Workstation Power Feed Design

Get efficient and ergonomic workstation power feeds designed and customized for your offices and workplaces. Our team of dedicated engineers always integrate workstations with highly innovative design and supplies.

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Workstation Power Feed Design?

Why You Need An Innovative Workstation Power Feed Design?

Workstation Power Feed Design

The workstation is where all the important work assignment goes on, where you basically develop your work and assignments into workable forms. These workstations often require a laptop or any other tool in order for you to get on with your work. And of course, these devices and tools require electric power to run them. Workstations would be useless if there was no power provided to them. NY Engineers offers services that help you design workstations in a way that they are able to accommodate all sorts of electronics and devices for your everyday use.

The workstation usually consists of grommets and floor boxes that can be used by employees and staff to connect to the main power grid of the physical structure of the building. The grommets are an essential part of the workstation as they provide the means for wires and other connectors to go from under the table and smoothly onto the workstation. These grommets are a major part of what makes the workstations easy to work with. Other than that floor boxes and desk modules are also a major part of NY Engineers’ services. Our floor boxes, desk modules, and other devices are top notch and offer durability and reliability in all its forms. We also provide large storage compartments with the workstations so that you can store all of your devices and tools.

NYE Offer Value For Money

Value for money

It is imperative to understand that the budget is the deciding factor for us in taking various decisions for the design and implementation. A low budget only means that some features will not be present in the service. However, that does not entirely mean that the service will be poor or not up to par.

No matter what the budget is, we will always keep you up to date on the expenditure and how we can increase a little budget for some extra features and then it is up to you, our client to decide whether you wish to increment your budget a little. The quality will always be top notch no matter what your budget is, the features may be minimum in quantity, but the experience will be memorable.

Workstation Power Feeds Options

Grommets : Grommets are an essential part of the workstation. These are sort of lids on the holes in your workstation. The grommets we provide are basically a gateway for your devices to easily connect to the main power grid provided to you with the workstation. The grommets can be rotated to either be open for your connectors and wires to go through or they can be closed off when you don’t want to use them.

We only use the best kind of grommets that are available on the market. We use grommets that are easy to operate and easy to install. This is done so that in the case of a mishap, you have to install the grommets yourself, you can easily do it on your own without having to call for help. The grommets are made from premium industrial grade aluminum or plastic. The material is dependent on the kind of budget that you provide us. If the budget is high and you can spend more, we can offer you double-sided grommets made from premium stainless aluminum. However, if your budget is significantly low, we can still offer you durable plastic grommets that keep your workstation tidy.

It is important to understand that NY Engineers provide grommets with the workstations in order to keep your space tidy and cleared up. This has a psychological effect on the mind of the person working on the workstation as they feel more in control and more in focus on the work that they are doing. These grommets also aid in providing current and electricity to the PCs, entertainment devices or even tools and devices used for the work you’re doing.

Desk Modules : Desk Modules are another very important part of the workstation as they are the primary source of current and electricity for the workstation. The desk module looks like a switchboard that is embedded into the desk itself. The desk module is connected to the main power supply via a cable that runs either beneath the surface or under the carpets. The desk modules can be used for supplying electric power and current to different devices and tools. Some premium desk modules also allow you to connect to a local area network via a specialized port that is connected to the switch or a hub providing internet and network access to your personal computer or laptop.

NY Engineers provide you with versatile and durable desk modules made from premium plastic. In addition, switches and indicator lights will also be provided on the desk modules for added convenience and reliability. The quality of these desk modules is obviously the top tier quality. Mostly we try to get the desk modules to have the kind of sockets that fit all kinds of connectors.

The desk modules are made by our trusted sources and are certified to be used in professional environments. Our provider ensures that all safety standards are met and that the product delivered is reliable, durable and above all, safe for use.

Floor boxes : Floor boxes are a unique device to have for the workstations and the office overall. The floor boxes are similar to desk modules, however, instead of resting on the desk, these are embedded in the floor to be used. These are not as convenient as desk modules as they are located on the ground and it might be difficult to get your devices that low on the floor. Normally, they are used for purposes of connection.

The quality and reliability is a factor just like everything else. These floor boxes will be made from the durable kind of plastic and sturdy materials. The quality offered by the high tier floor boxes is definitely much better than the average ones. The high tier floor boxes also offer versatile sockets that can connect to different kinds of connectors. They also use a spring mechanism to pop up when pushed slightly. They’re not always protruding because someone can trip and fall over it. You can push them down to hide from view.

NYE professionals don’t recommend the lower quality floor boxes because they often do not offer the spring mechanism either do they offer any kind of versatility in terms of sockets and connectors. They also lack some durability as they are often broken by the lightest of pressure.

The floor boxes are used to connect the several connectors and extension sockets. They can be used where desk modules are unavailable or they can be used to connect desk modules to the main power supply or power feed. The floor boxes that NY Engineers provide are top notch and perfectly safe for use.

Power Poles : For a large workstation network, power poles are the most important component of all. In a large office with many workstations, the power poles are the connecting poles between workstations. These power poles often provide coordination and networking between systems.

Different power poles are needed for different purposes. Leave it to us to decide what kind of power pole is necessary for your needs. It is important to remember here that power poles are different and are placed according to the structure of the network. However, we don’t recommend low budget power poles. This can hamper performance and maybe the mobility of the employees, however, this gets the job done nonetheless. The monotonous power poles may have you compromising on some networking and design factors, other than that they are safe and flawless.

If you have a better budget, then we can provide more mobility, a much better and well-suited design. The power poles of various purposes and sizes can be used for better and more efficient network design. The premium power poles are also made from the best kind of aluminum and plastic that makes it prone to any kind of dents or rust.

How Safe Is The NYE Workstation Design?

Our workstations are designed in the most ergonomic way by both engineers as well as expert designers in the field. The workstations are designed in a way that is convenient to use and doesn’t mess up the entire look and feel of the place with large switchboards and unusual wiring protruding from the desks. The workstations and the components provided by NY engineers are 100% safe and reliable for use. All of our material is tested by our expert engineers and designers for an ergonomic and safe experience.

Our third party providers of these components and storage compartments are well-known providers as they follow all the safety and regulatory standards as set by ISO. The products that they provide are all certified safe and reliable for use. All components have an emergency shut off button that works to provide immediate cutoff. Other than this, we also perform all of our security checks on the devices as well just for assurance. Our team of engineers put in days and nights’ work into testing the components for safety and ability to resist fires and other electrical mishaps.

Our team offers a safety manual with the workstations so that in the case of any mishap, you would know what to do. Our designs for the components also lack any sharp lining or faulty wiring that can normally lead to injuries and minor inconveniences.

Why Get Workstation Power Feeds From NYE

NY Engineers is a highly professional firm that provides engineering solutions to all of your problems and project needs. Our team of highly qualified engineers and expert designers will make sure that your needs are met in the most suitable budget.

Our professional team believes in the spirit of communication and they will always keep you in the loop of whatever is happening and how much expenditure is being done. The best kind of service is only possible through communication.

You can rest assured that all of our projects are successful and safe. You never have to worry about maintenance and other kinds of keeping up for the services which we provide.

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