Elevator System Design for Modern Construction

Elevator Modernization

You can boost the overall performance of your elevator system by upgrading it via modular modernization or customize it to fulfill your building needs. recommends modular modernization if your elevator’s overall conditions are still functional. Therefore, updating only a few elements of your elevator will significantly improve its performance.

Our team of professional technicians will use the cutting edge technology while meeting all safety regulations. We at NY Engineers specifically focus on the convenience of tenants and make sure that they don’t get disturbed with this entire process.

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The Significance of Improvement that Modular Modernization Offers

Electrification : Our team of professional engineers will upgrade the electrification and controller system of your current elevator. This upgrade will boost its eco-friendliness, reliability, accessibility, and safety. Our technicians only use quick-to-install electrification solutions therefore; the building residents won’t have to deal with any disruption.

Hoisting : Hoisting unit is an integral part of an elevator modernization project because it does all the hard work in elevating the lift from the ground carrying all the weight. Replacing this worn out machinery is critical for the comfort and safe ride.

Elevator cars : A common issue with most elevator systems is that the system itself is all right but the cars become outdated. Our team of technical engineers will update it with a range of different car designs that are not only durable but are equipped with all the modern choices and accessories.

Signalization : Our signalization systems for the elevators will improve the convenience and reliability for all the users. Our engineers will equip the system with quick, 2-way voice-activated communication for the users in case of any emergencies.

Benefits Of Getting Elevator Modernization From NY Engineers

The process of modernization benefits the overall operational reliability of the system. The replacement of mechanical relays, as well as the contacts with the solid state electrical systems, is a major upgrade for reducing the operational costs of the system.

Our technicians can improve the overall ride comfort by replacing the outdated generator based driver designs with variable frequency drives running variable voltage. These drives will provide the lifts with almost seamless deceleration or acceleration and will make the ride in the lift very comfortable for the users.

In addition to improving the overall comfort, our engineers will also improve the safety features of the entire system by upgrading its different components. These components include the braking system, the devices to control the unneeded movements of a car and various other parts that keep the system running smoothly.

Take a look at the possible benefits:

Improved Efficiency : One of the major benefits of elevator modernization is that it can improve the overall efficiency of the system. It won’t increase the speed of your lifts but it will defiantly reduce the waiting times. These lifts use the destination dispatch feature that groups the passengers according to their destination floor and eradicates the number of wasted trips as well.

Furthermore, the microprocessors used in this system will learn about different patterns of traffic and make adjustments accordingly. Modern elevators can open and close doors more quickly and they can move at faster speeds as well.

Reduced costs : Cost reduction is one of the top benefits that modernizing your elevator system brings. It will not only reduce your utility costs but will also make the entire system energy efficient. When descending these elevators give energy back to the building. This energy is released back in the form of heat energy.

Reducing the Electromagnetic Noise : Elevator modernization will reduce the electromagnetic noise as well. Wireless systems and computer electronics are sensitive to these electromagnetic waves. You can choose between different options when it comes to the solid-state drives that produce the amount of electronic magnets noise.

Improved Electrical Performance : Modernization of elevator systems can also improve the overall electrical performance of your building. An old elevator can be a source of various mechanical issues and it also consumes a lot of fuel. On the other hand, with an efficient elevator system that runs on electricity will work smoother and produce less noise. Therefore, it will be highly eco-friendly and will have a less negative impact on the environment.

Get a Full Scale or Custom Modernization : The best part of these elevator modernization projects is that you have two options at your disposal. You can either go for full replacement or can also opt for customs modernization. You can choose any of them based on your budget or the nature of your current lift system.

Our engineers will guide you through the entire process and provide you with all the details so that you can conveniently make the decisions and choose between different options.

The Process Of Elevator Modernization Or Full Replacement

If you are going to install a new elevator in your facility then NYE team will develop a plan for you from scratch. We make sure the entire process meets our client’s needs as well as all the safety and reliability regulations.

