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can analyze all your existing lighting installation systems. It will provide to be a substantial base for the development of new lighting concepts with a pure focus on suitability. The energy audit services that will provide to manage your project will include,

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Parking Lot Lighting Solutions

Parking Lot Lighting Services

We all encounter parking lot lighting do a daily basis. This lighting is of great use in office complexes, shopping centers distribution centers and warehouses as well as the school districts across the country. What we are talking about here is the pole lighting in the outdoors as well as the light systems on the indoors.

Now the management of these light systems involves dealing with various issues pertaining to energy conservation and costs. The reason behind that is most of the parking lot lighting systems feature HID or high-density discharge lamps like high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps. If the light system is very old then they will have mercury vapor lamps. Using these technologies to generate the required lumens can cause a few problems. These include,

Energy consumption

For any site that is a retail facility, a hospital or a school, energy conservation is a massive cost driver. The regular HID lamp wattage required for parking lot fixtures ranges between 100W and 1000W. Of course, if the wattage is high the output is going to be high and the light on your area will be more. But high wattage also means high energy consumption.

The size of the area that a lighting system covers also plays its part here. The height of the pole also contributes to this matter. For instance, a 1000W lamp or fixture can cost up to $525 annually. Now if you have a large area to cover then using more of the 1000W lamps are going to drive cost very high. This situation not only spikes the energy consumption but the costs as well.

Maintenance costs

These costs also majorly contribute to the overall costs associated with parking lot lighting. Whether indoor or outdoor, these lights are mounted on poles or ceilings at a height that is more than 15 feet. This means that you will need a bucket truck if you need to change the lamps whenever you need to. There are not many firms that own such a truck.

For this, they need to hire an external service provider to do all the routine maintenance. Over time, these expenses can add up and the management has to deal with thousands of dollars in costs to maintain a single fixture over a period of three years. So the stakes become higher and higher with the passage of time.

Light Performance Issues

The performance issues of these lights are the most critical element of all. Based on which type of light fixture you are using, the performance traits can vary widely. For instance, if you are using fixtures with metal halide then the light is going to be brighter but these fixtures also accelerate lumen degradation over time.

This means that the light output is going to decrease very quickly from the time of installation and this can reduce the overall durability and lifespan up to a great extent. On the other hand, high-pressure sodium lights are going to produce less lumen and they will not burn out as quickly as the metal halide fixtures. But these lights have very low rendering index with their orange output.

Plus, you will also have to need more of these high-pressure sodium lights because they have less lumen. So in both scenarios, the cost is high and you have to either go for low light output or less durability. LED lights, however, do come with a hefty price but they also tackle both the above-mentioned issues effectively.

Compliance issues

In recent time, the government has emphasized more and more on energy conservation and for this reason, they are introducing new terms and conditions for the site owners to comply. Understanding and implementation of these rules and regulations mentioned in the Chicago Building Code and the National Electric Code are mandatory.

Avoiding the code can result in charges and penalties which can further add to the costs. Not many site owners have a complete know-how of all these legal requirements and they go about their projects reluctantly which can subject to penalties for violation.

How Will NY Engineers Support Your Project?

has been in the industry for a long time. For this reason, we only hire engineers that are highly proficient in their skills and also have a vast amount of knowledge to tackle any issues while providing the services to the clients. We offer a wide range of services and will take care of the entire project for you on your behalf.

The range of services that we provide in this regard include the following,

Energy audit

can analyze all your existing lighting installation systems. It will provide to be a substantial base for the development of new lighting concepts with a pure focus on suitability. The energy audit services that will provide to manage your project will include,

  • Assessments of all the status quo of the current light scenario both energy-wise and technically
  • Evaluations of the existing energy consumptions
  • Efficiency considerations of the current systems
  • Efficiency derivations as well as the estimation of savings potential of your entire system
  • Selection of adequate lighting solutions along with light planning on various levels of details
  • Assessment of all the data collected from the current systems
  • Comparing the figures with the benchmarks and reporting

The potential estimation will rely on on-site inspection and detections of all the luminaries and fixtures involved within the system. This will enable our engineers to make assessments associated with savings, and investment. The assessments will heavily base on the evaluation of existing brightness as well as recording the current hours of operations of each fixture and its type.

