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Security Goals

NY Engineers (NYE) has closely worked with security system developers and network engineers to develop corporate partnerships with its clients. It has ensured all the security requirements are addressed accurately and in a timely fashion. Our team of professionals collaborates with the clients to make sure that the entire security system works effectively at all levels.

Our technical staff works within the context of security requirements and business objectives. In this way, we ensure implementation of top-class security mechanisms and system design services. If you are searching for some recommendations on boosting your current security mechanisms or just want to resolve any prevailing security weaknesses then NYE is your partner for success.

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Result Oriented Team

At NYE, we are committed to providing high-quality services to our clients. NY Engineers team has innovative solutions to different problems no matter how demanding they are. Our specifications for different projects are made to provide you with excellent performance but will also secure the future and boost the overall sustainability.

Our team will also integrate various green choices wherever applicable. This means that by hiring NYE you are essentially going for the contemporary designs that check all the right boxes.

Our consulting team offers an in-depth perimeter assessment and provides recommendations for best budget projections and design solutions. Our engineers have all the expertise along with resources to develop a highly customized, environment-friendly and cost-effective security design best suited for your site.

NYE Philosophy Of Security Design

Security by Design : Our team of professionals believes in the philosophy of security by design. For this reason, they focus on creating a design that goes well according to a particular site. Our team of engineers will create a design that is not only competitively priced but is also innovative. NY Engineers will make sure to integrate the system with your environment using different established techniques and methodologies.

Our team of security engineers will complete the entire security project for your facility within the specified time. From the planning phase to design conceptualizations all the way through to the infrastructural surveys, information modeling as well as system commissioning, NY Engineers can take care of your entire project. We commit to deliver highly effective solutions regardless of the challenges in a timely fashion and within the agreed budget.

Detect, Protect & Secure : Our team of professionals will ensure that you get a system for your site that is very easy to handle and scalable. Regardless of your requirements or budgetary constraints, every site requires a system that can immediately detect inconsistencies and interruptions. Such a system must counter any threats linked with staff vulnerabilities or building security.

NY Engineers team will design a security system that will safeguard your facility against any vulnerability and will guard your site against any type of intrusion.

Seamless Integration : A good security design features seamless integration of various components coming from different manufacturers. Choosing different components based on their strengths to work in a system is the best option. However, integrating all those disparate variables within a single system can jeopardize the integrity of the system as well. Seamless integration also means that your entire system is not buggy and it will stay effective with any future configurations as well.

This is where our design engineers come in to play their part. Our engineers have expertise and knowledge of working with different clients over the years. They have a full understanding of how different systems work and how various components can be seamlessly integrated. They understand what components will work in a particular system. This will enable them to maintain the integrity of your system and will also allow you to save time and cost.

We are living in a world that continues to change every day. With each passing day, there are increased risks associated with terrorism and targeted attacks. For this reason, security standards are evolving at a rapid pace. Consequently meeting all these security requirements have become a serious challenge. At NY Engineers we provide our clients with effective security solution perimeters that cater all their needs.

How NYE Design Gives Foolproof Security?

Security Design

Good design contributes significantly to the making of a good system. It must clearly and accurately outline the objectives along with all the components that will function within it to achieve all those objectives. You can up the ante by making it even more effective. NY Engineers can assist you with that and allows you to create a foolproof security system that can project the future demands and integrate the feature to easily accommodate future growth perspectives.

You don’t need a system that will only last for five or so years and then you have to replace it entirely. NYE makes sure that it integrates the requirements set by the Chicago Building Code and meets all your present needs as well as all the projected future requirements.

Three Tiers Of The NYE Approach

1. Assessment Of Security Risk

NYE team will first understand the client’s business and organizational processes for establishing a baseline for operational security. We do so by measuring the efficacy of the currents systems and benchmark them against the agreed criteria of security performance. It will enable us in determining the magnitude of potential improvements required for the purpose of meeting any new objectives and goals that have been identified with mutual collaboration with the client or with various other regulatory authorities.

Our team of professionals assess different threats or vulnerabilities based on industry or state and quantitatively measure them by determining the probability and impact if in case these threats are realized.

