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Electrical riser designs are critical for the safety of an entire facility. These designs enable the electrical engineers to understand all the aspects of the electrical systems of your building. NY Engineers will take care of all the aspects of the entire design process effectively. Our professionals have years of experience in electrical riser designs and diagrams and they will make sure that your systems run smoothly for a long time to come. Our electrical riser design is one of the most integral components of MEP solutions and services.

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NYE Electrical Riser Design Solutions Services

Our electrical riser design is one of the most integral components of MEP solutions and services.

This design covers a number of mechanical and electrical systems that a facility will feature. In the area of construction, this riser design will feature:

  • Distributions systems including low voltage and high voltage systems along with emergency or essential power systems as well as your facility’s UPS and generator systems.
  • Lighting control designs as well as lighting systems that involve emergency and artificial lighting.
  • Protection designs for lighting, security, telecom and IT.
  • Panel scheduling and riser designs.
  • Lux level lighting and calculation design.
  • Calculations of electrical loads on each component and section of the design.

NY Engineers Specializes in all kinds of electrical riser design services. These services will provide your electricians with a perfect solution because they will know the entire vertical layout to set in the facility.

How NYE Design Electrical Risers

Electrical Diagrams

It's one of the most critical aspects associated with the designing process. Most of the parties don’t realize it and for any design service which results in an unsatisfied experience. If you are looking to hire a design service for your facility’s MEP network then you should hire the services of an experienced professional.

A person who knows how to read as well as design such a drawing or diagram will be able to do a job effectively. The process begins by looking at the building’s entrance. The technician will ask the local utility firm in New York regarding the voltage for the service that is available.

Our engineers will do the same and then turn their attention towards the small things such as identifying the closets, vaults, and shafts. This will be an easy process if the project involves a high-rise building.

Our technical designers will then move on to the next step and look for the panels and switchboards. This will provide them with the entire project’s electrical distribution network design.

After acquiring all the details associated with the design, our engineer will inspect if all these components are working and whether the results are efficient or not.  After that, they will assess all the specifications and will provide you with all the details regarding your facility’s ventilation, heating, lighting, and power as well as elevator systems.

Compliance with NYC Building Code

We at make sure that we adhere to all the guidelines mentioned in the Chicago Building Code for the designing and development of electrical riser systems.

For example one of the most critical requirements mentioned in the Chicago Building Code is that the entrance within the two floors must be sealed properly with fire sealant. This sealant will prevent the fire from spreading between those two floors.

It is an important requirement set by the code because it is critically important both for the safety of the occupants as well as the electrical engineers who will take care of all the maintenance work of the entire facility. Keeping the entire facility safe is essential if you want to stay away from any of those legal charges that might occur due to the accidents. So there are various legal issues that you are nullifying with the help of these diagrams and drawing.

Who is Eligible to Design an Electrical Riser Diagram?

Only an electrical engineer with years of experience and skill can design all aspects of electrical riser design for commercial and residential units. The designer will be highly specialized in blending the lined between commercial, residential as well as institutional electrical diagrams. The sole purpose here is to design a network that can provide optimal electrical solutions with high efficiencies.

It is important that all the aspects and components of the entire building work smoothly with such a design. Otherwise, there is no need to invest so much money when the services are going to be unprofessional. The resulting design should provide full assistance to your electricians for swift installations.

What Services does NYE Provide?

The technical staff of NY Engineers has decades of experience in the field of MEP engineering and services.

With a lot of experience and knowledge at the disposal of our technical design professionals, we at NY Engineers provide a range of different services. These include:

  • Calculation of lighting and their loads.
  • Electrical drawings and designs for your facility’s power as well as lighting.
  • Schematic drawings and designs of all electrical networks.
  • All associated specifications and schedules.
  • Reports and presentations on all designs along with proper detailing and explanations.

Benefits of Getting the Electrical Riser Diagrams from NYE

Whenever you want to see the electricity distributions systems then a riser diagram will help you out. This document will also enable you to show an electrical engineer in case if your facility needs a maintenance check.

Some of these are the primary benefits of these riser diagrams are listed as follows:

Identifying the source and the destination

Having a look at these diagrams will provide you with all the information that you want to know about what is going where and from where it is coming. It is highly important to have this information at your disposal. The designer is not going to feed you with any extra information. Therefore, you will have clear and concise information in the form of this document.

