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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner Design

Advantages of Window Air Conditioners

PTACs or package terminal air conditioners are some of the most used air conditioners in the market today. They are self-contained and are commercial grade, making them convenient single units that you can install in a lot of buildings – whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

If you’re planning to install one in your building, then having these compact yet reliable air conditioning units in your building will not only efficiently regulate the temperature in the room but would also help conserve energy, which makes this unit eco-friendly. However, you definitely need to conceptualize its design first in order to install one successfully. We listen to your requirements and do what we can to meet them. If you need quiet PTAC operation, we can integrate the best sound reduction technology into the design. If you have specific cooling needs, we can also cover whatever you have in mind. We offer detailed ventilation and air conditioning design drawings that are efficient and cost-effective. Allow us to make your building comfortable and productive by taking care of the best PTAC design for maximum convenience. Whatever kind of air conditioning and ventilation system you’re going for, we got you covered.

Fortunately, we at New York Engineers can take care of the design for you. We provide seamless MEP designs not only in New York but in other big cities too like Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Together, let us make your project ideas come to life!  


Why Add a PTAC System in your Building?

A PTAC system in your building can regulate the room’s temperature efficiently as its compressor is designed to handle both the cooling and heating processes. When cooling, the compressor adds a refrigerant so that its coils will be cooled, thus attracting the humidity and heat around, which is then exhausted outside. When heating, the compressor reverses the process. This means that the coils are heated this time, which then creates heated air. Though larger than the typical air conditioners (through-the-wall-types), the PTAC is widely used in a lot of buildings like hotels, hospitals, and even residential buildings. The PTAC is flexible, so it’s really suitable to use in almost all types of structures.

For those who want a PTAC soon, do note that there are certain factors that you need to consider – the BTUs and Plug type. The BTUs or British Thermal Units is used as the PTACs units of power. This means that you’ll need more BTUs if you’re cooling a larger area. So, it’s crucial that you buy the right size. It’s really not necessary to install a PTAC with great BTUs when you have a small area as it does not promote efficiency. The Plug type, on the other hand, should also be considered. This comes with two parts – the amperage and voltage. Generally, the rule is that you must have a higher amperage to have a greater heating capacity. The PTAC can either be plugged and connected to the building’s wiring or a receptacle.

At New York Engineers, we’ll take care of the nitty-gritty details, so allow us to work on your project so that you’ll have nothing to think about anymore. We’ll just ask you the basics and we’ll do the rest for you. If you happen to be in need of a PTAC installed in your building, we at New York Engineers will gladly help by providing you with a reliable design that you can use as your accurate guide during your PTACs construction.  With a PTAC design in place, there will be fewer mistakes and rework, promoting maximum productivity and efficiency for the whole team.


Benefits of Installing a PTAC in your Building

There are already a lot of people switching to PTACs. After all, they come with several advantages, and here’s the rundown:

  • Cooling and Heating Feature

Now, you can already cool and heat a room by using a PTAC. Its compressor is designed to regulate the temperature efficiently. Its ability to reverse the cooling cycle definitely makes it a convenient and great investment.

  • Energy Efficient

The more air conditioning units upgraded, the greater the energy efficiency provided. This goes for the PTAC too as it’s a newer version than the window units. This makes them less costly than the older air conditioning units.

  • Simple to Maintain

Maintenance is not so complicated with the PTAC unit. The filter is designed in a way that removing and cleaning it is easy, simple, and fast.

  • Smart Controls

As we’re all about creating smart technology nowadays, the PTAC unit is also already designed to do just that. Plus, its built-in electronic temperature feature avoids excessive usage of electricity.

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NYE PTAC MEP Design Services

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If you want an accurate design that you can rely on, we at New York Engineers can provide you just that. We use the latest MEP software to make your designs, so you’re sure that everything that we make is thoroughly and expertly done.

Here’s our standardized process at New York Engineers:

Step 1: Consultation

First, we do a consultation. Here, we’re going to discuss the details of the project with you and settle on a budget and timeframe. This is an essential step as we’re going to take note of your required details for the project.

Step 2: Site Visit

Once we’re done with the consultation process, we’re going to schedule a site visit. We will send over our team to inspect and measure the area. This second process will allow us to actually see your building, thus helping us create an accurate output for you.

Step 3: Designing Process

Now that we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we can now start with the designing process. We will use our reliable MEP software and pick a suitable team to work on this project. We will also keep you updated throughout the design stage.

