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Building power plan systems have plenty of significance in any industry. If you want to increase the overall efficiency of your facility then you need to have an effective power plan.

We at NY Engineers are here for you with all the expertise and knowledge to manage your facility. Moreover, we are able to assist you in developing a power plan for your facility because our team has years of experience in working with different software and tools to create real-time scenarios and assess them according to the requirements set by our clients. If you are looking for an optimal solution for your power system then hire NY Engineering services today.

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Designing With Energy Modeling

We focus on energy modeling for optimal results. This modeling provides us with all the information on how your entire facility uses energy with all the systems running at full operational peak. Hence, acquiring this information is critical because it will give our engineers with the best chance to develop all possible scenarios for reducing cost and increasing productivity.

The estimated cost of the entire facility can be quantified and this is how our team decides what to keep and what to discard within the current power system. To keep all the evaluations and assessments as accurate as possible our technicians use different types of software.

NYE do all the energy modeling under the requirements set by the LEED certification and comply with Chicago building codes. Our team of professionals can model the power systems of both new and existing facilities.

Therefore, with this process, we are able to achieve three objectives.

  • Our engineers are able to reduce energy costs on an annual basis.
  • The team will evaluate all the section of the power system and determine the cost for each as well. This information will enable us to provide you with information on which section is contributing to the overall costs the most.
  • With the help of this information, our professionals will run a variety of scenarios and cross-check different possibilities to reduce the costs without compromising on the overall efficacy and productivity of the entire power system.

Simulations of Power Systems

One of the best ways to create a customized power plan for our clients is by using simulations. These simulations allow our engineers to design power systems that are smart. Such systems will automatically meet the changing demands of the varying demands of different facilities.

Due to the ongoing transformation triggered by increasing energy demand and scarce resources facilities around the globe require accurate and efficient power system for sustainable measures. Therefore, NY Engineers only focus on running different simulations to acquire real-time information. This information will allow our team of technicians to come up with the best solution to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Services We Offer - Field Studies

Our highly skilled engineering professionals are able to perform a variety of field studies on industrial power systems. It allows us to guide our clients in project development as well as different maintenance and operations work. The field studies that our team of engineers conducts include modeling, feasibility reports, and investigations.

A) Modeling

Our specialist software engineers will do the power plan modeling and also conducts different analytical studies which include but are not limited to:

Power plan modeling

This involves capturing the generator and acquiring load data regarding different network equipment and designing various analytical models.

Network Assessment

Our technicians can plan and execute various network assessment studies by using the above models, software, fault levels, and load flows. They can also work with arc flash protection, containment of arc fault, motor starting, earthing, stability, harmonics, and voltage flickering with the help of these studies.

Detailed Reporting

After completion of the modeling and assessment procedures, our engineers develop reports and detailed documents based on the results. They will also provide you with different recommendations on how to deal with the problems that have occurred.

B) Feasibility reports

One of the best services that make NY Engineers take the lead on its competitors is the development of feasibility as well as pre-feasibility studies and reports. These studies and reports allow our engineers to transfer the economic and environmental benefits to the clients by proposing different rectification works and system developments. These studies include:

Project definitions

Our team of professional technicians will scope the entire system for our client’s power plan development. Based on that information they will also provide all the details associated with the rectification works.

Conceptual Design

NY Engineers will construct the preliminary designs as well as the system conceptual of the power plan. The design will also feature tendering and specifications to provide detailed information to our clients.

Project Appraisal

Our team of engineers will appraise the power plan using the inputs from different stakeholders. The appraisal will also include risk review, costing and preparations of reports.

C) Investigations

Our technical staff will investigate different ways to improve and optimize the power systems for efficient productivity. These investigations include:

Personnel safety

Risk management associated with arc flash hazards is necessary. It is also crucial when we talk about containment of arc fault as well as equipment ratings. Our professionals will take care of all the elements associated with earthing and potential rise.

The integrity of the power supply

The integrity of the power supply involves security and reliability. Our team of professionals will gauge the system for load shedding along with investigation for any equipment failure. They will also inspect the power quality for voltage unbalance, voltage flickering, harmonic content, and impulses.

