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Simple and Hassle-Free OER Filing and Approvals

OER Filing and Approval

Professional OER Filing and Approval

The Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) overlooks developments in lots that have environmental implications. Based on zoning actions, a property can get different types of designations from the OER. If you want to carry out development or any work in designated lots, you have to first get an approval from the OER.

The OER approval is necessary to get your work permits from the Department of Building. Designated lots with environmental implications may need to implement a remedial plan as directed by the OER. You can only get approval for your project or the certificate of occupancy after you have carried out the remedial plan satisfactorily.

As with any departmental proceedings and paperwork, the OER approval process can be long and tiring. You may get overwhelmed by the amount of formalities, running around, filling forms, submitting fees, meeting officials- the list is endless! It makes sense to work with a professional agency that has the required expertise and experience in handling OER approvals to save time and effort.

New York Engineers helps you get your OER approval in a simple and easy manner. We take all matters in our hands and do everything that is necessary to get your approval. That means finding the right approvals to file, filling applications with the necessary information, submitting applications- all that is necessary to get your approval or certificate of occupancy.

We also help you design and create remedial plans that receive OER approval on the first attempt. Our team can also assist you in designing your construction or development following the regulations of the OER. The compliant designs are accepted by the OER and you have no trouble getting your final or temporary certificate of occupancy.

We can also provide construction administration services so that each piece of work is carried out according to plans. You also have the choice of working with our recommended contractors where we can guarantee a zero-change work. If you need adept guidance and want to get your OER approval in a hassle-free manner, you are invited to take the help of our dedicated team.

Do I Need to Apply for OER Approval?

OER Approval

It's really simple to find out whether you need to apply for OER approval or not. The OER places environmental requirements on specified property lots as a consequence of zoning action. Based on circumstances, your property can get an E-designation (E) or Restrictive Declaration (RD). The designations are given after evaluating various factors outlined in the ZR 11-15.

If your lot has an "E" designation, it means your property has environments requirements associated with air, noise or hazardous materials. The designations are given under the City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) Act. Any new development, alteration or expansion in E-designated lots will need approvals from the OER before you can proceed.

Getting an approval from the OER is the first step of the process to get your work permit. It's mandatory to get OER approvals for designated lots, otherwise you may have to face legal consequences or penalties.

You can easily find out whether your property has an "E" designation or RD. The easiest way is to check out the New York City Zoning Resolution Appendix C or the zoning map where the lots show up with their respective designations.

Types of E Designation

The OER grants three types of E-designations and each one requires approval for development :

Hazardous Materials: Lots with E-designations for hazardous materials may need soil testing to confirm contamination. Once contamination is determined, you will need to adopt a remedial plan and get it approved by the OER. The OER will approve the plan and then you can begin your development implementing the plan. Once development is complete, the OER will check if the remedial plan is implemented properly before granting the certificate of occupancy.

Lots with hazardous material implications will also need OER approval for enlargements, extensions, or change in usage of residential or community facilities. You will need approval from OER if any work involves disturbing the soil.

Noise Impact: RD or E-designations given to lots for noise impact will need approval for development, extension, enlargement or change in use. The projects often need alternate methods of ventilation and installation of typical wall or window attenuation.

Generally, you will need approvals for any modification, replacement or relocation of exterior walls or windows. You will need to apply for approving your remedial plant and carry it out satisfactorily to get the certificate of occupancy.

Air Impact: Lots that have received RD or E-designation for air quality impact, will also need OER approval. You will have to get your remedial plan approved and implemented before you can get your certificate of occupancy.

You may need OER approval if your project involves modification of exhaust systems like vent replacement or stack relocation. The requirements can also mandate the location of boiler stack and put limits on the type of boiler fuel to natural gas.

Lots with air quality requirements will need OER approvals for development, extension, enlargement or change in usage.

If you are considering any work for lots with environmental requirements, we are here to help you out. Our team of engineers can determine the nature of work you need to perform and help you file for approval. We can also provide our guidance and develop suitable remedial plans which are meant to be approved by the OER. You can leave all the planning, paperwork and filing to us, and become free to enjoy the fruits of approval!

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Which Type of OER Approval do I Need to File?

The OER issues four major types of approvals for projects on lots with "E" designation or RD. It goes without saying that you need to file the right permit to get your approval quickly and easily.

Let's take a look at what each approval entails :

General Notice of No Objection to Certain Work :

The Department of Buildings identifies certain types of work under the authorization from OER that easily receive the Notice of No Objection to Certain Work. The OER does not object to issuance permit application approval, amended permits or application, sign-off or certificate of occupancy for such work even when they involve a lot with environmental requirements.

The applications for the specific types of work filed with the department also get the requirements for Notice of No Objection and Notice of Satisfaction waived off.

Notice of No Objection :

The OER issues the Notice of No Objection to projects under building permit applications that don't invite air or noise concerns or don't pose hazardous materials risks. The Notice is also issued to work that doesn't fall under the ZR 11-15 considerations.

The Notice of No Objection signifies that the OER doesn't object to the permit application approval, issue of permits, amended application or permit, permit sign off or the presentation of temporary or final certificate of occupancy.

You can get a Notice of No Objections from the OER  in the following cases :

  1. The OER will review your application to determine whether your proposed scope of work involves any threats of hazardous material contamination, or noise or air quality impact. If everything is ok, the OER will issue the Notice of No Objection. You can also get a Notice of No Objection if your work is not subjected to ZR 11-15.
  2. The OER can issue a Notice of No Objection for pending temporary certificates of occupancy. You will only get the notice once you can prove that the spaces or units have satisfied all "E" designation requirements.
  3. The OER also issues Notice of No Objections for Support of Excavation (SOE) or Foundation. The notice signifies that the OER is not going to oppose the work listed in the application. The applicant will also need to present an interim report to the OER with details of removal or disposal of the excavated soil from their site.

Notices of No Objection issued for SOE or Foundation are not applicable for superstructure work.

Notice to Proceed :

The Notice to Proceed from the OER signifies that work described in a building permit is required to mitigate or meet the environmental requirements. If you get a Notice to Proceed from the OER, you can be sure that the department will not oppose your permit application approval or issuance of permit.

However, the Notice to Proceed doesn't mean you will get an amended permit, permit sign-off or the certificate of occupancy right away.

There is also another thing to keep in mind- you have to begin work on your remedial action plan within one year of getting the Notice to Proceed; otherwise the notice will get void.

Notice of Satisfaction :

The OER issues the Notice of Satisfaction when the work mentioned in building permit is carried out in accordance with the Notice to Proceed. The Notice of Satisfaction signifies that the project has satisfied all environmental requirements including the documentation of declaration of restrictions for site management, if required by the OER.

The Notice of Satisfaction ensures permit sign-off and issuance of certificate of completion or the temporary or final certificate of occupancy. 

Having the right help can ensure a smooth OER approval process. We can provide the required guidance and help you acquire OER approvals for your projects.

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How can we Help?

New York Engineers is seasoned in handling OER applications and filings. You can count on us any time to help you with projects of environmental concerns and get fast approvals from the OER. We have developed a streamlined approval process where we work closely with all stakeholders for a hassle-free experience. If you are looking to develop or make modifications to your construction, we can help you file the right permits with all necessary information and documentation.

Our team will follow up with OER officials so that your application receives due attention. We will fill up the forms, prepare drawings if necessary and help you develop remedial action plans. Our architects and engineers will ensure that each piece of work follows the Notice to Proceed so that you can get your certificate of completion or occupancy without any glitches.

We are here for you and ready to help you create an environmentally-sound and safe construction. With our help, you never have to worry about OER approvals anymore!

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