Step 4: Feedback

We will then send over the design once done. Here, we are open to any changes and would happily edit the design as per your requirements.

Step 5: Final Output Delivery

After making the needed alternations, if there are any, we will send over the final output. We make sure to deliver designs on or before the agreed deadline.


Our MEP designs can be acquired in a quick, organized, and simple manner. So, for those who want to install a PTAC system in their building soon, we can do the job right away. Our design engineers are ready to lay it all out for you. We have helped commercial complexes, factories, residential sectors, banks, software companies, theatres, and supermarkets in town. We can make just about any PTAC project possible whatever sector you’re in and whatever the size and complexity of the project.


Why Should You Design Your PTAC System?

Not having a design beforehand is one of the costliest mistakes you can make. Having a design for your PTAC system enables you to achieve the following:

  • Fast Decisions – Having a design would allow you to decide faster since you already have a concrete plan, making the execution smooth and easy.
  • Fast Performance – A design will guarantee fast performance. As everything is narrowed down, you don’t have to make any unnecessary turns during the construction process. If there are necessary modifications, you can edit the model in real time, eliminating the need to manually draft the plan from scratch.
  • Organized Process – Because a PTAC design has all the information that you need, you’re going to have everything processed in an organized manner.  
  • Accurate Cost Estimation – You can have an accurate cost estimation with a design with you. You can meet your budget well and minimize budget overruns due to construction mistakes.
  • Clean Operation – You will have lesser errors, thus having a clean and smooth operation. A design will give you a higher chance of achieving an error-free PTAC installation.

Don’t make the same huge mistake that can cost you a lot of wasted money, effort, and resources. Get in touch with us and ensure smooth progress from start to finish.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


At New York Engineers, we’ve collaborated with countless of clients far and wide. Our clients are from all over the world, and they trust us in providing their MEP design needs. Rest assured that you’re in good hands. Working with us will not only give you the PTAC design you’ve been looking for, but you would also enjoy superb customer service. As we’re an experienced team, we’re surely going to handle your projects with diligence and expertise, and here are the reasons why:

  • Latest MEP Design Technology

At New York Engineers, we only use the latest MEP design technology to create our designs. This is to ensure that all of our outputs are created with accuracy, precision, and attention to detail. Plus, creating the designs are now much more convenient, quicker, and simpler, thus saving both our time.

  • Organized and Smooth Design Process

We follow a thorough step-by-step process so that the whole procedure is organized well. Because we want to eliminate any hassle, we arrange our transactions in a clean manner, allowing you to smoothly glide throughout the construction period. We at New York Engineers value your time, so we want to work on your project as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

  • Professional Services

We’ve trained all of our team members to handle each project with professionalism. Thus, at New York Engineers, expect to receive professionalism and expertise from start to finish.

  • Accurate Design and Output

Because we have the best facilities and tools and software in creating our designs, we at New York Engineers will give you an accurate design and overall output. In this way, you can install your PTAC unit without any disruptions. Our designs are complete and clear, so you can totally depend on this until your project’s successful completion.

  • Affordable Rates

We have the best rates not only in New York but in other cities like Chicago as well. Our rates are reasonable without compromising the quality of our designs. We’re aware that PTAC units are in demand nowadays, so we do our best to provide the market with affordable deals to stay competitive and to help meet clients’ budget better.

  • Quick Turnaround

We have a quick turnaround at New York Engineers. We do our best to submit every output as quickly as we can without affecting the quality. Our tools enable us to do our job with both speed and accuracy.

  • Knowledgeable and Certified Team

We are proud of our team at New York Engineers. Our team of researchers, engineers, and designers are not only certified, but they’re also very experienced in their work. We encourage all of our members to keep on researching and widening their knowledge so that we can better our services and provide nothing but the best to our clients.


The MEP Design Experts – New York Engineers

For your engineering and construction design needs, we at New York Engineers will provide you with the best designs in the market today. We don’t only have designs made from reliable tools, software, and technology but also a professional and credible team to work with you. Plus, we have reasonable rates that can help you enjoy great quality at competitive pricing. With our designs to back you up, you’re surely going to have a smooth construction process for your PTAC unit. So, contact now so that we can start with the consultation. We’d be happy to hear from you and start working.

Whatever it may be, whether it’s an electric, mechanical, engineering, plumbing, or construction design, we can certainly work on it with ease at New York Engineers. From start to finish, we’ll assist you all the way!

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