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NYE Glycol System 3D Design


Glycol systems are some of the most used industrial structures in a variety of buildings – whether it’s for a residential area or for commercial or industrial companies. Most of the time, Glycol systems are used in the food and beverage industries, especially the larger companies.

At New York Engineers, we have a team of professional and knowledgeable MEP designers who know how to create a detailed design for your Glycol system. We know that installing one is a complicated process, so we’d love to assist you all the way with our MEP designs. Here, we’re going to use the latest technology, so you’re sure that you’re only going to get a reliable design to help you with your construction process. With our MEP design to back you up, we’re sure that everything would work simpler and faster – something we all love to achieve during the construction process.


Glycol System Explained

For those who are planning to install one, it’s important to note the basics of Glycol systems so that you can identify what kind of design you’d like us to make for you.

To give you a general background of what Glycol systems are, here what you need to know:

What is a Glycol System?

A Glycol system is created with the use of a Glycol chiller – a type of industrial refrigerator where it uses an antifreeze substance called glycol. It’s mixed with water so that the freezing point is lowered, thus maintaining the temperature consistently. In some cases, some also use a different type of glycol that helps stop bacterial growth and corrosion from happening.

  • Types of Glycol

The two types of glycol are ethylene glycol and propylene glycol and both shouldn’t mix together. Both have the same primary usage – to guard the glycol system against bacterial overgrowth and corrosion and retain the temperature inside.

- Ethylene Glycol

If you want an economical choice, then this type of glycol should be your pick. It’s toxic and has a sweet taste to it, so it shouldn’t be placed in food processing chillers.

- Propylene Glycol

This is a safer alternative as it has a lower toxicity level. So, it’s a great choice for the food industry. However, propylene is more viscous than ethylene, so it’s likely to affect the temperature in your chiller but only slightly.

Regardless of your pick, we at New York Engineers will be able to provide you with any types of glycol system designs.


Our Glycol System 3D MEP Design Service

At New York Engineers, we have some of the greatest designers not only in the Chicago area but in other parts of the world as well, so you can definitely rely on us for your ongoing and future projects.

At New York Engineers, we don’t only use the usual AutoCAD software to create 2D and 3D representations of your glycol system but also use a multidisciplinary BIM software to ensure that we’re producing not only quality designs but also highly accurate ones.

Whether you need 2D or 3D models, we can create them for you. We can plan, design, and analyze the strength of the system at the design stage. We also accommodate various formats. We help you reduce operational costs and save time and effort in manually doing the design. Our blueprints are what you need for a thorough glycol system plan. Our design capabilities enable you to receive better designs delivered the soonest possible time. No matter the size of your project, we can be of help. Our trusty design tools like AutoCAD and Revit enable us to easily create blocks, snap objects, and cover parametrics as well. We synchronize the data we come up with to the cloud, so everyone can view and edit files and do collaborations in real time. With New York Engineers, you can reduce rework, boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and more. Our simple and powerful design tools make setting up your Glycol System Design ultimately fast and easy. Our design engineers are experienced in maximizing the power of these tools and using their advanced features to lay out the design process seamlessly.


How It Works

Acquiring a glycol system at New York Engineers is simple and fast. We follow a straightforward process to make our clients’ experience easy and on point. If you’re interested to have us as your primary designer, here’s our standard protocol:

Step 1: Contact us to start with the initial planning.

NYE’s design process starts with the initial planning. We’re keen on listening to every detail that you have so that we can create an accurate design of your project. During this process, we’ll start discussing the entirety of the project. Here, the budget, materials, and other important information are shared. Collaboration is key when aiming for a successful design stage.

Step 2: Wait for the site inspection.

At this point, we’re going to send over a principal to take note of all the additional information. This means that we’re going to check out the area and ask for certain measurements from your side. Gathering important details is always a key part of the process.

Step 3: We start the design process.

Once we’ve gathered all of the needed details, we can now start with the designing process. We use the latest technology and software that’s best suited for this particular project. Our experienced design team will take care of helping you dynamically visualize your future glycol system.

Step 4: Further Collaboration

After creating the design, we’ll send over the design to you. First, we’ll ask if you’re satisfied with the output. If you need some changes done, we can make certain adjustments to the design.

Step 5: We send the final design

Once everything is fixed, we’ll send over the final design with the final cost. As we want every business to have a quick and smooth construction process, we make sure to send it on or before the deadline.