It will help our engineers in light planning along with product proposal. The next step involves the development of light concepts for various areas. Here our engineers will develop different lighting solutions for various areas according to the set goals and requirements. This is the time where our team of technical engineers will recommend you whether your project requires a lighting management system or not.

can also take care of dismantling of your existing lighting system along with its disposal while complying with the national policy. Our engineers will then install the new luminaries and fixtures while considering all the operational hours and requirements along with the lighting management system if needed.

Operation Services

This is where takes the lead or its competition. We believe that our services don’t end when your light comes on. NYE will provide you with full operation services as well where your management team will be able to remotely monitor, manage and maintain the entire system. We provide these services as part of our standard services. NYE ensures that all systems run at their optimal level and your team can easily manage them without any issues.

Scheduled maintenance and repairs

In addition to the operation services, NYE also provides its clients with scheduled maintenance and repair services. Parking lot lighting systems come with different types of sensors with which the lights turn on and off according to the time of day or as per set schedule. These sensors tend to gather a lot of dust over time and need regular maintenance and cleaning. Our technical staff can schedule the visits without disturbing your operational hours and can do all the maintenance work or if any repairs are required.

Support for light planning

Our team of lighting engineers will provide you with support for all the lighting design concepts where your project requires different types of luminaire systems or various other conceptions of light applications, adjustments or measurements for the purpose of visualization of your entire lighting project. This will be very beneficial in pre-planning the projects or make any adjustments according to the changes in demands.


can also manage the entire project for you if you need. We can easily do so with the help of remote access and can turn the lights on/off as per your needs and requirements.

Customized services

One of the best reasons to hire is that our team of technical engineers can provide you with services that are customized according to your demands and project goals. We can design and develop light solutions or individual luminaries.


Our team of professionals will make sure that your project also adheres to all the regulations set by the Chicago Building Code well as the National Electric Code. Compliance with these rules will prevent any unwanted charges or penalties and this will enable you to reduce any unnecessary costs as well. Fulfillment of these terms is mandatory as they are designed to keep your projects safe from any safety concerns and will also help you in conserving energy.

How Will We Assist You?

There are a number of benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you hire NYE for your parking lot lighting project. NYE will enable you to reduce your electricity costs significantly. Our engineers will make sure that they design a system that remains sustainable in the long run.

Additionally, our design engineers focus on high productivity and for this reason, they develop systems that not only provide optimal results but also keep the costs under check. In case of any maintenance and repairs, our team will set a schedule that will not collide with your operational hours. Routine maintenance keeps the systems on track and it can also avoid any issues even before they arise. These repairs will also keep any performance issues of the lighting system at bay.

Our professionals will also make sure to design the parking lot lighting systems that adhere to the regulatory requirements set by the authorities. This will not only help you in conserving energy but will also prevent you from any unwanted penalties.

And last but not least is that you will also receive highly customized services. Our engineers make sure that they understand the demands and priorities of the clients and design a system accordingly. With our light planning support, our engineers will help you visualize different projects before they take the form of reality. You can easily make changes to them according to your needs.

Moreover, we understand different types of lights and fixtures and also understand where they will be most productive. For this reason, based on the area where you want to install your lighting systems, we will provide you with our suggestions and will also provide you with different cost perspectives associated with each of those options to help you in making the right decision.

Why Trust Us?

has been in the industry for many years. For this reason, we have been able to develop successful and long-lasting relations with our prestigious suppliers. With our supplier network, you can benefit in your projects because we assure you to provide the best products and services with a focus on sustainability and productivity.

Our team of technical engineers only comprises of experienced and knowledgeable personnel. Apart from all their expertise we also train them well with a number of projects. For this reason, our professionals come up with the most suitable solutions for your project on the first go. It not only allows them to prevent any misuse of the available resources but they are also able to complete the project within the allotted deadline. 

Some site owners prefer to choose different contractors working on a single project. This approach doesn’t come with any long term or short benefit. Going for different service providers for each stage of a single project can be very costly. Furthermore, it can also cause a lot of problems when it comes to the overall productivity of the project. Different brains with different perspectives working on the same project can render critical results. This can not only drive your costs wild but the results might also not turn out to be positive.

You need to hire a single service provider for all your projects and that provider needs to have plenty of industry experience. fulfills all these requirements and for this reason, you don’t have to look for any other service. At NYE we put the interest of our prestigious clients ahead of anything else.

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