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Window Air Conditioner Design

Window air conditioner

Window air conditioners are one of the most popular types of air conditioning units in the market nowadays Although there are newer ACs in the market today that are much more efficient and smart, these window-type ACs are still very much popular and are often used and seen not just in residential areas but in commercial and even industrial buildings too.

Installing a window air conditioner brings a lot of benefits at home, especially when the weather outside is super hot. This is why we often see these units attached on either walls or windows. They are compact units, and despite being often built small, they are very effective in producing cold air in the room.

If you are planning to install one in your building, whether it’s for your room or your office space, a window air conditioner should be properly designed first so that you can install it smoothly. A design, after all, guides us in an orderly fashion during the construction phase, so it’s definitely recommended to have your window AC designed.

Luckily, you have us at NY Engineers to help you with your MEP design needs. We’re the best team when it comes to not only creating air conditioning MEP designs but also producing any type of engineering and construction design needs that you have in mind. For those who want their ACs to be designed before construction, you can rely on us at NY Engineers.


What You Need to Know About Window Air Conditioners

As stated above, these units are quite well-known because they’re great units when it comes to producing cold air. Plus, they’re simple to install and easy to maintain. These units are often seen on the walls and windows. A single unit is assembled compactly and placed in one neat casing where all of its components are snug fit. Despite being small, these ACs have everything that they need to function effectively.

Inside a window air conditioner, there is a double shaft fan motor, evaporator, condenser, and an insulated partition to keep everything cooled.

This type of AC usually has three important divisions – the front panel, indoor side parts, and outdoor side parts.

  • Front Panel

This is what we see outside of the window AC. The front panel is made with a user-friendly control system interface which can either be controlled mechanically or electronically. The older models often have knobs that you can mechanically control while the new models can already regulate the temperature with remote control.

  • Indoor Side Parts

Here, you can find these parts: capillary tube, cooling coil, drain pan, fan blower, filter drier, and operation panel. This is where most of the air regulation happens.

  • Outdoor Side Parts

The remaining parts of the window AC are found here. You can find the compressor, condenser coil, fan motor, and propeller fan here.

These parts make the window air conditioning unit. Although it has quite a lot of components, every part of the AC plays a significant role in providing cool air. And despite being built densely, this type of unit still functions well without overheating. We at NY Engineers know exactly how a window air conditioner operates and we can help you come up with a design that maximizes its efficiency.  


Why Install One?

If you have the budget and want to have a cooler environment in your area, then why not install a window air conditioner? It’s efficient in providing cold air, simple to use, and easy to manage. It can be a good investment, especially when you’re located in a really hot environment. The hot air, after all, creates exhaustion in one’s body and drains one’s energy big time. So, for better performance, no matter what you do, installing a window air conditioner unit in the building offers great relief and benefits. Here are some more reasons why you should get one now:

  • Affordable

Window ACs are very affordable compared to the larger and newer types in the market today. As they’re compact and simple, these ACs don’t cost much in terms of installation and energy bills However, there are certain factors like the brand and features that you should consider. Though some high-end brands and models are more expensive, in general, they’re much more affordable compared to other AC units.

  • Energy-Efficient

Staying cool is not so hard these days anymore. With this type of AC, you can already feel cool air anytime you like without spending too much money, energy, and resources. This is because almost all models of window air conditioning units have an awesome energy efficiency ratio or EER. However, when buying one, be sure to get the ones that are Energy-Star certified.

  • Easy to Install

This type of AC is simple to install. However, the installation process may differ per model. There could still be installation hiccups if there’s little to no planning involved. Having a design done by experts like NYE can save you the trouble.

  • Space Saver

Because the window air conditioner is small, they don’t really take too much space. In fact, you can just install one in a very restricted area as there are window ACs that are super tiny. This is beneficial especially when you live in a small building or are conserving space for other furniture or machinery.

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NY Engineers – Our MEP Design Services


 A design is a crucial element that should always be ready before starting the installation process of your AC. We at NY Engineers can provide you just that. Here’s how we go through the job:

  • Consultation Process

This is where we start with everything. We will begin with a consultation by scheduling a meeting with you. We will need to discuss the details of your project and settle on a budget and timeframe. We will also set the site visit schedule to see the actual area and have a much more accurate view of your place. This is necessary so that we can make a concise design for your AC.

