Lighting design

In residences, an efficiently designed lighting system combined with occupancy-based lighting can save a lot of cost per year. In Industries, proper lighting control may literally make a difference between life and death in certain situations.

Lighting system and its control is an essential aspect of building design. Proper lighting design and efficient lighting control is a vital part of living. Our MEP Engineers identify and mend poor lighting system that may leave you with scarce luminosity, eye strain, high energy costs, and poor aesthetic of the interior.

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The Phenomenon of Lighting Control

In workplaces, a well-lit workspace boosts the efficiency of employees. In residences, an efficiently designed lighting system combined with occupancy-based lighting can save a lot of cost per year. In Industries, proper lighting control may literally make a difference between life and death in certain situations.

It can thus be concluded that overall, proper lighting design and efficient lighting control is a vital part of living, working, enjoying or even dozing away. Lighting controls can be automatic (smart) or manual. Whichever way that is used, the goal is to regulate the lamination evenly around the place based on the tasks that are to be performed there.

It can be taken for granted until a professional MEP engineer’s work is seen and tested by oneself. Professional work at lighting allow for aesthetic pleasure, and beneficial practical effects.

Types of Lighting Controls NY Engineers Offers

It depends on the occupancy, interior, type of building and the application about what type of lighting control to implement. The following is the list of the common types of lighting controls:

  • Occupancy Control
  • Daylight Control
  • Time-Based Control

The occupancy control : The occupancy control lighting system depends upon the presence of an entity or movement of mechanical parts. This system uses sensors that can detect motion, heat signatures, proximity or a combination of these. The sensors, incorporated by our professionals that are able to detect these quantities are ultrasound sensors, infrared light sensors or a complex combination of these two.

Daylight control : Daylight control refers to control of lighting by the natural lighting of the sun. The rays of sunlight have UV radiations in it. Our MEP Engineers log the values of UV radiation amount, allowing them to quantify sunlight. Based on the logs and closed loop feedback system, lights can be brightened or dimmed or even turned off if no sunlight is received.

Time-based control : Time-based control requires programming of lights based on a 24-hour clock. So these lights are turned on or off based mainly on what time it is. If a workplace or residence has a constant occupancy schedule which doesn’t get altered with varying seasons and daylight hours, then our professionals recommend installing this type of control system.

Components and Sensors NY Engineers Deploys

Components and Sensors : Our Professionals deploy several types of sensors at various locations to make your lighting system smart and aware. If you want to understand the flow chart of it all, here’s how it works.

The sensors first attain the information from their surroundings. Then the information is transferred to a log where the attained values are compared against the values programmed to assign a command to the lighting system based on current surroundings. Later through an Electronic Controlled Unit and a Controlled Relay, the lights are controlled. The entire wiring is done while keeping the aesthetic aspect of the space in mind.

One additional piece of information that needs to be known and decided at the planning phase is whether the system of lighting should be wired or wireless in a smart lighting system. The thing that needs to be noted is if there are wires and cables still available or if they are needed. Both wired and wireless lighting systems are considered good options but usually, the wired lighting system is more preferred by consumers. The reason behind using wired is that it is considered sturdy and reliable, which makes it steady and hard to fall off. The only disadvantage of using wired lighting system is that it is costly as compared to the wireless lighting system. But this is mostly needed by huge buildings.

The sensors used include ultrasonic sensors, motion sensors, heat signature sensors, sound sensors, infrared sensors, optical cameras, contact sensors, thermal cameras, mini radars, and UV sensors. These sensors are basically the building components that allow our MEP Engineers the freedom to deploy different sorts of commands and design a variety of conditions to trigger the lights on, off or to dim them. With enough experience and a good sense of what is going on, any case based on your preference can be designed. Our MEP engineers can be relied upon in this aspect and rest assured, you will dream of a condition and it will come true. How? Leave that to our professionals.

Aesthetic Designs from NYE : Lighting is not only to provide a light source but it can be considered as an area of designing as well. The world is evolving at a rapid pace when it comes to the designing world since users now not only want to be benefitted by the object but they want it to be appealing to the human eye as well, which is only possible through professional experience based designing phase.

A lighting system; a smart one, can be taken as an MEP engineering project, which can be quite artistic when combined with the designed lighting systems. Our MEP Engineers understand that Lighting is no longer the concept it used to be a few years ago; it now covers different areas of a single box. Chandeliers and table lamps are not the only lighting objects designed nowadays. Other areas include floor lightings, ceiling lightings, strip lights behind panels, accent lights, glass panels, paintings, etc.

NY Engineers Design for Your Satisfaction : As times and needs change, the production of systems has also been changed. It has been changed in such a way that, now instead of making and designing only for fulfilling the purpose of the system, the users’ opinion and what they want is put into more consideration. Since they will be the ones to use the system, therefore, it should be made the way they want it. This is the main priority for NY Engineers.