Once all the planning and assessments are completed, the preventive maintenance will be on its way. This will involve eliminating the elevator from the service or halting it for any upgrades. This is the time when your lift will be out of service. Therefore, we will develop a plan for you to assist in diverting the traffic and develop all the contingency and mitigation plans.

These plans and their magnitude will depend upon the building’s size, the elevator’s numbers, and the nature of modernization. The entire process can take more than a few months or even a year. However, our technical engineers will make sure that the project doesn’t take too much time.

Our focus is to provide our customers with high-quality services at an affordable cost. Our aim is to deliver the services in a timely fashion and improve the overall efficiency of a facility by increasing its productivity and lowering the costs. Therefore, when the entire process of installation of the elevator is complete, our technical experts will run a test and examine the whole system for any issues before it goes back into service.

The modular modernization of elevators will include upgrades to the electrification systems, hoisting machinery, doors and elevator cars. As a result, it is the most cost effective solutions if your elevator is not too old or nearly out of order.

Get efficient and elegant elevator modernization with NY. NYE will account for all the accessibility and safety standards for all budgets and needs.

Why Choose Full Replacement Over Custom Or Modular Modernization?

In most cases, modular modernization is a better option if your elevator system is not that old. Only a few upgrades will suffice if the overall productivity can improve with a few minor adjustments.

However, if you think your elevator system needs some significant improvements then NY Engineers can run an assessment for you and recommend a solution straight away. In most cases, a full upgrade is necessary when the elevator system is too old and its hoisting system needs major improvements.

We’ll present you a cost comparison between full replacement and modular customization to gauge what option suits you the most. Obviously, the new machine cost you more but it brings new life to your building for years to come. Another advantage of getting a new machine is the saving you’ll get by avoiding frequent repairs.

What is the right time to replace an elevator system in full?
  • NY Engineers recommend that if your elevator car is small and has a cramped room then you need to replace it in full as soon as possible.
  • If your elevator system takes longer to travel between different floors and it stays mostly out of order then it needs a replacement.
  • When your elevator system becomes older than 25 years then it needs an immediate replacement.

NYE Sort Out All The Issues Associated With Elevator Modernizations

As easy as it may sound, there are various issues associated with the process of elevator modernization. Some of the enthusiasts of vintage elevators might not want to go for elevator modernization because the contemporary design will only reduce its overall aesthetic appeal.
This is particularly the case if a building has historic architecture. Some people also criticize the modernization because they are of the view that it doesn’t add value because of reduced durability and longevity. This is not the case with NY Engineers because our technicians only use the high-quality materials to design these elevators and install in your building these elevators will age with your building facility and you don’t have to worry about the durability of these lifts as well.

Even if you don’t want to give up on the previous vintage design of your elevator, we provide you with an option of custom or modular modernization. With these options, you can go for upgrading different components that are causing a problem. Consequently, you can carry on using your old design without disturbing the current architectural aesthetics.

Why Trust NYE

Elevator modernization is one of the best ways to increase the overall electrical efficiency of your facility. You have the option of going for custom or full-scale modernization depending on your budget. We will increase the overall efficiency of the elevator functions resulting in the reduction of utility costs.

However, you must also consider that you cannot hire just any contractor to do this work because the contractor needs to meet certain safety and reliability regulations mentioned in the Chicago Building Code. Furthermore, you must also adhere to your budget requirements. With so much on a stake, you cannot afford to take the risk so you need to hire good quality services for your elevator modernization.

Hiring NYE professional engineers will guide you through the entire process. Additionally, we develop a contingency plan to mitigate the building’s traffic during out of service times.

Moreover, our professional staff will collaborate with you in selecting the designs. They will only go for your preferred modernization method. They will make certain recommendations and will assist you through the entire process. Our engineers will also provide you with regular inspection services to prevent any problems before it occurs.

Last but not least, our technicians have years of experience when it comes to handling various elevator projects. It is important that you only hire experienced professionals to work on your elevator projects. Hiring the services of an inexperienced person can put your entire system at risk. To meet all regulatory obligations you need assistance from highly experienced personnel, for this, you can rely on NY Engineers.

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