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What Is A Building Automation System?


Here at New York Engineers, we are an adept group that makes BAS Design and other MEP designs no matter the size and the scale. A building automation system involves adding multiple components inside a building. One can add air conditioning units, heating, lighting, security, and ventilation systems inside. We at New York Engineers can do all of these. We can create an overall design and a blueprint for each component too. If you have something to add or customize, we’re open to any suggestions too.

The goal of a BAS is to considerably enhance a building’s efficiency. BAS is also an excellent project that promotes safety as you’re able to keep track of all systems in an orderly manner.


Building Automation System Design

In every building, the bigger and more complex the system, the more it’s necessary for you to have a building automation system installed. This term is not very commonly known, but for engineers and construction workers, this is a common yet intricate project that’s incorporated in a building for it to have added functions that would significantly improve the building’s operation.

Having one in your building can definitely be advantageous. However, a project this big should be planned thoroughly first before starting construction. To make planning easier, designing your building automation system or BAS is a must.

This is where we step into the limelight and assist you with the design of your BAS project. We at New York Engineers is one of the leading MEP design providers not only in New York but also in other neighboring cities like Chicago.

We can take care of the conceptual sketches, technical illustrations, architectural drawings, informative graphics, product specifications, and electrical drawings of your building automation system. We prepare designs and construction drawings with thorough analysis and understand all the protocols in terms of building automation system design. NYE can help you come up with a solid visual presence to improve the efficiency of the management and maintenance of your building facilities. With a 3D model of your building automation system, your staff can quickly respond should there be temperature issues, locate malfunctioning AC units faster, check which units are offline, and easily oversee all of the zones in the building. From construction to maintenance, a BAS design can make all the difference.

We take care of the following and more:

  • Temperature Control
  • Digital Control
  • Building Automation
  • Humidity Control
  • Energy Management
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Gas Detection and Monitoring
  • Variable Speed Pumping
  • Energy Use Monitoring
  • Power Quality
  • Access Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Wireless Controls
  • HVAC / Refrigeration
  • Remote Wireless Networking Solutions

For those who are planning to install a BAS project in their buildings, one must have a design on hand in order to plan the construction well and delegate manpower and resources accordingly without any hassle. You can get a BAS MEP design here at New York Engineers, so send us the details and we’ll work on it right away! Whatever the project details are, we do our best to meet your unique needs and help you come up with a building automation system that works for you.

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Importance Of Building Automation System

What are its Functions?

Mainly, a BAS is needed so that you can have full control over the cooling, heating, lighting, security, ventilation, and other critical systems in the building. All of these are needed in a building for it to have an enhanced feature. That’s why a BAS is made to organize all of these systems and have their own beneficial placements. Of course, in order to achieve this, a design is a must.

Here at New York Engineers, we can provide an organized and foolproof BAS design. We make sure that every space and resource used is maximized to the fullest. We have the best designers and engineers in New York and Chicago, so you can surely rely on our trusted services.


Building Automation System Components

As a BAS is a structural system, it generally has key components – communication protocols, controllers, output devices, sensors, and user interface.

All of these should be properly incorporated into the BAS. Here at New York Engineers, we can thoroughly design your projects with these components in mind.

  • Communication Protocols – This part uses a specific language that all of the other components can understand. Here, you can modify the settings or throw commands to regulate the other components.
  • Controllers – This is the brain of the BAS. Here, every data is collected from the sensors and then sent to various systems in your BAS.
  • Output Devices – Here, the relays and actuators go into action. They will receive the data from the controller and then regulate the BAS based on the requirements provided from the controller.
  • Sensors – These act as trackers that take note of the humidity, number of people in a room, lighting level, temperature, and the like.
  • User Interface – This is where the user can monitor and check on the BAS. You can see all of the needed information here.


What to Consider When Installing a Building Automation System?

The thought of integrating multiple systems and components in a building seem simple, but what’s happening behind the scene may not be.

This is why having a design as your guide is very important. On the other hand, you must also consider these factors first as you get your BAS project started:

  • BAS User Interface Selection

The user interface is one of the most important parts of your BAS. This is because it’s where you can access and gather data that you can analyze for insufficiencies. If you have a low-quality user interface, you may not be able to gather enough data that can help you identify what to modify in your building for enhancement.

  • Future BAS Upgrades

You must have an idea or have an initial plan on what you can upgrade after you’ve installed your BAS. In some cases, when buying a building, a BAS is already existing, but not all of these building automation systems have complete components integrated into them. Thus, we can never do away with upgrades.

