What Facilities Do NY Engineers Provide?

Nurse Call Systems

Control Posts

NY Engineers provides a wide array of control posts. These control posts each come with their own benefit and their own edge. NY Engineers always lets you know about the several controls post options which are available for you to choose from. The cost and installment time is different for each kind of control post. Our team of expert engineers will provide you a comprehensive list of control posts and their installation time as well as cost. This will help you decide on a particular control post for your hospital or residence.

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Control Posts Types

Wired control post

The most common type of control post is the wired control post which looks like a landline telephone which is wired up. The wired control post is perhaps the most efficient and fast out of all of the control posts. This is because it uses a wired channel and all wired channels have a dedicated path for data transmission. This makes it faster for data to travel to and from the control post. The installation cost is a bit expensive as you have to properly wire the entire network and then calibrate it as well.

Wireless control post

The second most common type of control post is the wireless control post which also looks like a wireless landline phone. This wireless control post is the most inexpensive to set up because there is no wiring needed to connect it to the overall network. However, they may sometimes not be as efficient as they use wireless channels to transmit data. Wireless channels may be convenient for you to use, however, they are slower as there is more traffic. Unlike wired channels where data is transmitted on dedicated channels, wireless channels do not have dedicated channels.

The wireless control posts either use a dedicated communication channel or they connect over the WiFi connection. Either way, the data transmission may be compromised by several factors such as obstacles and interference from other wireless channels and devices which may be using it as well.

PC control post

The third but uncommon type of control post is the PC control post. The PC control post is basically software which is installed on a PC at the nursing station. NY Engineers’ specific application is installed on the PC which allows nurses to add their input and provide analyses reports. The control post also manages alarms and patient management so that it is easier for nurses and caretakers to do their jobs.

What features are included in the control posts?

Features Included

The control posts offered by NY Engineers provide several features which are essential to communication and control.


The control posts in each room use radio frequencies to identify patients, visitors as well as nurses. The RFID is embedded in a special staff or visitors’ card which allows the system to identify who is visiting the patient and at what time. The software management system automatically identifies the RFID and then logs the visit on the system. If the RFID is not recognized then it will send an alarm to the main control post.

The RFID feature is also important for wandering protection as patients sometimes tend to wander off. This can be a problem. The RFID tag included on a special bracelet given to the patient is detected by sensors in the doors which automatically shut when they detect unusual movement.


Voice over IP is an important aspect of any communication medium. The VoIP provides patients and nurses or caretakers a channel through which they can communicate easily. Whenever the patient needs help or in need of general care, they can simply push the buttons on the control post and a VoIP connection will be established with the nurse or caretaker. The VoIP is essential to the care system as it provides a way for nurses and patients to communicate.

This VoIP connection can either be wired or it can be wireless, depending on the kind of control post being used for communication.

External elements

Each control post will be provided with 16 extra ports where several other devices or elements can be connected. This will essentially create a remote control of all the devices and elements present in the room. You can imagine if a patient needs their pump to slow down, they can simply communicate this to the nurse via the VoIP service. The nurse does not need to come down to the room and make the changes. They can simply use their control post and adjust the settings according to the requirement.

This feature makes it convenient for the nurse and patient to communicate with each other remotely. This also lets the nurse or caretaker provide care without having to actually visit the patient in the first place.


The IPTV service provided by NY Engineers’ capable team is a comprehensive digital tool which keeps patients entertained and allows hospital workers such as nurses and staff to keep track of progress and other management related factors.

Infotainment for patients

The IPTV is a source of entertainment and news for patients. This IPTV serves many purposes and one of these purposes is to entertain. The IPTV offers TV channels which can be viewed by the click of a button on the control post. This feature also allows Video on Demand for the patients. The Video on Demand feature included in the IPTV is a very fruitful feature as it allows patients to stay focused on an activity. The VOD includes many videos on exercise, do it yourself crafts and many other engaging activities.

Language selection

Other than that, the IPTV is equipped with a language selection option which offers patients several languages. These languages may be regional or international. This depends entirely on the region where the IPTV is being used. Not only this, but the IPTV also allows patients to set up a wake-up alarm right on the IPTV. So, you don’t have to worry about having a phone with you or a separate alarm clock. The IPTV does this for you.