Everything is designed by thinking from the users’ point-of-view; from visual appeal to time consumption, to benefits, etc. Before starting work on a project, the user is asked about each and every single thing they need or want in the project so that the system is easy for them to use and completely up to their expectations. This will be beneficial for not only the users but us as well since an unfit project will only be a waste on our part.

How NYE is Saving the Planet Through Automatic Lighting Controls

Saving the Planet : No matter you use normal light bulbs or some advance energy-saving light bulbs, the truth is that for much time of our day, the lights are lit when space isn’t occupied. Multiply that with the houses out there in a country, and multiply that with the countries out there, the overall population thus amount to a huge amount of greenhouse emission due to poor lighting and bad efficiency. The statistics suggest that almost 19% of the energy we use is for lighting our surrounding. 6% of it is inefficiently used and contribute to the overall greenhouse emission,

What’s more? Many workspaces in America aren’t optimized enough to harness the full potential of daylight, thus we here use around 22% of energy for lighting, which makes us produce relatively more global emissions than others. Our MEP Engineers help optimize the energy use in lighting and carefully design the system to provide you with enough illumination so that you stay efficient.

Paybacks of Getting Lighting Controls From NY Engineers

Incorporating Dimmers in Lighting Systems

Generally, the lighting systems in the building are on or off. Dimmers are usually only incorporated in fans and HVAC components. However, lights themselves can suck up a lot of efficiency in terms of energy in building design. This means that no matter if it is high-noon or mid-night your lights are consuming the same wattage of power. That doesn’t seem very reasonable now, does it?

Dimmers allow users to take efficiency to the next level. It allows them to control the lighting depending on the task it is used for. It also adds to the aesthetic of the room at times. For example, turning on 4 individual lights with 10 wattages of power each rather than turning on a central light with 40 wattages of power, is a better idea...

Dynamic Lighting to Enhance the Experience

The aesthetic of your room can now be amplified by adding some colors to your lights. Proper lighting control system values the well-being, comfort, and mood of the occupants. Depending upon occupancy, work style, mood and daylight available, the color of LED lighting are created using different strategies. These variable styles include black lighting, stimulating lighting, warm lighting, and tunable whites and so on.

Our MEP Engineers can use several dynamic LED lighting strategies to satisfy your needs regarding dimming, daylight lighting, night lighting, occasion-based lighting and a solution for every mood of yours.

Reaping the Benefits of Daylight

Our MEP Engineers make the most efficient lighting systems by harvesting the full benefits of daylight. This might include some design changes to the original architecture too. The amount of daylight that enters the space should be good enough to illuminate the space while also low enough to not disrupt the optimal temperature of the room.

NY Engineers use shades and dimmers to create a perfect balance between both light sources. In turn, this creates a more welcoming environment and saves energy while also providing enough light for all sorts of tasks and work.

Network Controlled Lighting System

Lighting can also be controlled from a central computer or smartphone that have the relevant software or application installed. This is one of the biggest benefits of setting up smart lighting controls. This advanced lighting system is built with a network system, making it part of the overall building automation tech. It allows the users to control the lights, i.e. turning them on, off or dimming them by setting timers or programming a condition to trigger the lights automatically.

There is also an availability of an advanced monitoring system which uses logged data, graphs and chart. It helps in figuring out the most energy efficient plan for the said space.

Setting Up Personalized Presets

Lighting setup by our professionals would allow for some dynamic capacity to the way the lights are lit and in what combination they are lit. This means that in the same room, you can have a lighting setup for sleeping, work, Netflix and the list just goes on. Choosing a preset would be as simple as clicking a button or selecting an option from your smartphone device.

There’s also the option to program the system so that it becomes time-dependent. This way, at different times of the day, the system can automatically change presets, allowing you to save the hassle and be in flow at all times.

Mood lighting like party lighting or dance lighting presets can also be set if demanded. NY Engineers make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled and the reason you’re reading this article is so that you’re well aware of all of your options so that you do not miss out on anything!

Overall, our MEP Engineers tweak all the lighting to work in harmony with each other so that overall you get just the right quality and quantity of light. With our help, you can customize the feel of your place making it highly operational and fun to be around.

Setup for Utmost Security


The presets of lightings discussed above can be used for something else. That is security purposes. Yes, if you have a proper anti-burglar system installed in your home, then our MEP engineers can sync your lighting system so that, if an intruder intrudes your house, all the lighting of the house lit up turn on.

Startling the intruder this way is a good way to make them run away. Moreover, it will aware you of any intrusion in the house. It will also allow the law-enforcement to track your house instantly as it would be well-lit in the middle of the night if the burglar tries to intrude at night time.

Why Trust NY Engineers?

The inefficient lighting design ruins the aesthetics, makes the corners and certain parts of the room dull and may over brighten or under brighten the room depending on the varying daylight hours. In turn, automatic lighting controls should be deployed with the help of our NY engineers to get a cost-effective, efficient and energy-saving solution for your lighting system.

Getting the best system with the least chances of errors should be a priority when it comes to lighting systems as it’s a one time job, so why not hire our engineering experts to do your job?

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