you know that our team consists of sought-after engineers and designers which makes us a specialized MEP design group you can trust.

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