Energy Management

NYE will also work to check for equipment efficiency, demand optimization, power factor, and generator coordination. Our team of professional engineers will inspect tariff selection as well as any alternative options for supplies.

Services We Offer - Design & Development

Generation and distribution of power, as well as management of load, are critical objectives in the minds of our engineers. All these services are provided to our clients under the supervisions of a Professional Chartered Engineer. These services include the following:

A) Designing

The designing and development of an industrial power plan include various integral elements. These elements include:

Planning of network

Our engineers will plan the entire power network for the client. This network design will account for earthing, substations and feeders.

Development of power scheme

The NY engineers will develop a scheme for the entire power plan which will take care of the safety, control, and communication of the entire system. This way the whole system will become much more secure and effective.

Detailed networking model

Our technicians will design a detailed networking model that will include a host of different drawings. These drawings will feature various elements of tender documentation as well as other specifications. Such a model will enable our clients to understand their power plan and it will enable our engineers to progress with collaboration.

B) Managing projects

Various services that NY Engineers provides to its clients when it comes to managing different projects include the following,

Project procurement

Our professionals will take care of the entire project procurement process for our clients. This process includes the procurement of labor, equipment, and materials. We will keep everything according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Management of contracts

NY engineers will also take care of the different contracts for the clients. These contracts can be associated with design review, fee approvals, contract awards, acceptance testing of factory and site along with quality assurance and control.

Coordination of construction

Coordination of different construction projects is also among the long list of expertise of our engineers. They will take care of any work schedule, commissioning, and operation interfacing with ease while keeping the budget of our client under consideration.

C) Management & containment of risk

We at NY Engineers can provide our clients with a variety of services to contain various risks associated with financial and safety operations. These operations are directly concerned with the design, construction, function, and maintenance of different activities.

Sequencing of tasks

Our engineering professionals will capture and sequence all the tasks involving in the power system for identification and reduction of any safety concerns or operational risks.

Quantitative assessments

NY Engineers will review all the procedures and equipment. They will use the tree analysis for the failure and find the root cause of any issue with authentic information. This will enable them to find optimum solutions and prevent any future concerns. It will enable them to cater to the limits associated with societal acceptance.

Qualitative Evaluations

NY Engineers technical staff will perform assessments on current conditions of the equipment and will facilitate eHAZOPs for assessing any current or future risks. They will also develop different plans for effective risk management.

Services We Offer - Providing Support Services

NY engineers believe in working with the clients to develop a mutual undertaking and a collaborative relationship. It is one of the most critical roles that our engineers focus on. Under the umbrella of support services, our team of professionals will take care of different operational and maintenance procedures as well as providing technical training in different power systems. They will also acquire access to a variety of online tools for effectively managing power.

Our team of technical experts will take care of the management of different operations and maintenance procedures of the power system. These services involve the following:

Onsite technical support

NYE professionals will provide you with all the technical support along with onsite supervision of personnel. Again, our team of professionals will work with the client to develop an effective system for maximizing the output.

Planning and maintenance

NY Engineers will also develop different procedures for scheduling the equipment service and will also plan the shutdown times so that the productivity of your facility doesn’t get affected. We at NY Engineers will work with our clients to develop the shutdown schedule so that the operations of the entire system don’t get halted.

Management of the facility

Effective management of the facility also involves a variety of critical points. Our technicians will comply with all the safety regulations and plan the audits for the generator operations. Our clients will get the full service for management of facility with administrative and technical assistance.

Why Choose NY Engineers

If you want to increase the overall efficiency of your facility then you need to have an effective power plan. There are various factors that are playing their roles here. You not only have to produce the maximum output from your facility but also keep the entire system safe for the personnel. You also need to meet certain mandatory regulations to avoid any penalties from the government. Therefore, you need to hire the services of a technical staff that can assist you through the entire process efficiently.

We at NY Engineers are here for you with all the expertise and knowledge to manage your facility. Moreover, we are able to assist you in developing a power plan for your facility because our team has years of experience in working with different software and tools to create real-time scenarios and assess them according to the requirements set by our clients. If you are looking for an optimal solution for your power system then hire NY Engineering services today.

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