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Absorption Chiller 3D Design

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Most industrial, commercial, or even residential systems today make use of absorption chillers. As they’re much more reliable in terms or regulating electricity and cheaper compared to refrigerators that use compressors, they’re now slowly replacing the older fridge versions.

If you’re one of the many who is planning to install an absorption chiller in their buildings, you’re likely to save more as these are much more efficient to use. To make sure that the installation is done well, a thorough absorption chiller design has to be crafted.

New York Engineers are adept at creating not only absorption chillers but other machinery and systems as well. We’re not only known in New York but other cities too like in the Chicago area, so you can be sure of the quality we deliver.


NYE Absorption Chiller MEP Design

We cover all engineering calculations required for you to achieve a functional and efficient absorption chiller for your building. Our architectural planning and design tools allow us to save your design digitally, create 3D views and computer-aided drawings of your absorption chiller, and make changes and revisions quickly and easily, unlike manual drawings which require you to draw it all again if changes are required. Our advanced tools also enable us to deliver your absorption chiller design with speed. We create reusable block library and easily make edits accurately. Since we draw with fractional dimensions, maximum accuracy is also guaranteed. We can even define accuracy to any number of decimal places, something that is not achievable with manually drafted models.  We promise accuracy in all dimensions and a reliable design process that ensures the success of your absorption chiller project. We strive to offer quality, productivity, accessibility, and smooth documentation and communication all throughout the design process. New York Engineers can help you avoid production delay and decrease scrap rate. With all the automation our design process offers, there’s less human effort and less chances of making costly mistakes. Allow us to conceptualize your absorption chiller ideas to the optimum level of technical precision as we make it possible to do rapid simulations and design calculations that never fail.


Why Install an Absorption Chiller?

Because they’re the perfect alternatives for refrigerators with compressors, the need to install one arises not because they’re much more efficient and energy-saving, but they also have a lot of other perks that you can take advantage of.

Like refrigerators, they ensure that all of the perishable items like food and liquids are stored well, thus extending their shelf life. And as absorption chillers use heat as their source of energy to create a cooling system, you don’t have to rely on electricity anymore, which is pretty much unreliable compared to natural heat. Also, refrigerators with compressors are noisier, so when you switch to absorption chillers, you can get rid of the noise and more.


How Do Absorption Chillers Work?

Absorption chillers, to put it simply, work by using heat as their source of energy. The mechanism works when the water vapor is transported to the condensation chamber. Here, the vapor turns into liquid. The liquid is then transported into a tray that’s located inside the condenser. The liquid is transferred through the pipe into the chiller’s evaporator. Here, the volume flow rate is being controlled by the orifice. The evaporator has very low pressure, so this causes the liquid to drop its temperature significantly. The reduced temperature can come as low as 4°C or 40° F. This is where the chilled liquid gathers all the heat inside a building.

At New York Engineers, we are knowledgeable with how these absorption chillers work. We’re also aware of the different kinds of chillers that you can install. There are 3 types of absorption chillers right now – single effect absorption chiller that’s hot-water driven, double effect absorption chiller that’s hot-water driven, and a direct-fired absorption chiller. We at New York Engineers know how to design all three of them. Just let us know your specifications, and we’ll manage the rest of the design process.

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 NYE absorption chillers design

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At New York Engineers, we take pride in our organized step-by-step designing process. We follow this method so that we can stick to the schedule and still have a clean and quality design to give to our clients.

The following are the steps on how we process your absorption chiller MEP design:

  1. The designing process starts with the consultation. We will schedule one so that both our teams can collaborate. Here, we will discuss all of the needed information regarding the absorption chiller. This is a crucial process as we will base our design on the details that we’ve gathered, so be sure to provide all the necessary information to ensure a smooth designing process.
  2. Once we’re done with the initial consultation, we will send a team of surveyors to check on your area. We prefer that we actually see your building first before we start the design phase. Our principal will gather the exact measurements needed during this process so that we can come up with a foolproof design for your absorption chiller project.
  3. We will then make the absorption chiller design from the gathered information. Here, we will use our latest MEP design technology to make the blueprint of your absorption chiller and assign the ideal team of designers to tackle this project. We will also create or update a timetable of how long we’re going to make the design so that you’ll know when to expect it. During the designing process, we will also give you updates from time to time.
  4. Once the design is finished, we will send over the output to you. If you want certain adjustments done, we can cover them promptly.
  5. After editing the design, we will send over the final output to you and together, we can finalize it all.