Parental control

For children, NY Engineers provide a special feature with the IPTV: The parental controls. Using these controls you can calibrate the IPTV to only view channels which are appropriate for a certain age. The parental controls also deny a lot of services by asking for a parental password. If the child does not have the password, then they won’t be able to access the controls or adult channels.

Customized welcome message

For the hospital, the IPTV is also very beneficial. The hospital may use these IPTVs to display a customized welcome message which can be designed by either an in-house designer or an external one. NY Engineers also offer to get your welcome message made from our very capable graphic designers and video editors.

Computer screens

The IPTV can also be used as a computer screen in several places. This cuts down costs on actual computer monitors which may cost more and may be difficult to set up as well. Other than this, the hospital can also configure the IPTVs to display hospital information such as directions to different wards, contact numbers and so on. The hospital may also use the IPTV to display advertisements. These advertisements can be gauged from companies and agencies. The hospital can profit off from these advertisements, making some extra money.

Management Alarms

NY Engineers also provide the most versatile and efficient software for alarm and patient management. These software management tools provide a log system where all the alarms are recorded.

Record patient data

The alarms are recorded with their date, time, and patient name and so on. This helps in realizing a pattern of behavior and allows nurses and caretakers to stay alert and cater to the patients needs in a better way.

Managing shifts

The software management system also provides a way to effectively manage shifts. Nurses or caretakers can easily track which person has spent how much time providing care and when. This allows hospital management staff to track the progress of the shifts and allows nurses or caretakers to switch shifts.

The shift management module of the management system offers records which are stored automatically through the hospital or residence’s attendance system. Whenever a nurse enters the premises and marks their attendance, the shift will be scheduled to start on the designated time. The software will match whether the shift’s nurses are present and will alert them that their shifts have started and that they need to cater to their patients.

Documentations of care operations

Care work can be documented on the software from the room itself or from a dedicated space where nurses can access the software management system. The care work will allow the software to gather the data provided by the nurses and turn it into meaningful data. This brings us to the main highlight of this software.


This software management system uses an efficient and accurate algorithm designed by our engineers. This algorithm carefully analyzes the data provided by the nurses or the caretakers and then produces a detailed report on this data. This report can be used by caretakers or doctors to figure out patterns or symptoms which can lead to further treatment. This data is also helpful for statisticians who may wish to utilize this data for use in a study related to health.

What NYE Has To Offer?

NY Engineers is a highly responsible and well-reputed organization which aims to provide the best services to you. Our team of highly skilled workers, technicians and engineers will make sure that your systems are up and running. We will make sure that you choose a plan which is fitting your budget.

You can rest assured that we will always aim to provide you with cheaper, better and more advanced alternative according to your needs and budget. Our nurse call systems are efficient as well as productive because they allow you to perform analyses and skim the data to make conclusions.

Our nurse call systems use state of the art technology. These systems are configured and then calibrated by our expert engineers. We also perform maintenance every 2 months or so in order to make sure that the system is up and running properly.

Preventing Wandering Patients

One of the most unique features included in our nurse call systems is the anti-wandering option. It is often the case that patients or elderly people tend to wander off. This may be because they do not know any better or they might be suffering from a memory loss disorder such as dementia or amnesia.

Wandering patients and elderly people can problematic and cause a lot of harm to the patient. This can also cause for some people who are taking care of the patient to have an anxiety or panic attack as they get cautious of the whereabouts.

NY Engineer’s smart nurse call systems prevent this from happening by alerting the nurses or caretakers that a patient or person has wandered off or is trying to reach for the door. Our smart nurse call systems achieve this by using acute sensors placed on the doors and windows of several rooms.

This kind of nurse call system is fitted on to a bracelet like a device which activates an alarm every time it comes in close proximity to the sensors placed on the doors. Whenever the alarm is activated, the caretakers either receive an SMS or an alarm is sounded on their phones or control panels. This varies from installation to installation. The clients get to decide what kind of alarm will be displayed and where.

Clients can choose to have alarms set up in various ways. You can choose to light up special light alarms which flash and sound an alarm at the same time. You can also choose to simultaneously have the doors lock themselves automatically whenever they detect the patient coming in close proximity.

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