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NYE packaged air conditioner design


Energy-Efficient Ventilation Systems

Are you using air conditioning systems and are troubled by high energy bills? Are the split and window air conditioners too small for you since you want to cool more than two rooms or a larger space at your home or office? Let New York Engineers help you with the conceptualization and the design of your packaged air conditioner project. Packaged air conditioner can be used for both residential and commercial spaces inside and outside Chicago.

 With the best tools and MEP design requirements, we can help you with your packaged air conditioner design. We are proud to let you experience our expertise in designing mechanical, plumbing mechanisms and systems, and electrical systems in your building. We are a flexible team of individuals that have detailed, simple, and easy to complement requirement designs. 

Using our advanced MEP resources, tools and software, we at New York Engineers will make concise and certified design for your projects. Let us make all your desired projects come to life. Start your design process with us today.

NYE packaged air conditioner design

Packaged air conditioners are a good addition to any building if it works without complications. We at New York Engineers design and document even the most complex building systems in no time using the right MEP software solutions. We always proceed with a precise set of procedures in every project we do, and here are the steps:

Step 1: Initial Planning

We make sure that your ideas are taken into account every step of the way. The entirety of the project will be discussed, which includes the materials included in the construction, the budget, and the building. We will listen to your needs and bring you intelligent models that will represent your ideal structure and goals. 

Step 2: Site Visit

In this process, we will discuss the very important details, and we will send our team to do a general inspection. You will be asked about what materials you are going to use for the construction and even the building’s measurements. We will make sure to leave no stone unturned.

Step 3: Design Process

To create a detailed MEP model for your packaged air conditioner project, our engineers will use all the information gathered. 

We at NYE only use the most reliable and updated tools and software so we’re sure to produce top-notch designs from the best MEP designers in Chicago.

Step 4: Team Collaboration

Team collaboration will be done once we have finished designing the initial blueprint. To make certain adjustments we may call you to discuss the output or we may visit your site again. This is to make sure that any errors are eliminated and we can have an easy way to simulate the actual project beforehand.

Step 5: Design Finalization

Since this is the final step in the designing process, we’ll send the final design to you. We always deliver the model in a way that improves adherence to the costing and deadlines and project performance. Our designs have high approval rate and are usually approved quickly. 

Our designs always help our client maximize the productivity and documentation workflow and streamline your design. We, at NYE, can help you come up with construction documentation, performance analysis and parametric components, and many others.

We have our certified designers and design engineering professionals and are ready to maximize their expertise and experience to bring the best results for your packaged air conditioner project. We always remember the clients’ sustainability needs, architectural design, commercial aspects, structural factors and many more. We give our support to our clients through helping them in their concepts, design development, construction stages and schematics. 

Manual recalibration will no longer be needed, you just need to put your trust on our models and save your energy, time, and money. All of these while promoting faster and more accurate completion and even reducing the risk of repetitive errors. Together let’s go through the crucial and detailed design stage of your project and let’s come up with a 3D modelling of your packaged air conditioner. Rest easy and expect precision and accuracy.

The ineffective and faulty exchange of information and conversations between the design software systems are usually the reason why there are complications on packaged air conditioners and other MEP projects. Because of this, billions of dollars have been wasted; that’s why it is important to partner with the right experts who are confident enough in their work and can guarantee accurate calculations and software designs. We, at NYE, together with you can work together for a precise and accurate delivery of your packaged air conditioner.

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Why Design Packaged Air Conditioner?


A packaged air conditioner is used for cooling capacities between the two extremes-split and window air conditioners for small areas and central AC systems. Now, the question is why do you need to design a packaged air conditioner? Here are the following reasons as to why:

  • You’ll have thorough planning and operations
  • Better design decision-making
  • Flawless performance
  • Accurate documentation
  • Proper cost estimation

Reducing risks and improving project delivery follow when you design your project. To help you deliver a buildable product, we make everything accurate. To ensure a smooth and successful project every time, our industry-specific toolset for MEP is what you need.