Why Should You Design Your Absorption Chiller?

As stated above, having an MEP design to back you up during construction stage will not only allow a smooth-sailing construction process, but this will also significantly decrease your costs and increase your efficiency.

Here are also some of the reasons why you should design your absorption chiller:

  • Reliable

As we’re designing an absorption chiller by using the exact measurements, we’re not only producing a small replica of it, but we’re also adding the entire details of its mechanism, no matter how big or small they are. This means that the design that we’re providing will be your reliable guide during the whole construction process. With an MEP design as your guide, you’ll be able to eliminate any uncertainties that you have, thus making the project less complicated and faster to finish.

  • Efficient

Having a design promotes efficiency in a lot of ways. This means that you’re not only going to save money on your resources because your goals are narrowed down and you’re less likely to commit errors, but you’re also going to significantly cut down your construction time in half. Having a design with you will make everything clearer during the construction phase.

  • Safe

Because you're using an organized MEP design during construction, you’re less prone to having accidents during the process. Not only does a design help reduce accidents and keep your workers safe, but an MEP design will also provide you with a much more reliable output. If you’re installing an absorption chiller, then you need to meticulously integrate it in your building and make sure that its mechanism is working perfectly.

  • Long-term efficiency

We at New York Engineers make sure that we’re only using legitimate tools and hiring knowledgeable and certified designers to work on our designs. Thus, we’re sure that your absorption chiller will last longer with our efficient design methodologies. If you want to save more money, then you need to ensure that your absorption chiller will work smoothly and not have any issues along the way. An MEP design will assure you that it’ll last longer. While we can never do away with maintenance and repairs, complicated and costly ones are less likely to happen when you use a design that promotes long term efficiency.

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Why Choose NY Engineers?


 When it comes to MEP design, we’re not only known in New York but other cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and the like but in other parts of the world as well. We’re one of the most trusted groups in the market right now, and we take pride in giving our clients satisfactory outputs and great services. If you’re planning to have an MEP design for your Absorption chiller, here are some more reasons why you should collaborate with us:

  • Certified Team Members

We are serious with our trade, so we make sure that we are only accepting certified members in our group. This means that not only are our designers adept in their fields but our researchers, marketers, engineers, and customer support team as well. This is why we promote specialized teams to handle our various services since we only want what’s best for our ever-growing clientele.

  • Reliable Tools and Software

To fully boost our performance, we don’t only hire the best people to assist you with your projects, but we’re also using only the greatest tools and software in the market today; some of these are Autocad and Revit. But, we don’t only settle with these two. Instead, we keep on searching for the latest and most reliable tools and software that we can use in the market today to further improve our designs.

  • Realistic Designs

As we’re only using standardized and reliable tools and software, we’re sure that all of our designs are realistic. Plus, as we conduct the consultation and send surveyors to gather all the needed information from you, we are able to send an accurate representation back to you. In this way, you’re confident that your design will help fasten and smoothen your construction process.

  • Reasonable Prices

We have some of the best deals in the market right now, not only in the states but in the rest of the world without compromising the quality of the designs. As we’re aware of how costly MEP designs are, we offer you this bargain. Take advantage of this opportunity right now. You’re surely going to have the best absorption design in the market today and still have enough money to save.

  • Customized Budget

For those who want to have a custom design, we are also open to providing a customized budget for you. This is ideal for those who are tight on budget but would still want to have an MEP design for their absorption chiller. We’re a flexible team, so you can surely ask us to customize your project during the consultation process.

  • Organized Process

As stated above, we have a standardized step-by-step process at New York Engineers, so we’re sure that everything will fall smoothly during the whole process. In this way, we’re able to save both of our time. Because we want everything to be clean, expect to be given an organized plan during the whole transaction.

  • Great Quality Output

To sum everything up, as we’re proud of the team that we have and the tools and resources that we use, we assure you that the quality of the design is top-notch. Besides, we accept adjustment requests after we send the design to you, so any minor concerns on the design will be dealt with, thus perfecting the output.


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