A guide for the electricians

Another huge benefit of this document is that the diagram will enable your electricians to work with the entire electrical system in an effective manner. He will know which section is where, and will not disturb the rest of the network on the basis of trial-and-error.

Avoid accidents

This diagram or design becomes crucial in case of an accident. As the entire system is properly planned on the document and then brought to real life, it will improve the overall efficiency of the network tenfold. Your electrical engineer might be at risk if you do not pay attention to this document. The expenses will double or even triple if any accidents occur. Therefore, it is important for you to use this document carefully to save time as well as money.

Compliance with Chicago building code

Above all, it is a mandatory requirement set by the Chicago Building Code to properly develop and document all the network diagrams for the entire MEP network of a facility both at residential and at commercial levels. Therefore, it’s not just a matter of your building’s safety but it is a legal matter too. For this reason, you need to have this document developed in full details meeting all the requirements.

What Design Stages do NY Engineers Cover?

Our technicians will provide you with a range of different services and will tackle a number of design stages as well. NY Engineers’ comprehensive support will take care of the entire project from the concept development to full finalization.

Our engineers will design all the stages that your entire projects comprise of:

  • Concept
  • Tender
  • Contract
  • Coordination
  • Approval

NYE Software

For all types of lighting designs and specifically the calculations of lux-level, NY Engineers use AGi32 and DIALux. Moreover, our design technicians use AutoCAD, PowerCAD, and ReVit for the creation and development of all the electrical drawings.

Our team of engineers also use all the latest tech for the purpose of communicating information and sharing files with a variety of internet based online collaborating systems along with other sophisticated markup tools such as BIM360 Design. Apart from that we also use a number of other assisting tools and software as well.

What software our team will use for your project depends on the nature of the project and its specific requirements.

Our Portfolio & Clients we Serve

NY engineers Inc provide the electrical riser design services and solutions to a variety of customers that include:

  • Engineers of electrical design
  • Consultants of electrical drafting
  • Engineers of multi-disciplinary drafting
  • Firms of facility management
  • MEP traders and contractors

has years of experience when it comes to electrical system designs. Since the time of inceptions, we have worked for a number of residential, commercial and industrial projects. The portfolio of NYE includes a number of past projects based on different electrical engineering services.

These include:

  • Electrical drafting of residential towers
  • Electrical designing for different distribution and storage centers as well as warehouses
  • Drafting and designing for refitted or refurbished offices which included the upgrading of the current structure and addition of some extra design features
  • Designing and drafting of electrical systems for a new hospital facility
  • Drawings of electrical systems for a number of educational institutions
  • Drawings of the electrical systems and networks for bioresource facilities
  • Electrical riser designs for different commercial projects

What you’ll Get With a Good Quality Electrical Riser Diagram?

Easy & Smooth Operation

You can conveniently use your electrical riser designs as a blueprint for keeping the electrical power and its distributions systems of your building operating at a smoother level. There will be a lot fewer issues that will occur because you were able to plan the entire system effectively.

Safety assurance

By using this design document of your facility’s electrical system, you can eradicate any possibility of risks associated with electrical accidents. This way you can keep your electrician safe as well. Additionally, you can also avoid any expenses to bear in case of those workplace accidents.

Quick actions & Response

Of course, with the help of this document in the form of a blueprint, you will have a picture of your entire electrical system. This means that you can easily identify any issue and locate them quickly. For this reason, you can also take immediate steps to eliminate those issues so that your systems keep operating smoothly.

Why NYE for Electrical Riser Design

Electrical riser designs are critical for the safety of an entire facility. These designs enable the electrical engineers to understand all the aspects of the electrical systems of your building. The most important part is that the electrical riser design is the requirement that the Chicago Building Code has set for every commercial and residential as well as industrial facility. Therefore, it is highly important for you to develop this design to avoid any hazardous situation and also prevent any costs arising from those incidents.

You must hire the services of a skilled professional in this field. Our skilled electrical system designer will consider all the aspects of designing a commercial and a residential unit and blend them in. For this reason, the entire system will not only run smoothly but will also provide plenty of useful information for maintenance purposes.

This is not going to happen if you don’t hire skilled personnel in this field. NY Engineers have plenty of experience in this field. Our technical staff will take care of all the aspects of the entire design process effectively. Our professionals have years of experience in electrical riser designs and diagrams and they will make sure that your systems run smoothly for a long time to come.

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