If you’re soon buying a building with a BAS or are planning to integrate one into your structure, identify first what types of components you’re going to upgrade soon and have a blueprint ready before construction. At New York Engineers, we can help you with this part. Here, we can create a blueprint for you to use by the time you start the construction and installation.

Having a design is crucial when you want to save on space, resources, time, and money. This is because you’re less likely to have errors and waste on important space. Optimizing everything is the key to a successful BAS construction project, and we can achieve this with our reliable MEP design expertise.

  • Future-Proofing Components

Our technology is upgraded constantly, so this means that you must be able to have your BAS future-proofed. It’s easy to have your system obsolete in no time, so you must be prepared for any future development presented in this field. We at New York Engineers can help future-proof your components. We all know what type of technology and upgrades we should use when designing your BAS as we constantly keep ourselves updated on the latest trends and technology in the industry.


Enjoy Maximum Convenience with Our BAS Design

At New York Engineers, we promote productivity and efficiency, so we encourage you to have a BAS in your building and have it designed before starting the construction or remodeling.

There are a number of benefits when you install one in your building with a design on hand.

  • Energy-Efficient – You can minimize your energy consumption with a BAS as they’re designed to maximize everything, especially when you’re using smart components. We at New York Engineers can design smart BAS components, so you can expect advanced and efficient systems your way.
  • Cost-Effective – Since we design systems with maximum efficiency as our goal, you can save energy bills and also avoid errors during the construction or installation phase, avoiding budget overruns as much as possible.
  • Great Indoor Air and Temperature – The overall quality of the air and the temperature in your building is significantly improved. A BAS is installed with a heating and ventilation system already, so you’re assured that the area is livable and comfortable.
  • Comfortable Environment – A BAS in your building means that the overall environment inside and even outside is comfortable. Everything is regulated and are maintained from one user interface, so the moment something comes up, the owner or controller can take measures in eliminating the problem. This means that you can increase your productivity and security in an area with a BAS integrated inside.


Our Building Automation System MEP Design Services

At New York Engineers, we provide you with only the best Building Automation System MEP design with the use of our latest software solutions. We have an easy step-by-step guide that you can follow once you decide to have us design your BAS.

Step 1: We would do an initial consultation process with you. We’re going to cover the entirety of the project. This includes the budget, the scope, the components needed, deadlines, and the like.

Step 2: We will then send our team to your building to inspect the area. We will need to see the actual structure and have the measurements taken so that we can create an accurate BAS design for you.

Step 3: This is where we start with our design process. We will assign a team to work on this project and choose the tools, software, and resources to achieve a perfect design.

Step 4: We’re going to contact you again for the draft. Here, we can alter the design or work on any minor design requests.

Step 5: We will send over the final design to finally get the project started.

Reasons to Design your Building Automation System
  • You can decide on construction requirements easily.
  • You can have a smooth construction performance.
  • You’ll have accurate outputs and documentation.
  • You can estimate your overall cost properly.
  • You can thoroughly plan your construction process and make changes easily.
  • You can avoid costly mistakes down the road.

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  • Latest MEP Design Software and Tools

At New York Engineers, we are proud that we’re using the latest tools in the field of MEP design such as AutoCAD and Revit. We strive to come up with the most accurate models and make all kinds of MEP projects complete successfully.

  • Fast Processes

Because we have the best tools that help maximize our performance, our processes are faster. Plus, we also follow a thorough and organize step-by-step procedure for every process we undertake.

  • Great Team of Experts

We have a great team of experts that are not only certified engineers, researchers, and designers but are also knowledgeable in terms of any type of engineering and construction projects. We at New York Engineers only want to produce quality outputs, so we designated topnotch team members to work on our projects to ensure that everything is done perfectly.

  • Amazing Customer Support

If you want to have a design for your BAS already, you can contact our customer support team today. We have a friendly and knowledgeable support team, so you can surely ask us any questions and leave your concerns and suggestions at our contact us page. We are engineering experts and customer service advocates as well.

  • Affordable Rates

If you want to save more, you can surely rely on us here at New York Engineers. We have the best rates, and we even offer custom deals for those who are tight on budget.


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When it comes to any type of MEP engineering or construction designs, you can certainly count on us. Whatever your project is, whether it’s for an electrical, mechanical, engineering, or plumbing system, we at New York Engineers can provide you with reliable and comprehensive designs to make your BAS project a total success.

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