NY Engineers will run an assessment of security risk in the initial stages of a project. Doing so will inform the subsequent planning and implementation for security measures. These security measures include schematic, conceptual and in-detail security designs. We only follow the methodologies that are fully integrated with international standards for best practice.

Various elements of our assessment of security risks include the following:

  • Process analysis
  • Assessment of regional and country threat history
  • Assessment of institutional and industry threat history
  • Evaluation of consequence and threat
  • Determining vulnerability
  • Identification of critical points and asset ranking
  • Audit of business operations continuity
  • Audit of information for security assurance
  • Planning for risk evaluation and mitigation
  • Recommendations for counter-measurements

2. Master Plan For Security

This is the stage for the conceptualization of the detailed measures required for mitigation of risks. It also involves defining and development of an optimum strategy that is best to secure the assets, people and business processes. The master planning projects for security are extremely flexible and they can deal with different operational and construction stages of a project.

Our engineers can scale from one building facility to large complexes and developments that require security planning by design and prevention of crime using environmental design.

The elements of our master plan for security will include:

  • Assessment of stakeholder requirements
  • Security zoning
  • Master planning for security for major projects as well as multiple sites
  • Strategy and approach for security
  • Protection objectives and operational requirements
  • Business operations continuity assessment
  • Standards and benchmarks for security design
  • Policies for strategic security planning

Strategies for crisis and incident management

3. Design Of Security Systems

A security plan proves to be the precursor to the development process of engineering design. With this plan, our team of technical experts will deliver a service involving feasibility assessment along with concept design all the way through to specifications for full tender involving construction drawings and documents for the purpose of physical, technical as well as operational solutions.

The integral elements of the design of security systems that our engineers develop for the clients include:

The phase of design development
  • Conceptual design
  • Detailed design
  • Scheme design
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Operational concepts (CONOPS)
  • Construction designs and FEED (Front end engineering design)
Specialist systems for the design phase
  • Identity and access control management systems
  • Strategy for control point (entry and exit)
  • Mitigations systems or hostile vehicles (HVM)
  • Systems for vehicle and personnel scanning
  • Designs for systems of thermal imaging cameras and CCTV
  • Behavioral monitoring and video analytics
  • Systems for automatic recognition of number plates (ANPRs)
  • Linked ELV systems including the designs for PIDS (display systems for passenger information) and PAGA (general alarm and public address)
  • Detection for a wide area that includes systems for maritime and ground radars.
  • Perimeter systems for intruder detection
  • Sensor-based surveillance, detection, and evaluation with the help of thermal, optical or dual-imaging technologies
  • Systems for linear and pipeline asset protection including sensing of distributed acoustic
  • Management and tracking of mobile and fixed land-based assets
  • Monitoring and tracking of the maritime domain which includes VTS (services for vessel traffic) and AIS (systems for automatic identification)
  • Protection measures for physical building and blast
  • Information management for physical security (PSIM)
  • Control development including ergonomic compliance and assessment (C4i)
  • Various other monitoring, communication and sensor detection technologies based on specialist security designs
Services for the construction and project management phase
  • Preparation, assessment, and management of tenders
  • Supervision of construction processes
  • Acceptance testing of site or factory independence
  • Management of commissioning phase
  • Handover
  • Support and review of training, operation, and management
  • Contract development for maintenance
  • Audit of security systems

Why Trust NY Engineers Security Design Solutions

NY Engineers is your one-stop solutions when it comes to security design. We understand how important it is to protect your facility against any malicious attack either internal or external. We live in a world that is constantly changing. These changes give rise to new vulnerabilities and threats. Our engineers understand that security is an integral part of a facility’s design. It is as important as its structural integrity, aesthetics, and layout.

For this reason, NY Engineers offer you with a variety of innovative solutions that not only comply with your business’s current goals but its future growth as well. We provide solutions that inherit international standards and benchmarks for effective threat mitigation. Hire our services today for the best security design that addresses all your business needs.

The security profile of any given application or system can change and may cause new vulnerabilities and challenges. NYE can assist you in identifying the vulnerabilities and provides an effective security system for your organization.

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