Roadway Lighting

When it comes to roadway lighting projects there are different concerns linked with the energy and cost as well as overall productivity and efficiency of the system. It is essential that the entire system needs to generate adequate alerts in case of any mishaps so that timely maintenance and repairs can occur.

Our technically trained professionals understand all these issues and they know how to tackle them so that you don’t have to bear any energy losses. Our team of technical engineers will design the roadway lighting system in a manner that works just the way you need it to.

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Roadway Lighting Has Come a Long Way!

NY Engineers is here with all the smart roadway lighting solutions for various projects. We can address all needs and budgets to provide you with the best services in town.

Among the first projects involving roadway lighting appeared on the scene more than a thousand years ago in Cordoba, Spain. During that time in the 10th century the street lighting was powered by gas and each evening the special functionaries at that time had to visit the entire town and light up all these lamps.

But since that, a lot has changed due to loads of technological advancements, particularly in recent years. Electrical lamps came on the scene and were replaced by the energy saving lamps that we see today. The best part is we don’t need any functionaries these days to go and light up all the lamps across the town because of all the automation. Now, these projects are based on the safety of the masses and the conservation of energy.

At NYE our motto is also the same and that is to provide safety to your projects and enable you to conserve energy as well. This will help you in reducing your entire project’s cost significantly. Our engineers can provide you with the best roadway lighting solutions that are customized according to your project needs. It will not only ensure that the project is up and running within the time frame but it also stays active for a long time to come with very little maintenance needed.

Roadway Lighting Problems

Roadway Lighting
  • The biggest of all problems is high energy consumption. Across the globe, billions and trillions of expenditures are spent on roadway lighting kWh. High consumptions require high energy production. This translates into high levels of noxious emission.
  • Maintenance of these roadway lighting systems is a huge pain in the neck if the systems are not installed adequately in the first place. If any component or a single light goes out of order then the system needs to be in a proper state to notify the management that a particular component is not working. If there are so many components within a system then identifying the faulty one can be very difficult.
  • Billing of roadway lighting consumption or un-metered load can be imprecise. Parameterized consumption can hugely differ from the working hours and it can contribute to the energy costs in high magnitude.

Get the Best Solution From NYE

Our technically trained professionals understand all these issues and they know how to tackle them so that you don’t have to bear any energy losses. For instance, we at NYE only use LED lamps that can reduce twice as much of energy consumption. The lamps will also last twice as long than any of those HID or HPS lamps. Both of these factors can impact the energy and cost consumption factor greatly.

Additionally, our lighting engineers will also integrate those photoelectric sensors within the lighting network. Now, these sensors can get out of order at times because of all the dust. The lights will either don’t turn on or they won’t go out even during the day time. For this, our lighting engineers will ensure timely visits and take care of the out of order sensors on regular schedules. This will ensure that the entire system continues to run smoothly and you don’t have to bear any inconvenience associated with your roadway lighting systems.

You can directly reach out to us and report any issues associated with the broken lights or any other lighting system issues. In most cases, these complaints go unanswered for a long time and it can drive your project energy costs meaninglessly high. But this is not the case with New York Engineering Inc. we engineers will check for all these issues in the scheduled visit and they will make sure that any issue is addressed before it even arises.

What Solutions NYE Provide?

Solutions Ahead

When it comes to roadway lighting projects there are different concerns linked with the energy and cost as well as overall productivity and efficiency of the system. It is essential that the entire system needs to generate adequate alerts in case of any mishaps so that timely maintenance and repairs can occur.

We at NYE share the goal with our clients to reduce costs as much as possible. Our experienced engineers have years or technical knowledge and they utilize it effectively to come up with different solutions not only to solve the problem but to get it done within the time frame.

This is where New York Engineers is good. Our team of technical engineers will design the roadway lighting system in a manner that works just the way you need it to. There are a number of benefits that our designed systems can provide your project with. These include but are not limited to the following,

  • Accurate metering as well as avoiding those estimated bills
  • Powerful software and tools for scheduled or remote operation as well as configuration
  • User-friendly software and tools in the control and management center
  • Data and statistics on the operation of all the roadway lamps
  • Decreased consumption and increased lifespan of the lamps because of the smart stepless dimming
  • Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Automated detection of any tampering or technical losses
  • Quicker reaction times to any of the events within the network, including failures or fraud attempts.