  • Site Survey

Once we’ve settled on the budget and deadline and discussed the details of your project, we will visit your area on the agreed date. No matter where you’re located, either in New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, we at NY Engineers will survey your area thoroughly On the date of the survey, don’t forget to prepare any additional information that we can use. We’ll gather the measurements required for the design process.

  • MEP Design Process

If everything is already set, we can already start with the design process. Out MEP design process begins with assigning an ideal team to tackle the design. Plus, we’re going to discuss among ourselves which tools, resources, and software we should use during this process. We rely on the best tools like AutoCAD and Revit to provide top-notch services here at NY Engineers.

  • Feedback Process

After we’re done with your AC design, we will send you the output. Here, we can make any alterations if necessary. After the feedback process, we will polish everything for finalization. But most of the time, clients don’t require revisions as we have the highest and quickest approval rate in town.

  • Final Design

Once we’re done polishing your design, we will send you a final copy of the output. Now you have the most accurate window air conditioner design to ensure a smooth installation free of worry and troubles.


The Importance of Designing your Window Air Conditioner Unit

A complete design to guide you during construction is what you need when you want a smooth and error-free process. For those who are planning to add an AC in their building, these are some of the advantages you’ll get when you install one with a design to back you up:

  • Faster and Better Decision-making – With our design, you can already see the actual scope of the project even before the actual installation. This helps you decide early on should you need to make changes or not. People who decide to make the changes during the installation or construction stage are bound to encounter budget overruns and project delays. Avoid this huge mistake by trusting our MEP design expertise.
  • Concise Output – Since you have a guide with you, you’ll only be heading in one direction, and that’s installing your AC but without unnecessary errors and inaccuracies.
  • Simplified Process – With a design to help you during construction, everything is simplified for you. You can begin the construction without hassles from start to finish.
  • Accurate Budget – If you want to save more, a design will help you during the financial planning. Construction can be costly, and a design makes sure that you stick to the budget well. Cost estimations will be done quicker and made more accurately.
  • Easier Planning – With a design in place, you and your team can plan the construction with ease, thus saving a lot of your time and effort down the road.

Whatever the size of the project, our expert team can help. We follow the best design practices for any MEP system and establish the right parameters to ensure project success. Allow us to use our reliable toolset to draft and design your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for your building.

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For a reliable and complete design for your AC and other construction needs, we at NY Engineers will back you up. Our team is among the best designers not only in New York but in other cities too especially in Chicago, Los Angeles  and other neighboring cities.

If you’re planning to get an AC soon, here’s why you should choose us as your MEP designer:

  • Expert Team

NY Engineers is a team of expert and credible specialists who have years of experience in the trade. We have certified members who underwent extensive interviews and training and are ready to provide quality outputs anytime.    

  • Updated Software and Tools

Because we value the quality of our designs and the satisfaction of our clients, we only use the best tools and software in this industry. Aside from CAD software, we also use multidisciplinary BIM software to bring the best and most accurate designs to life. We’re also on the lookout for the latest MEP technology in the market today, so we always expand our resources to better our performance and services for our clients.

  • Fast Design Process

Thus, our procedures are organized well with a step-by-step process to make project processing faster and more efficient. This ensures that everything is done in a swift manner. From the consultation to sending you the final outcome, we make sure that we follow a strict protocol so that we can deliver your required window air conditioner design in no time.

  • Affordable Prices

Here at NY Engineers, we also have the best prices in the market. From New York to Chicago, our services are sought-after because of our reasonable rates and superior quality.

  • Great Customer Support

Lastly, we are a friendly and knowledgeable team whom you can always depend on. Whether you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, our customer support will always be ready to address and listen to them.


NY Engineers – Your Best Choice for MEP Designs

Whatever construction design needs you have, we at NY Engineers is the best team for you. We have certified team members who are adept in using the latest MEP tools and software.

For any construction, engineering, mechanical, industrial, or commercial machinery and other technologies that need to be designed, you can certainly rely on our services. Book an appointment today to bring your projects to life!

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