With the help of our glycol water system design to back you up during construction, you’re surely going to have a smooth-sailing installation process. A working glycol system in your building means that all of your chillers are working optimally.

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Why Design your Glycol System?

Close up image human hand drawing circuit board-1

Because designs are made to act as our guide, making a blueprint for your glycol system before installing it is the best move you can make.

This makes the construction process less prone to errors. Here are some of the primary reasons why it’s important to design your glycol system:

  • You can come up with a decision more quickly. Since integrating the required data into the model is instant and dynamic, you can simulate things accordingly and then come up with better decisions without making actual, costly mistakes in the final construction phase.
  • You’ll have a clearer outcome. Construction, especially when talking about glycol system, needs to be done precisely. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble ahead. Our MEP design ensures that the whole project is smooth-sailing from start to finish.
  • You’ll have fewer mistakes. If you want a clear output, then a design is what you need. An accurate output that has fewer errors along the way can only be made when you have a reliable design with you. Plus, this helps you communicate with your members well. You’ll have a visual representation of your project that the whole team can access, manipulate, and understand.
  • You’ll not waste resources. For those who want to save more, having a design will not only keep you in line within your budget but will also help you save resources. Since you have a clear direction as to how you’re going to do your construction, you’re less likely to waste on resources.
  • You can plan faster. Especially if you have a large construction team with you and you’re short on time, you’ll definitely need to plan faster. Fast planning is beneficial when you want to finish earlier. As using a design can help you convey your message easier because you have a visual representation, your team can quickly grasp what you’re relaying, thus shortening your planning and collaboration time.

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Why choose NY engineers?



If you want to greatly reduce your cost in the long run and use your resources efficiently, we at New York Engineers will provide you with a design that will do just that.

As we want to boost your business or building’s performance and share our expertise in this field, we’re ready to be of your service anytime. Here are the reasons why clients love working with us:

  • Professional Team of Designers

We don’t only have the best designers in the Chicago area, but we also have a very proficient team who’ll treat you with utmost professionalism. Our team is experienced in handling all kinds of MEP design projects, and our long years of experience in the industry manifest that reputation.

  • Trusted Software and Tools

To come up with the most accurate designs, we invest only in the best software and tools that make maximum accuracy and precision possible. Our experts have mastered our sophisticated tools including AutoCAD and Revit, and they’re eager to make your Glycol system project a definite success.

  • Fast and Smooth Processes

We respect our client’s deadlines, so we make sure that we’re doing everything in a fast and smooth process. We always adhere to the specified deadlines and work efficiently to serve multiple clients and tackle a wide range of services in the most efficient and organized way possible.

  • Affordable Packages

If you have a specific budget in mind, you can choose from our packages. We have different plans with a variety of prices, but they’re all reasonable. If you also want to have a custom project and budget, then we’re also open to offering you bespoke options.

  • Knowledgeable and Friendly Team

We at New York Engineers are not only known for our seasoned designers but for our knowledgeable and friendly team of researchers and engineers too. We make it a point to always expand our knowledge in the field of MEP design, so we never settle for less. We keep on upgrading our tools, learning more in terms of designing, and keeping in touch with the latest news on MEP technology and engineering. In this way, we’re not lagging behind, allowing us to provide our clients with nothing but the best.

  • Accurate Output

Because we’re only using the best materials in the market, you’ll definitely have an accurate output. Our designs will act as your guide, so you’re less likely to commit errors during the construction process.

  • Great Support Team

If you want to get in touch with our team to discuss the details of your project, then we have a great support team to help you. We will get back to you the soonest.


New York Engineers – The Best Team for MEP Designs

Here at New York Engineers, we’re always on the lookout for new clients we can help. If you want a lifelong MEP design partner, then we’re the right team for you. From MEP designs to your engineering and industrial needs, we all have it here at New York Engineers.  

Get your Glycol System design done right by New York Engineers and save yourself the trouble later. We are a stable and experienced team that will listen to your requirements and design a simple output that enables you and your project stakeholders to interact easily and achieve your shared goals successfully.  We will be with you through the planning, design, and validation stages of your Glycol System project. We can be your one-stop shop as we offer a wide range of MEP design services committed to helping you make the right decisions early in the design process. We have set up glycol system designs for projects in multiple locations, and we have helped hundreds of clients complete their projects without trouble. We can’t wait to tackle your project next. Our technicians, engineers, and designers are all ready to help you get the job done the best way possible.

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