Three Different System Variants

Analyzing your entire project and its requirements, the technical staff at NYE will suggest one of three different types of systems. The suggestion will be based on what you want to achieve with your project and what are your short and long term goals. These three variants include the following,

  1. System solution relying on Supply Station Controller which allows the management staff to control a group of lamps on a separate feeder. It can also monitor the energy quality as well as the working condition of that supply station.
  2. A solution that focuses on Light Control Unit allows individual metering as well as management of all the lamps within a network.
  3. Combining the Light Control Unit with the Supply Station Controller ensures a high degree of flexibility. It also boosts the overall functionality and the management will have stronger control of the entire system.

Why Our Professional Use Supply Station Controller?

Supply stations controller or SSC allows you to control a group of lamps as per each feeder. Additionally, there is a sensor with this controller and it can alert the management if the door of the station is opened. This notification can ensure the integrity and security of the entire supply station.

There is an LV PLX modem onboard the SSC and it establishes effective communication with all the subordinate devices. There is a GPRS/GSM modem as well for exchange of data upstream with the control center or the management. In automatic mode, the SSC can turn on or off the lamps and this can be done using a schedule or using an astronomical clock. SSC can also be used in manual mode with remote access from the control and management center.

The supply station controller can monitor the power quality and voltage and on need, can disconnect the lamps. This will guarantee their protection and will also prolong their operational period. SSC can also generate alarms based on various events that occur within the network. These include unsanctioned access, energy quality, faulting equipment, and others.

Why NYE Recommend Light Control Unit?

LCU or light control unit is best for individual management of all the lamps involved within a system and it includes a controller, a meter along with a modem (LV PLC). This unit comes with two different independent channels and for this reason, the unit can control two different lamps simultaneously too. One of the greatest advantages of using this unit is that it can perform stepless dimming which can prolong the lifespan of any lamp.

The unit’s measurement circuits ensure accurate metering of energy consumption of all the lamps and will avoid inaccurate billing on different estimations. A meter present on the supply station will allow balance metering and it will be very effective against any fraud attempts or leakages.

If a component or a lamp stops working then the control unit will generate an alert and will send it to the control and management center. This notification feature will ensure the faster location of any faulting component and timely dispatch of repair services.

Regulatory Code Compliance

Due to the recent focus on the energy crisis, governments across the globe are making immense efforts to cut the energy consumption. This means that they are introducing strict regulations to limit energy consumption across different sectors. Similar is the case with the US government as it also keeps a close eye on different residential, industrial and commercials projects. New terms and conditions are being introduced on an annual basis in the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Chicago Building Code regulating all such projects.

Our engineers at NYE make sure that your roadway lighting projects stay compliant with all the rules and regulations that these codes provide. It will not only enable you to stay right on track and avoid any government charges but will also ensure that your project provides you with the maximum output possible in terms of productivity. We at NYE only design the systems and networks that fully comply with the code and meet all its requirements.

Hire NYE For Best Roadway Lighting Services & Solutions

New York Engineers has one priority and that is to provide the best services to its clients. We not only focus on reducing the costs but also make sure that your project is up and running within the set deadline.

Our team of technical professionals collaborates with your onsite team to understand all your short and long term goals associated with the project. This close collaboration helps our team to develop a relationship of trust with your management staff and both the teams can work in tendon for the project’s success.

Another advantage of establishing effective communication between the teams is that it allows our engineers to design the systems in an effective manner that not only complies with the code but also meet all the requirements set by the client. You can’t hire just any contractor in this regard because the Chicago Building Code and the NEC requires a contractor to meet all the reliability and safety regulations and NYE does so.

All these advantages are not there for the taking if you opt for a multi-contractor approach. This approach will not only waste a lot of your time but will also jeopardize the integrity of the entire roadway lighting project. NYE can not only take responsibility for your whole project but can also save a lot of time for you. You won’t have to deal with different teams simultaneously and your project costs will stay minimal as well.

Our professionals have years of experience and knowledge and they will provide you with the best solutions for your entire project. Due to their vast expertise and industry knowledge, they will provide you with the best solutions the first time and this will also avoid wastage of time and resources.

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