Types of Packaged Air Conditioner that We Cater

Packaged air conditioners generally are used for both commercial and residential purposes. You can find it in hotels and other business properties or even homes that don’t offer space options for split systems. As what the name suggests, the components of the AC are inside a single casing such as window AC. 

The package unit has two possible arrangements. The first possible arrangement is that all the components-compressor, condenser (which can be water cooled or air cooled) are in a single box and the cool air is thrown by the high capacity blower that flows through the ducts that are laid out in different rooms. 

Packaged air conditioners have two types depending on what type of cooling system is used- ones with air cooled condenser or the other with water cooled condenser. The systems are described below:

  • Packaged Air Conditioners with Air Cooled Condenser- The condenser of the refrigeration system gets cooled by the atmospheric air in this package. An outdoor unit is present which comprises the compressor, condenser, and sometimes even the expansion valve. This type of packaged air conditioner is usually more commonly used than the other given that air is freely available while it is hard to maintain a continuous flow of water. And with NYE, we can make your ideas and design come to life.
  • Packaged Air Conditioners with Water Cooled Condenser-  To maintain a working air conditioning system, water has to be supplied continuously. This package looks like a box with its control panel located outside.

All components of the AC are to be assembled right at the factory site. It could be transported and installed conveniently on the plane surface. The high quality of the package unit is guaranteed since all the components have been assembled at the factory. And here at NYE, we’ll make sure to offer what works best for you.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


We have the most structured processes and are the best in detailed design in all of Chicago. We offer MEP engineering designs that are low on budget, energy-efficient and boosts the building’s general performance. With us, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got you all covered. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose NYE:

  • Custom Design on Budget- We make sure that mistakes are at bay in the designs that we develop. And though we develop designs that are customized for your budget and needs, we don’t forget about focusing on the quality and standards of the structure.
  • Quick Procedures- We can and are willing to adjust and talk to you to determine a reasonable start and finish date of the project. All of our processes are done quicker because everything that we do follows a strict and structured process. Time is valued dearly for us and knowing that construction is not a simple process to do, especially when it is a big project, we make sure to polish and perfect our standard procedure to make your project completion free from worries and promote faster processes.
  • Knowledgeable Team- We, at NYE, is not only made up of a group of technicians but we are also made up of certified researchers and knowledgeable engineers. The team members are constantly trained so rest assured that they are up to date with the latest trends in the industry. We focus on quality and efficiency and ensure that we always make ourselves better to also constantly improve our services for all of our clients to be satisfied.
  • Foolproof Design Procedure- All the factors are considered in our design procedure- air quantities, heating and cooling loads, accurate calculations and may other technical complexities that are needed to ensure a perfect project. We make sure to cover your required MEP components by taking care of your detailed design.
  • Latest Software and tools- Since we are very interested in learning more about the tools, software and resources to better our services, rest assured that we will create our designs using the most updated methods. Aside from using different software like CAD or Multidisciplinary BIM, we’re always looking for better resources and tools available.
  • Reasonable prices- When it comes to MEP engineering designs, NYE offers one of the most reasonably priced deals. We’d always be happy to give you a customized design that would fit your budget and needs. 
  • Labor Warranty- This is a satisfaction guarantee and a proof to our clients that we have confidence in what we do. Everything we do, especially in package air conditioners, are done in a reliable and professional manner, using the high-quality software tools and standard processes. 

We are Your Best MEP Partner, We’ve Got Your Back

We, at New York Engineer, are ready to give you the cleanest and detailed design of whatever engineering project you have in mind- for this case, a packaged air conditioner. We’re ready to serve you anytime you need help even with other services like electrical, plumbing, engineering, construction sector and mechanical. Our teams consist of certified designers and engineers who are confident to cover the whole project the best way possible. Because of this, we are known as a specialized MEP design group that is trusted in the Chicago area.

If you want a design for your packaged air conditioner, just call us right away. Our customer support is always ready and we’ll get into action immediately. After all, we’re known as your one-stop design shop who will take care of your MEP, engineering, and construction needs.

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